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  1. And why wouldn't it work if the range of those generators is increased significantly? IMHO this is only true if played in scenarios. If your playing for points, giving away points can loos you the game. Why is it more 'strategy' to play a card without having to think if it is worth it? which 5 cards are those and why don't you use the others? I'm clearly having my favorite cards that I'm using more often (For example 'joly bad luck'). But I also have situations where I'm swapping some of them out. I don't think there is a card that I never played. Why is that? You can CAP larges/Massives, you can use escorts. You can use mediums/smalls for area deny to prevent those corvettes from entering boarding range. There are already so many ways you can use to protect your Large/Massives. Why should it be even harder to board them. If Larges/Massives would be harder to board, the game could easily become top-heavy. I don't like that.
  2. That drill model should have low lvl flyer. This way it could ram surface models. And I absolutely love the idea of it spawning tiny drills via combat deployment or squadron support!
  3. I wouldn't wait for the ice maiden 2 player box. Go get the shadow hunter 2 player box. It includes everything you need. Two armies, a 2.0 rulebook and scenarios for easy learning the rules.
  4. You need the 'Directed Fire' mar to use the combined firing option. This also is the case when firing indirect.
  5. Bombards and Mortars would hit an obscured model with 3 spotter marker on +4. If you're using normal P gunnery you need 4 markers to hit on +4. If you want to hit a Difficult and Obscured target on +4 with an bombard you would need 5 spotter marker. However this isn't likely to happen since you can only spot Capital models. There is no Capital model with the difficult target mar. Yes you can use linked fire when firing indirect.
  6. For torpedos the size of the model doesn't matter. When measuring Line Of Sight for torpedos that are targeting a surface model any model is blocking line of sight. (Section C, Torpedo Ordanance):
  7. nice work! I found some minor design flaws in the Prussian Orbat: The Sturmpanzer, the C4 and the A6 need a smaller font size for the Tesla Broadsides.
  8. fun fact: A model also count's as lost if it is moving off the table.
  9. Together with a friend I had an crazy idea for a French Large flyer: It should look like a Furieux but bigger. Also there should be a very big heat lance at the front of the model. (similar to the Prussian front Teslas but in form of a heat lance, and even bigger.) For Fluff reasons, and now it starts to sound totally crazy, it should have a high IR and some mars to buff ramming. This representing the heatlance warming and weakening the steal right before the impact. It should run through ships like a warm knife through butter. Stats (not sure about them): DR 6 CR 10 MV 7" AP 6 AA 7 IR 10 HP 8/9 Heavy Heat lance 15 15 7 7 P/S Broadside 12 10 8 6 not sure about them 2x Bomb Bay 9 Mars: Hull Breaker (Ramming, D3+1), Area Bombardment (BombBay), Corrosive Munitions (Bomb Bay), Retardant Armour (1), advanced engines (2"), Low Level Flyer (makes it possible to ram ships)
  10. Have you played the squad? I did and it worked fine for me. I often like to dominate a flank. Doing so helps me to bring in some Saxony or other fast units closer to my opponents main force. As long as the opponent doesn't have a battleship on that flank the Koenigsberg is a very nice unit to dominate a flank. It is excellent against other mediums. Especially with those Escorts. Use the Escorts to screen the center point of the Koenigsberg in rb 3/4. Open the formation in rb2 and link the Waechter with broadside of the Koenigsberg. In rb1 you then can board whatever is left. 12 AP is nothing to laugh at :-).
  11. unfortunately this squad does not work. The rules only allow one attachment. But many of the other options are very interesting :-D
  12. @Merlin, I completely disagree with you. I'd even say some tactics are only possible if playing with cards. Just to give one example, this happened in a game I had some time ago: I played with my free Australians and had the 'destroy all mediums' objective. I decided to deploy flank heavy. I deployed on both flanks of his force to give him a hard time screening his mediums. This allowed me to destroy all his mediums relatively fast. However it also had the drawback that my ships themselves are open for enemy fire and he can make easy use of both broadsides. My forces took heavy damage. I had my objective but I was missing the 50% victory points. I had one more trump. One of his carriers was weakened by a boarding attempted with my crocodiles. I now played the Medic card to refill my crocodiles with marines. He now had a terrible choice to make: Cancel it and give me 40vp which would bring me extremely close to the 50% or let the card happen and try to defend against the crocodiles. My opponent didn't loose the game because of the cards. He lost the game because he focused on my bigger ships and allowed the crocodiles to come that close to his carrier. However my strategy was only possible because of the cards. They made this aggressive play stile possible. This was just one example of a game where I used a strategy that wouldn't be possible without cards. I'm not saying that you should use them if you're not comfortable with them. But I'm saying it is NOT true that cards are not adding more depth to the game. IMHO everything that allows other strategies brings more depth into the game. Cards make some additional strategies possible. They especially allow you to go more aggressively after your objective since it is easier to get the 50% vp.
  13. I like the TAC cards. Especially because they are chosen after everything else of the game is set up. This allows me to choose cards that fit my battle-plan for this game. I usually choose different cards depending on my objective, the opponents fleet and the terrain. Also some cards help to reduce the Randomness of the game. You opponent made a lucky crit on your ship? No problem, play a TAC card to fix it, or at least get some points out of it (if he counters the card). Sometimes countering such cards can also be revealing and often helps to guess which objective you opponent has.
  14. How to fix the non energy turret Aristotle. In this thread there where different approaches. 1. Change to the turrets to make them more damage resistant. IMHO this is not needed. While wave lurking the Aristotle is the hardest Battleship out there. There is no other battleship anywhere close as damage resistant as a wave lurking Aristotle (OK, maybe the french ones). If the Aristotle gets damage early on it either was a mistake, since it wasn't wave lurking or the opponent invested a lot of firepower to do so. (As a third option it could also be luck, but that's also part of the game.) The key here is to emerge at the right time. 2. Special Defenses or Security posts. IMHO this is the real problem. With only 6AP the Aristotle is a very easy boarding target. However CoA also have the best weapon system to deal with smalls/boarding corvettes. The Particle accelerator. Therefore it is ok if the CoA are extra vulnerable to smalls/boarding. I think this option might be to strong or at least would come with a point increase. So I'd like to present a third option: Special Defenses only while wave lurking. I like this option for several reasons. 1. It protects the Aristotle against Boarding and therefore allows a more aggressive play stile. But it also has its drawback. It does not work when emerged. This keeps things tricky and the CoA always have been a tricky nation. 2. This should only need a minor or no point increase. 3. Fluff: When wave lurking the part of the Aristotle that is above water is very small. I just like the idea of jet pack marines trying to land on the mostly submerged Aristotle. Waves and water splashing all over them. The sea takes its toll. Not all make it on board of the Aristotle. (side note: I don't play CoA, but they are one of my main opponents)
  15. If submerged I only use the template. If the submarine emerges I put the model on top of the template. If moved I simply move both, the model and the (hidden) template. This saves some time and is more comfortable than changing the emerged and the submerged models.
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