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  1. Nope, Aquans are "Super Intelligent Shades of Blue"...
  2. I like this idea a lot, but it may cause some unbalance issues... Some faction rely more on turrets, and this will give them some edge over factions that rely more on bradsides or fore fixed weapons... Also, how other things like flights, mines and boarding gonna work on different levels? Dont get me wrong, I like this and may even try to playtest it, but some additional work may be needed in order to tidy this up... Cheers Arcubalis
  3. Well, darker version for me too... And regarding how to do the shapes more reallistic, just google images for nebula and you will see tons of "real" ones in their full glory of spectrum colors, courtesy of NASA and other observatories... Cheers Arcubalis
  4. Are you kidding on asking us ways to improve? Seriously, my friend, this is gorgeous work, very well done, nothing to add at all apart from congratulations! Just by the quality of the work you probably already know this, but a little piece of advice anyway: if you will do a whole table, dont "overdo" the nebulas, on a big area they may look too busy and will detract the nice job... In this case less will be more... By the way, any tips in achieving this effect? Probably you used an airbrush, but a quick tutorial or hints will help us a lot! Cheers Arcubalis
  5. And makes sense, they released Hawker and Works Raptor, from Kurak and Zenian sides. The released the Ryushi from Kurak, so we may be waiting for a Zenian new counterpart...
  6. Amem to that, Bastirous! More true alien designs would be sooo cool... SG, bring forth the Vo'nar from the shadows, and since you made the Ryiushi, why not their arch-enemies, the colorful, crablike, shell encased Illosians?
  7. Nice ships, both your terrans and your opponent aquans! Liked also the Gatorade Battlestation... Cheers Arcubalis
  8. WOW! I would never, ever imagine that it was made from acrylic parts! I tought it would be a heavy and nice chunk of resin!!! Amazed.... BTW, this poses a very nice challenge... can you imagine leaving some parts transparent and model some interior detail? That would be awesome... Must... resist... the urge... to... buy... one... Arrrrrgh!!!! Cheers Arcubalis
  9. Good call on the domes, Bastirous! The really make sense into the fluff being the arc-reactors! Cheers Arcubalis
  10. You know what I would like to see more on the new designs? Truly alien looking ones.... Why everything is so symmetrical? Why not a ship with radial symmetry, or different sides? This could work on some minor factions, and even more on some "missing" ones like the Vo'nar and Illosians.... I think that if well done, would fit the Aquans and Relthoza too. Just my 2 cents Cheers Arcubalis
  11. Pok, I think Zak is referring to the total number of different models, including MKI's and MKII's for example, not different classes.... On this side the RSN are poorer than the main fleets... For example, Aquans are spoiled on this with a whooping 14 different models, including the new smalls, followed by terrans with 13, Dindrenzi with 12, and Directorate, Relthoza and Sorylians with 11 each. RSN just have 8 models, but still more than other sub factions... Cheers Arcubalis
  12. Arcubalis

    Sorylian WIP

    Have to agree, the green and purple really fit well! Very nice paint scheme! Congrats! Cheers Arcubalis
  13. That was a quite amazing sight!!!! Very well painted, and fielded in such numbers they look amazing... Admiral Nemeen must be very proud of her Shoal... Also, congratulations for the fantastic table, it makes the fleet look even more striking! Cheers Arcubalis
  14. Guide Tug Escort - based on Metal Carnage design. Looks a little crooked in the picture but its ok in real life... http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4356-tugescort1/ http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4357-tugescort2/ http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4358-tugescort3/ Protocol Comms Frigate- based on Alexmann design. That thing on top is a radar dish... http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4359-interdiction1/ http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/image/4360-interdiction2/ Well, thats it so far... Sorry for the crappy pictures, they were taken on my tablet... By the way, you cant imagine how difficult it is to post and upload pictures in a tablet!!!!! Now I'm working in a Sorylian "Aegis Shield Cruiser", and after that will try RageofAeons installations and repais station. Hope you like, comments, suggestions and critics are more than welcome! Cheers Arcubalis
  15. Hello again! Well, as I've posted before, I'm thinking of making some sort of Sorylian Experimental fleet, like where the lizards, led by some sort of rare sorylian daredevil tried and tested new designs... I will be writing some fluff for this, but on the meanwhile would like to share with you guys some conversions I'm working on... I will be fielding a Kurak Alliance fleet, but proxying the other factions as Sorylian ships designs. Also, I tought that the ships created by you guys on the Small Ships Competition were so good that I tried to bring them to the light instead of just the plumbata... So armed with glue, ships, bitz, plasticard and a fair share of hope and patience, here is the result so far: My Maul Assault Cruiser (proxying a Veydreth Stalker Assault cruiser) - I've done 3 of these, full squadron. Note the assault crew quarters, the mine dispensers and front shielding Rapier Light Cruiser - based on Scot Washburn design. I was not very happy with the result, I think it ended up too long, but in the end, as the name implies, it was long, thin and deadly More on next posts...
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