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  1. If I can just add in, for right now I dislike this idea of what they are doing with the faction. A 1000 year alliance? The oldest alliance in the world is the Portugese-British Alliance, and there are a few times the Portugese have not really stood up with their allies. It is poor and lazy writing. Grouping in every other Asian nation so all the nations are all friends together is a borderline racist treatment, not that I am accusing anyone of actually being racist. Considering that from 1000 to 1900 China was remade several times it also unnecessarily complicates the history, for Russian as well which largely absorbs and colonizes the former Mongolian Empire, thus the size of Russia. Also that is why Mongolia tends to have more to do with Russian politics than. I like the Blazing Sun thing, it is reminiscent of the actual Imperial Japanese thing, where all military weapons would have an Imperial Chrysanthemum stamp and navy vessels would have it on the prow of the vessel. However I can see why if you were not playing the Japanese you would really not like it that much, I would not like it if I was playing a Chinese or Korean fleet, who had their own navies and pride.
  2. First, let me say I really do hope everything works out well, I have been playing Dystopian Wars since the 1.0, I hope to enjoy it in 3.0. But there are problems I see and I hope that by expressing some of those problems it can hopefully be a better product. Also, I am a bit like Richard, I tend to be pretty blunt and not always so politic. No offense Richard, I see where you are coming from, but when the first half of your name is "Warcradle" you are in the customer service trade, and you commonly make a statement that translates to "We do not care what you opinion is, stop talking about it". Anyways, on to some things about the Alliances. So first off, some of them seem mildly racist at their base. The Latin League (which is a better name :P) seems to be an alliance of groups that had little reason to ally themselves together in reality, or in the previous forms of the Dystopian Wars IP. Groups like France and Italy, that due to proximity have more reason to compete, not only over colonies but also over their shared border. The only commonality seems to be their linguistic relationship. Celestial Empire is worse, all the Asian peoples, grouped together in an Alliance because Asian peoples all love each other and have for about 1000 years apparently. It also brings into line a question about the Mongolian Empire, who invaded and remade China in that time period, twice if you include the Manchurians. Hopefully you write it well, but right now it sits like that. The use of the continent of Africa is not making that a lot better. Personally, it seems you are trying to make it financially viable by making it more simplistic, which I find sad. Dystopian Wars was good at two things, first it was an interesting game that combined a common Steampunk idea, WW1 in the Victorian era, with great models that represents air, land and sea. I always ignored the land part, but having having what would normally be two or three games into one was awesome. And for lore and fluff, they did a very good job of writing a believable and realistic political and military situation. Right now, what I am hearing about the lore and fluff of 3.0, and it is still very early days, it seems as though the people writing it are fairly naive about how military and politics work. There was a discussion where Stuart discussed how everyone is on the brink of war and instead of actually going to war and then cited some history of the world. A battleship, with support vessels and an airforce attached is hardly a little skirmisher force, engaging some of that scale is actually the definition of "an act of war" and not having a war breaks suspension of disbelief. And again, the politics behind most of the alliances, as they currently are, do not reflect how politics work on our planet in our history. Usually, rather than having neighbours grouping up into a major alliance they instead become rival. France and German, Italy and Britain for instance, Spain off and on. Everyone in Indochina, who were once in an Empire not everyone really like being in, nor were they big fans of China. Russian and Poland makes sense, providing the currently existing lore remains more or less, where Poland is not actually that happy about the alliance, but there is nothing it can do.
  3. I think the best use of the Polish is as an allied force with Russians. You can take the Polish Navy as your primary force which gets you much better tiny flyers. Iceberg gen can give cover to get the CQG ships into RB1, shield gens also work well with the Mimic Gens. Polish air is the best portion still.
  4. Battleship is a good cheap option, shields. Cruiser is pretty decent. Both sync well with mimic and iceberg generators. Polish RB3 is slightly less worse than Russian. If you take a Polish Navy as your core and bring in Russian allies, this makes your Local Air Support vastly superior. Zamiecs are probably the best carrier Russians have access to. Gryf squad is one of the better boarding units, 18 AP Agressive.
  5. Anyone got good advice on how to use it properly? Seems like a finesse thing, obviously not enough AP to board a BB, but carriers?
  6. Good point on anti gravity. Sorry, got home from work was bored. I was just throwing out an example, it can go either way. The end of the run way is probably the least important part, if the planes can still got off the ground or do not flip.
  7. The end of the runway, which might not even be needed, are more important than the thing that keeps the entire ship from doing the cover of Led Zeppelin I? Also, many games also do not use the model but the base or stand to measure to/from. Battlefleet Gothic for instance. Personally , base makes a lot of sense in reality, as much as measuring torpedoes from the prow when they are very clearly not on the prow of some models.
  8. Six dice that hit on 5+ get four hits on average? May need to check your math. 4" range can help getting it to rearm next turn and shoot again, cutting back on aa from escorts/squadmates due to proper positioning is also pretty good at increasing AD, say that saves a single TB, 3AD. DBs get +1 for Surface, 16% bonus, about three more hits. Fairly tough call and I would say it should be decided by the situation on the board. If the enemy group really tightly with good AA the DBs may become useless, TBs will still have a safe angle probably. If not there is always carpet bombing from bigger air, get them to break up. As to taking carriers or not, if your meta ignores carriers, then you should easily be able to take control with a carrier or two, allowing you to throw in some TBs or DBs. If the meta does use lots of carriers, then you need fighters to defend yourself, at least as the ****, Russians have some good options with Suyetka and Szabla to take air control. The Tenkei can advance in some security in the air, with Obscured more HP and higher CR, allowing more rearms and refits. Kiyo can hit harder at first glance, but the single turret will not stand up in close range. It is more of the sit back unit, the Tenkei is the aggro option. Escorts on the Tenkei also add decent AD to the rockets.
  9. Anyone know about what is happening with the Polish navy? Look pretty cool.
  10. I have really liked them since Delboy revealed them in before they came out. For 1000pts I was basically thinking the Naval Force with 3 extra corvettes, my worry is that it is quite light on Mediums, so I either gotta work out some more or hide my Gladii.
  11. I kind of doubt it for at least a while, Belgian was not originally much of a faction and now they are basically part of the French ORBAT. The Prussian stuff already fits the Habsburg pretty well. Tesla is from that part of the Empire. I think they work really good with Italian allies. Actually some of the Italian Dukes should be Habsburgs, either Lorraine or Este, namely Francis V is in Modena (and the rightful Jacobite King) and Leopold (or Ferdinand, not themost original bunch of names) is in Tuscany. Does anyone know who Umberto Chievo is regent for in Lombardy, cause that is another Habsburg duchy.
  12. Oh, for back ground reference, I have little actual play experience, one game in 1.1, part of one in 2.0 (with no rulebook, just lots of tables on pdfs), but I have been reading stuff on here periodically since about early 2013, I understand the Fleet Orders and taking balanced fleet lists. I have Russians and Japanese, Shadow Hunter is in the mail. Favourite model is probably the Zamiec.
  13. So, how worthwhile are the TAC cards you get from making making a complete battle group? I actually kind of like the Shadow Hunter Battle Group (except the base, rather have a Kiyo), and the CoA one I really like, fleet of wave lurkers. So, thoughts, opinions?
  14. Finally setting up my account, after about 18 months.

  15. Personally I always follow the apparent naming convention. Hachiman is the God of Warriors, so Hachiman class should have the names of Gods, mine is Susonowoo. IJN did not simply name after province names, carriers were named after flying things, pheonix, dragons, etc. Many of the cruisers are named after provinces and some of the battleships, Yamato is not however. Many of the battleships are named after Japan itself which has had many different names. Some of the light cruisers are named things like Kuma (bear, also an implication of strength). By this time period naming conventions would be rather common in major navies and should be apparent by the lead ship of the class, although Spartan's use of synonyms in class types (Kaiser, Emperor, Monarch, Ruler, etc) can make that difficult.
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