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  1. average joe

    Dec 7

    Thanks Alamo. How's the hobby going for you? It's been more or less MTG with a few board games but not a lick of TTG. Really miss some tiny wars. Frans recap or link some good thread so I can brush up on what the FA community thinks. Merry Christmas you two.
  2. average joe

    Dec 7

    As an American I find December 7 a rather ironic date for a fantasy naval game to sink. For me Alamo the "infamous" day was a long time ago. I was just talking to a friend yesterday and we both commented on how much we miss playing Uncharted Seas. We're no longer neighbors so even if we'd kept the minis and rules we wouldn't be able to play. Anybody find any games remotely similar to UCS? I'm looking to do some TTG hobby stuff and really can't find anything that appeals to me. Firestorm Armada would fit the bill if I didn't have this crazy fear that SG is just waiting to dump the game the second I bought into it. My refusal to buy any SG products has probably spared many of you tremendous grief.
  3. If you're betting what's your wager. I'm putting 20 boo hoos nothing happens (as usual). Safest bet I've ever made.
  4. Outstanding. Makes me remember the good old days.
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts. I've been reading all the posts filled with the hopeful accounts of what Spartan Games has recently said about UCS with a mixture of pity and loathing. Loathing for SG and pity for the fans. If SG had only been forthright at any point in time during the last several years I would have been far more apt to continue buying and playing their other games. I can't get myself to buy into another SG title (insert sheepish shrug) because I simply can't get over my nerd rage fit about UCS.
  6. Dude I'm like the force. I will always be with you that and morbid curiosity keeps me lurking around. Ahh...out of curiosity what are you so wrong about? Surely you didn't drink the Kool-Aid AGAIN!? Say it ain't so. I recommend that you do what I've done and find another hobby outlet.
  7. For those of you who may not know the beta testing for UCS has slowed to a halt with little to no interaction/communication from SG with their beta testers from the very start. A number of us, particularly myself, are once again disappointed with SG and their lack of follow through. I've noticed that the new skirmish game blogged about in December has not received any further update either. It is scheduled to come out this spring. It's been three months since the last advert for the game which doesn't bode well for it. I write this knowing that SG could resume beta testing on the new UCS rules and release another blog for Achtung! Cthulhu this Monday, but I'm not going to wager any emoticons that they will. If the development train for these two games have derailed i hope SG gets everything back on track soon. Good luck to SG and goodbye to everyone on the UCS boards. My schedule doesn't allow me the time to game and interact as much as I would like and after three years or so of waiting on SG to resurrect UCS I've finally decided to give up on the game and mothball my fleets. (Pun intended). Best wishes to everyone. aj
  8. Your basing is just as fantastic as the painting of the models themselves. Your fleet is one that you can take tremendous pride in.
  9. That is absolutely fantastic. Awesome painting and modeling.
  10. They are the new rules, just not the beta test rules which when finished will be the new, new rules. Keep in mind that SG cut their game design and development teeth on Uncharted Seas and since the birth of the DW universe ours has suffered from some serious neglect. Oddly, most of us old vets find the lack of a compelling backstory, incomplete rules for many of our models, and the long history of failed development plans quite endearing. And ps. all the models offered in the online store are new, iirc.
  11. Welcome to the basement. We don't get many visitors. It's nice to see a new face. Well the "anything else" is obviously the big thing in Uncharted Seas. SG is currently working with some beta testers on a brand new set of rules and fleets composition and stats. There isn't anything we can say definitively about balance as the rules and fleets are not set in stone. I'm an old UCS gamer and I'm looking forward with some high hopes for what SG is doing for the game. So I imagine just about every SG fan will find something they like about UCS when SG finishes this newest edition. Stick around and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  12. Thanks a lot, mate!! I have been compiling a treatise of tactical genius for you and now you've gone and made it pointless by answering your own question. Some people simply have no patience. I don't have the Ralgard STAR cards so without knowing the particular wording I'd assume the benefit is as you and tank have surmised. A 3" movement can do a whole lot of things offensively or defensively depending on the proximity of squadrons and what squadrons remain to be activated in that turn. Honestly I don't remember reading this particular question when you posted it. I must have deferred because as already stated I don't own the cards. Go figure I've never had a problem giving an opinion on subjects I have no knowledge of before.
  13. Spartan dudes I sent in an email as requested. I've got a few questions that might help engage us old vets and get us fired up for UCS and beta testing again. Why did SG stop the first round of beta testing without an explanation to those participating? Please do not allow this to happen again. It's quite rude. As usual I felt the need to voice my disappointment at those turn of events. That will be my only gripe this post. Pinky promise... Why restart testing on a few mechanics and stats for a couple of races? This seems very odd as the first round of testing was a whole lot more ambitious and seemed to be pointing to recreating UCS into something that is new, that hopefully would recapture its popularity. Having asked that second question... What is the scope of change coming to UCS; a little or a lot? What exciting things do you have in mind that will make my favorite game everyone's favorite game?
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