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  1. Russian Coalition Okhotsk Defense Force Navy, Air Based in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sea of Okhotsk Massive Models: 1 Kostroma Class Battle Carrier Large Models: 1 Borodino Class Battleship Medium Models: 3 Survorov Class Cruisers 3 Tambov Class Gunships 2 Saransk Class Medium Flyers 2 Myshkin Class Bombers Small Models: 8 Novgorod Class Frigates 2 Veliky Class Escorts 3 Rostov Class Destroyers Tiny Models: 25 Steel Interceptors
  2. How about the Kostroma BATTLE CARRIER not having combat launch. All it has are broadsides on either side of it but still, I don't see them getting in the way of TFT take-offs.
  3. Do you want help with this? I'm a little tied up with school/work but I may have some free time.
  4. I would recommend adding gunships, destroyers, and the new drill BB or the carrier. The gunships pack some serious AP and firepower for 85 points a piece, and have your repair ship follow them to keep them in fighting form. The destroyers I don't find vital, but with RB3 capabilities, hard impact to mess up formations, and 3 AA a piece (incredible AA for a Russian model) they do add a bit of flexibility and are great anti air patrols. I guess you really don't need the Kostroma since you picked up a PLC sky fort, but I'd try and have at least 1 model with an ice berg generator that you can mimic.
  5. That didn't even cross my mind! I feel silly now... but thank you for clarifying for me evilsockmonkey.
  6. Where did you guys find these pontoon hulls? I've searched for the airfix ones and I'm just not finding them (you guys have made me want to make some freighters so bad!). EDIT: Nevermind, I just made my search less specific and found the main site .
  7. I hope I did not offend you with the previous post as I was not intending any of the sort. I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from the addition of these elements, only to keep them non-canon as I believe it would take away from the "feel" DW currently has. I understand with these types of games imagination plays a major role in making the game interesting and sea monsters or aliens would take the game in a creative turn, but perhaps as add-ons like the Invaders (made by SG but not canon in the story line).
  8. I'm a little confused about the date the CoA stats are to be released, it says 5/8/13 but I assume he means 8/8/13?
  9. I know this is sort of a random topic but I've always wondered what our hordes of AP would look like uniform wise. Looking on the back of the fleet starter box I can't tell if the "Admiral" was 1860s, WWI, or Soviet inspired. I want to lean towards Soviet because of the Red Star in DW even though they are Tsarist still.
  10. I drew up some house rules concerning this model a little while ago, the actual model I use the missle drop on for a race-against-the-clock scenario. The left over drop-ons I use for AA emplacement (the one with 4 guns) and fuel tanks for a runway/dock (shield generator). It adds a little spice to the repetitive dish of board wipes IMO.
  11. I don't mean to sound rude but these ideas would ruin DW. There are countless tabletop games that have to do with supernatural and otherworldly things other than DW (disregarding the invaders since they are non- canon) but despite the crazy abilities of sturginium, DW is mostly based in reality but taking a different tangent in time. This alternate history is one of the major things that made DW stand out from the norm of reality table-top (like flames of war) and fantasy ones (like Firestorm or 40k). An easier solution would be to pick a different Spartan game like Uncharted (for the monster aspect) or Firestorm (for the mars missions). There is really no point in changing DW if SG already has games with those aspects. If you really want sea monsters, mars missions, and ether ships there is nothing wrong with doing some house rules for a bit of variety, but please do not try and make them canon for DW, not everyone wants it.
  12. Try and keep your fleet close together so that: 1. You can screen your smaller vessels with your larger, ablative armored ones. 2. The rocket jammer/ torp breakers can be used on most of your fleet. 3. your opponent has a tougher time picking off your smalls/mediums early on. In my experience, trying to flank or split up with the Russians usually ends in disaster. My ideal formation is usually the Borodino, Tambovs, and Survorovs in the front taking the brunt of the fire, Kostroma and Rudnitsky in the middle to protect them, and the Novgorods in the back to repel flankers/ swing out late game unharmed. I also have the Rostovs and fighter TFTs lurk around my fleet to keep air threats at bay. hope this helps .
  13. Do you think the heavy frigate needs a turning template since it isn't completely circular?
  14. If you look closely, I believe end with the mortar closest to it is the front since it looks like a command bridge.
  15. Just when I thought I had completed my fleet... I simply cannot pass up these amazing models. Are the stats up anywhere yet? (maybe the playtester's thread or redesigned stat cards?)
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