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  1. So good, and I persuaded my son that he will give it a try. He choose the Prussians, don`t for my life know why. But he likes the design. When I order the Chinese for my friend´s birthday (he wanted a painted fleet), he will get his fleet along (But he made me promise that we will try FA, too, since he is more into SF). So when Jorek comes by for gaming he can either take his wife along or bring a friend (our table is long enough for two games at the same time)!
  2. So well, thx to Jorek I have got my first sunken ships and thx to sharp turn I was able to hold myself respectably. But those KoB frigates are a real pest. The Sokotsu surprised me positively, the Naks managed to sink some frigates and I forgot a lot of rocket attacks. But... I didn`t ram anything! We left out the Bombers and TFTs until the next game so there may still be some surprises to come.
  3. Thanks! Will have my introduction game with my very own fleet tomorrow!
  4. A question to all the experienced players/painters: Does someone has a link to suitable japanese decals?
  5. Hi, being a newbie I can not really rely on experience but even so the sore points I perceive are cruiser and dread. Will leave it to the experts to give details.
  6. Updated the first post to summarise the answers for beginners. No opinions for a land force?.
  7. Empire of the Blazing Sun 1 Sokatsu Battleship 3 Nakatsu Cruisers 3 Tanuki Gunships 2 DFA-170 Bomber 9 Uwatsu Frigates 2 Inari Scout Gyros As you can see, it is the fleet box with some ad ons, still unpainted and unplayed. Hope that will change in the next 2 weeks.
  8. Managed to order my fleet box, rule book and added a blister of Tanukis (for playing) and Inaris (for painting and later for inclision in the fleet). Now the waiting starts!
  9. Was a list from an older thread, personally I would prefer to go with something like 2 Sky fortresses 1 War Gyro 2 Inari+ 1 Onryu 3 Bombers 5 Tetsubos leaving me 15 short of 1k
  10. Wow, nice color scheme! Looked through your blog and really liked it. One little thing: the OSL of the generator should influence part of the hull and the aft turret, too. But mind, I couldn`t do it better. BTW, if you go for the brush to create it, go for lases, not for drybrushing.
  11. Thx, so I will keep the Ika for later. Next comes a list divers members have agreed to be a good one if you want to start an 1k Air force. Original thread here if you want to see how they arrived at it: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/1659-new-eobs-player-picking-my-first-fleet/ Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro - 150 Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro - 150 3 Inari Class Scout Gyros - 210 3 DFA-170 Class Bombers - 180 Tenkei Sky Fortress - 130 3 Tetsubo - 90 3 Tetsubo - 90 Do you think it is still up to date? Does someone know some good threads concerning land armies?
  12. No deal about the hijack, it was my intention to create a thread fo all beginners and the more discussion we do now the more information we can pool. Let me try a short abstract on what we have until now: 1. Majority says that the starter box is a good beginning, providing you with 1 Sokatsu Battleship, 3 Nakatsu cruisers, 9 Uwatsu frigates, 2 DFA-170 bombers and 10 TFTs. The Nakatsus seem to be the ones, that are seen as the biggest problem. 2. Majority seems to believe that the Uwatsus are a "must have". 3. Discussed is the substitution of the Nakatsus by Tanuki gunships, if the Nakatsus don`t perform for your playstyle. What I really don`t understand is the IKA, see it in most lists but isn`t really advised here. Is that only because of the beginners level? On the other hand a carrier is advised, I understand that torpedoes are a preferred weapon of the EotBS, but since most people here say "no gyros/flier" at the beginning, wouldn`t the Ika be the logical first next step? (Mind, from an aesthetical point of view I would prefer the carrier or gyros!)
  13. Wow, breathless to see so many answers. Thx guys. The bandwidth is a little confusing and it still remains a stomach decision. I think to go for Rulebook Naval Starter Set Kiyohime Carrier Tanukis Uwatsus Inaris (because I like the look of them) and start playing the starter set to learn the basic rules while painting the whole lot. I am not too concerned to have things I won`t use since I have a very collective mindset and ultimatly will want to acquire all models of my chosen faction. Are there some typical beginners faults?
  14. Hi guys, I know these newbie threads can be a pain, but nevertheless: I have nearly convinced a friend to try DW with me and as my budget isn`t as thight as his I promised to order my fleet first so that he can have a final look before ordering himself. Writing here you can easily guess that I decided to join the forces of the Empire while he is still torn between FSA and KoB. Decided to go for: Rulebook Naval Starter Set nearly decided on: 1 Blister Tanukis 1 Blister Ika which leaves me with 20 more € to spend (1 Blister Inaris and Onryos each?). Or what do I need to buy to have a good start? Are there any essentials? How do we go about learning the game straight from the rulebook? BTW, what do you think if I do a summary of the "starting in EotBS"-threads to avoid repeating this thread over and over? I could preview it here and if most are satisfied I could ask it to be pinned?
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