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  1. I would prefer to drop Mines and Rocket, and keep the lancette in order to give the submarine a squadron support (Moustique, 4 or 6 ???) MAR, but it's a really different concept of ship... and for the moment I would like to get some king of fighting ship between the Cherbourg and the Magenta !
  2. The only weapons that can be fired from submerged are : Torpedoes and Particule accelerator... So indeed, Heat lance and rocket can only be used on surface... And the sub has no evasive manoeuver MAR, so when to go to surface will not be an easy choice ! About the fury gen, I agree, may be +5 pts is too cheap for a fury 16... will consider 12'' or 8'' only
  3. Hi guys ! Here is a first proposal, for the "cheap" large naval slot... I try to make something differnt from what we already have, but consistant with the RoF trademarks... I was also considering a Corrosive bombar inbstead of the Rocket battery, but this would probably push the price to 150 I think... So Rocket are more in line with a "Cheap" ship... ------------------------ (edited after comments) Republic of France SURCOUF Points : 140 Large corsaire submarine Crew Type - Agressive RB 1 2 3 4 Heat lancette (S) 9 9 6 - Fore torpedoes (T) 9 8 7 6 Rocket Battery (T) 8 8 8 - Mine (x3) (5) - - - DR CR MV HP 6 9 8 7 AP AA CC IR 5 4 6 6 LARGE CAPITAL DIVING MODEL Minimum move : 2’’ Turning Template : 45° Turn Limit : 1’’ Squadron Size : 1 Model Assigned Rules : Retardant Armor (1), Advanced Engines (+1’’), Security post (2), Options : This Model is fitted with an Internal Nullification Generator This Model may change its Crew Type from Aggressive to Elite for an additional +10 points This Model may replace the Internal Nullification Generator for an Internal Fury (8”) Generator for +5 points Weaponry arcs : ONE Heat Lancette (S) have a 270-degree Fore Fire Arc ONE Heat Lancette (S) have a 270-degree Aft Fire Arc The Fore Torpedoes (T) have a Fixed Channel Fore Fire Arc ONE Rocket Battery (T) has a 360-degree Fire Arc
  4. Hi guys ! There were severals topics in the last month/years about possible/wanted/wished new models for RoF forces, but with the release of the new orbats (and points buff-up), it turns out that there are now real lack in our inventory. For the moment I see at least 2 : - we are the only faction out of the core-7 that don't have any Large/massive model for naval/air battle under 170 pts. This lack is really disadvantageous when designing any naval force under 1000 pts. we clearly need : at least an airship a around 130/140pts and if possible also a naval asset (could be pocket BB, large submarine, or any other suitable concept) around 130 to. - RoF is also with COA the only 7-core nation that don't have a non-bomber Small aerial model. As bombers are unusable in full aerial battle, we just cannot build any force for pure aerial battle What are your thoughts about this ?
  5. You are quite lucky sir Presidente if you have opponents with a dread on the table that let your Cherbourg live long enough to get in RB2 ! The problem of the Cherbourg is not the price regarding its firepower ! The problem is the lack of toughness... 29AD cumulated and the Cherbourg is dead, when you need 36AD for a Mizuchi. IMHO I prefer Mizuchi or Minerva every day against the Cherbourg...
  6. I agree with Ohm, I only use Cherbourg when I have budget issues and I can't put a full Toulons squadron in my list... above 1250pts I never go to battle without the Toulons and they always perform very well. Now, with the orbats changes, my questions is more : do I have to take 2 Toulons in smaller list than a Cherbourg... The cherbourg may be more powerfull than 2 Toulon but he is not really thougher than a single one (average 29AD to kill against 25,5AD to kill for a Toulon) while costing 60% more VP when it goes down.
  7. The large turning template, yes I agree, but with so high turn limit value, I think it's making the large land model really too cumbersome to be fun to play
  8. Hi guys ! Just a quastion about the change of turning template for large and massive land models. The orbats say they now use the large turning template but all stats have keep the 2 or 3 turn limit they used to have with the 45° template... Having a turn limit of 2 with the large template, means that the model will be able to make only 2 20° heading changes in a turn if it has a 6'' Mv. Looks like a very very poor manovering ability Is it on intentional or is it a mistake ? May be the turn limit should have been taken down to 0 for large and maybe no more than 1 for the massive model like mobile airfield ?
  9. Orlov has 360° template and Turn limit 1... Should be 0 as other mediums ?
  10. You didn't notice that the FSA has received a really big buff up !
  11. And the poor Washingtown is always the same useless floating duck with a Philadelphia now at 150 it will clearly never see again a game
  12. On my part, I'm really disappointed by most of this change Cherbourg is now the most expansive BC while also being the less tough... And with Vulnerable, it's 150 offer to enemy... Magenta gets a +15 to 190... he use to be a good choice, now with this price he is just average... Couronne seems definitivly dead compared to Tourbillon The only good point is specialist squadrons even if some compositions are not those I would have like to see (why requins with the Magenta, 3 lyons would have been far more interresting !)...
  13. I really love these giant robots ! Yes they are really powerfull if they make it to boarding, but : they all have rather low AA and CC (compared with equivalent dread), meaning Rockets and bomber attacks could hurt them very hard (without speaking of torpedoes on naval games !), and even boarding could be a reasonable option. So, I don't think they are OP. But they will become a top priority target when deploy on a table !
  14. The community of french players is not so weak... Come to out forum (link in the first post of this topic) and you will see that there is a good number of players and lots of events ! About the french version, it's a really good thing as there are plenty of french people that doesn't practice English well enough to master a rule book of this size, but it's also a good thing for young players who clearly can't use a rule book in English. I have the 2 version of the rule book in English but I now also have the french as my 11 years old son cannot use the English book alone to play
  15. Hi guys ! my 2 cents on this subjects : WWI europeans armies had more than 100 divisons in each major countrys... Considering this, dystopian wars land armys should have something like severals hundreds of large landships (if you consider the composition of land brigades as astandard for armies formations). So fleet should be more or less of an equivalent size and power : more for naval dominant nations, and less for continentals powers... this means several hundreds of large / massive unit for the most powerfull nations. This implies that the sturgunium industrial revolution has considerably boost the global industrial production to achieve such gigantic amount of military systems....
  16. 15 AD is not bad but saddly often fall a bit short for crit a BB... Nevertheless, the Saint Malo is a wondefull medium hunter !
  17. Indeed this town is wonderfull (I spend most of my holidays there ), but the ship is also a very good choice ! You just have to think about the fact he is a bit short on fire power against eheavy targets, so Cherbourg and Toulons will probably be good choices to !
  18. Hi everybody ! I have the pleasure to announce that the french version of the Dystopian Wars rule book is now fully available. It is edited by the "Ludopathes" (under an agreement with SG). It can be found in major wargames shop in France or in several online wargame shops. The french online community of DW wargamers had been strongly involved in the translation in order to make the best translation possible for wargamers ! So, for those (quite numerous in france ) french speakers who are not confortable with English, do not wait more ! And you can also join the french speaking community of SG here : http://spartan-forum.forumactif.fr/ See you soon ! @admin : may be this topic could be turn into a "post-it" to remain visible in order to inform those who are interested in this book !
  19. Hi Amiral ! I think you have too much models with "strategic objective", and that's quite dangerous. Secondly, I'm not very confident in an SAS heavy list against CoA : Drones will have the upper hands over yours SAS what ever you try with your SAS. I prefer to use some "SAS proof" squadron tactics with 2 x battleship (best is Magenta for this) + Ecuyer + CAP.
  20. I would also say : get some Kitsune, they will be excellent against an air core boosting up AA and rocket of their parent model ! (an fully escorted Kaiju will be a nightmare for an air core opponent with its high angle turrets and boosted AA and rockets !). And a Tenkei would be a pretty addition to provide you some air power well adapted to fight against airial assets.
  21. Thanks Anthony ! That's the way I was playing it, but some other player make me doubt whith different way of palying escort...
  22. Hi guys ! A small question about escorts : Kitsune and Bastion doesn't have the "naval" restriction in their attachment rule in the last ORBAT. Does this means they can escort aerial models ? Or is it a typo ? I think this in intentionnal, but lots of players consider this ids a typo... An official clarification would be helpful !
  23. Ok, thanks for the feed back... I think I will advice my freind to play the Washington as a proxy of Philadelphia...
  24. I think this is an armor belly stuff more than a flash problem... If you look at the rear end of the model, there is no stripe : so why leave stripe on the side when they can be prevented on the rear...
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