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  1. Even any large RoF model escorted with its own Ecuyer will be awfull for this FSA list... For example a Magenta with its attached ecuyer his 10AA out of which 3 are "heavy AA" !without speaking about the Tigh grouping AA doctrine ! Honestly, the 3 Saratoga list in 1000 is really broken except against RoF But there are plenty other list that can be dreadfull for RoF, even against Typh's "special" list !
  2. welldone sky captain ! fantastic idea !!!
  3. Personnally I would prefer to keep DR/CR/HP and points of the Tourbillon as they are and see the carrier capacity taken down to 5 or even 4. This way, the Tourbillon would keep is flying battleship style and loose the activation boost. This would also make him different from the Couronne : for a real carrier the Couronne will be the best choice and for a forward brawler with a limited SAS replenishment capacity the Tourbillon would be excellent.
  4. Really ??? 245 is not bad !
  5. I really completly disagree with everything said here about RoF fleet being overpower ! The RoF orbat is not reasponsible of opponent tactical mistakes... Trying to take out RoF larges models at long range is just committing suicide just as ignoring the threat of requins squadrons ! On the other hand an opponent taking out our papercraft mediums and just-average smalls during during the first two turn will have plenty of opportunities to outmanoever or board one of our lone larges to achieve any victory condition ! - The tourbillon is good but not so dificult to kill (in recent games I loose several of them : one thank to terrible RAJ fire power, and another thank to FSA indirect firepower nullifying the obscured defense bonus, one captured intact by 4 Magni boarding rush i don't managed to stop). It's a good skyfortress, may be 5 or 10 pt underpriced, but not more. - Saint Malo is very solid, but he become very weak after taking a few damages and then can be just ignored by opponent. Look at a Kaiju and you will see there is nothing OP with the saint malo... - Requin may be a real treat for any large model on the atble, but they have nothing to deal with interering enemy frigates. So most of the time they will be reduced to 2 or 3 before coming in boarding range and thus loose most of their power... So I don't thing there is anything OP in RoF orbat since the last modification. The Magenta at 175pt was, but now priced 190pt he is no logner OP.
  6. The katanga is "full redoutable" !!! while a Saint Malo with 2HP lost is not far from useless.... Without speaking f the Mimic generator offering a potential shield generator making him 13/18 AD to damage and crit.
  7. I don't agree with you : If your opponent doesn't want to be board by your requin turn 2 he can esealy avoid it : 2nd turn boarding range of the requin is 36'' (16+16+4) while the deployement zone stand 32'' to 40'' away from the opponent starting zone. This mean that anything in the 4'' band along your side is out of a turn 2 board action from requin... If I see 15 requin or event 10 in my opponent list, I stick to my board hedge a turn or 2, what is long enough to kill 2 or 3 requin in each squadrons making them useless... And at such a range, Saint-malo or Tourbillon will not damage much any captial ship in your fleet. Extrem lists can be deadly, but when opponent choose the right tactic the result can be really bad...
  8. I think it would be interesting to get more types of generic fortification, as for the moment we only have infantry fortification and huge bunket complex or towers. Small gun bunker should be the first, along may be with small AA and small mortar emplacement ?
  9. I do play Ecuyer very very often ! But only as escort for my battleship. He boost the AA of any battleship defense to a very high level making the squadron nearly immune to rocket strike and boarding, and he boost a bit the turret+broadside dice pool offering better chances to crit hard target. With a Magenta mk2 around (giving die-hard mar) the risk of fail break test if the Ecuyer get sunk is not too high... And if you screen the Ecuyer with its parent battleship, the opponent will have trouble to target it, while the forward turret is not difficult to pop-up before the battleship nose in order to have good fire arc.
  10. It looks more like 2 La Rochelle hulls refurbished and assembled with Masaulle Bridge deck
  11. She is just completly crazy ! really loving it !!!!
  12. Using cover to make Cherbourg survive longer is a good tactic as long as opponent doesn't have airborne fire power... A few weeks ago my opponent Raijin Crit my cherbourg at RB4 on first activation of Turn 1, then remove 3HP on turn 2 with the same Rajin, and another one on turn 3 (the Cherbourg survive to rocket attack only thank to a miracle !)... There are plenty of flyers squadrons that can kill a Cherbourg in 2 turn from distance, ignoring cover. So playing a Cherbourg is always quite risky...
  13. Down here, when we are 3 around the table we never play anymore 3 side games... exactly for the same reasons. So I would advice that 2 player sharing the MFV (if possible with 2 core forces) against the last one.
  14. I take a few minutes to put on paper the most usefull and common type and sub type from NOAA (and older one) classification and add the few ones that were missing for DW world... I give the following list : Major types : DN Dreadnought CV Carrier BB Battleship CC Cruiser DD Destroyer FF Frigate KK Corvette LS Landing Ship Pre fix if any : G- Ground R- Robot S- Submarine (or may be SS- to sound up to date !) U- Underground W- Winged aircraft X- special aircraft (neither winged nor blimp type) Z- Blimp type aircraft Post fix -A Armored/Assault -B Battle/large -E Escort -G Gunship/Artillery -H Heavy -K sKimmer -L Light -S Scout/recon -T Tender (for anything except aircraft) -V Carrier that are not CV type Some example : Charlemagne : DN Vauban : DNKV Saint Malo : BBHT Magenta Mk2 : BB Magenta Mk1 : BBK Couronne : CVA Dieppe : CC Toulon : CCA Cherbourg : CCB Marseille : CCKL (CCL would also be non ambiguous here as no other CCL in RoF fleet) Chevalier : DD Lyon : FF Alma : FFK Tourbillon : ZCV Furieux : ZCCR ... and so on, really easy ?
  15. Just an idea after reading your advice : may be an official abreviation list ofr DW models class could be released by design team to simplify this ? BB for battleship, CV for carriers, CL for light cruiser, CA for armered cruiser, and so on ? This list could be pinned in the rules section part of the forum ?
  16. I'm sorry, I didn't see the possible mix up ! No problem about the 3 Toulons vs 2 Cherbourg : effectively, nearly the same price
  17. You should try the trappeur squadrons, at RB3 they push : 10AD of gun and 9 AD of torps' : enough to crit 2 mediums ! And with the 3 turrets on the Dieppe, it's quite easy to find some targets for both weapons groups. @ president : You have a funny math rules... 3 Marseilles = 180 pts, 2 Chebourg = 250 pts, far from being the same ! without saying that when lossing 2 Cherbourg you offer 300 VP to your opponent !
  18. The marseilles are really underperforming models... I think, with what you have, I would change the medium and small part of your list : Remove the 3 Marseilles and 2x4 Lyons to add : 1 trappeur squadron (1 Dieppe + 3 Lyons) 1 Cherboourg 5 Requin Or 2 trappeur squadron (1 Dieppe + 3 Lyons) 4 Requin You will see : the trappeur squadron is really good, and having one on each side of your fleet, makes fields orders "all smalls" or "all medium" rather hard to fulfill Additionaly, with a Saint Malo at rear line, I would probably play a Magenta Mk2 with HL to go front line... (But I agree : the Mk1 is labsolutly ovely ! )
  19. In old battlegroup, you have the 2 mounts : Turret and HL ! The 2 loadouts are usefull (use magnets for the mounts !!! ) : the full turret version is clearly excellent in long range support, but when you need a BB to get in the heart of the fight, the HL proves to be more efficient as he keeps an effective firepower longer when damages raise up...
  20. I don't agree with you : the Mizushi is also far better than the Cherbourg for less point. The Cherbourg may have a good fire power but not really better than a hood with its 3 redoutable+devastating turrets or a Mizuchi with 2turret+braosides linked together, but he is far less tough than others BC. So IMHO : with 125pts cost, vulnerable MAR, and only an average 29,25AD to sink him, even with a good firepower, the poor Cherbourg is now very difficult to make cost effective About the comparison between rugged and retardant armor, I think you are wrong : rugged is always better than the retardant except against Devastating ordonance MAR attack. But in numerous case you can reach 5 hits without scoring any 6 in a 5 to 8 dice pool roll, where retardant appear to be useless. The fact is : the "lone 6 explosion breaking effect" is only psychological as the die retardant armor prevent you to reroll is not better than the die that a rugged 1 would have prevent you to roll in the initial dice pool !
  21. I agree : the current stats of the Cherbourg are ill With this price, he should have received a Retardant armor (2)... And it would fit really well the model !
  22. I played a Cherbourg in a tournament last month and didn't loose it in any 2 game where I fielded it... My Cherbourg has indeed a bit of luck on the first game (1 HP left and survive a last turn rocket strike from 3 EotBS cruiser without sinking thanks to an enormous AA dice roll). But nethertheless, the two time I deployed it in a far angle of my deployment zone and keep it behind large cover (island) for 2 full turn before coming out of my hide and begin to engage some target with late turn 2 activations. This worked rather well as each time during turn 3 and 4 my opponents has more critical targets to deal with, and them can afford to send numerous dice at my Cherbourg... But, the Cherbourg is stile a serious gamble as your opponent score rtather easily 150, especially if he has enough RB3/4 airborn firepower
  23. I suppose you want to play an air-core game. First, can you give the detail ofthe large/massive models option, I dont understand how you reach 480 with these 2 models. After that little question, I think you have probably a bit too much mediums compare to other class. Mediums are not our best models has they are really fragile. May be take another large un drop 1 medium suquadron could be a better option.
  24. Yes it's an option, but Magenta MkI with GNE doesn't have Die Hard, You will have a moral check each time you loose a Requin, whith 2 success needed begin with the second requin lost. The rsik to be broken before arriving in boarding range. But with move boost you should be able to be in boarding range at turn 2, with a last-first activation of this squadron in turn 1-2 it could be possible to arrive without suffering to much damage... but it sounds like a big gamble
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