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  1. I consider another simple option to mitigate the (far too high for me) randomness of the damage table : With the carnage table : - the defender roll 1 dice for Tier 3, 2 dice for tier 2 et 3 dice for tier 1, and keep the lower. - attacker roll 1 dice for each time he beats the DR. This reduce the probability of instant death on large models as well as reduce the risk of doing nothing with a 3xDR attack result... And weapons that have a MAR giving a +1 on damage table becomes more specifics has they are the onbly ones that can access the 7+ line on damage table
  2. Hi guys ! I have some trouble to build efficient lists with my FSA and my last games all turned out in painfull bloddbath for me The Liberty looks pretty good compared to an independance but even if he stay alive for a full game he never manage to get its points back... So I'm looking for alternatives. May be an Independance supported with the target painter of an Savannah could do the same job as a Liberty for less points So, I would like to know what are your experience with battleship+carrier list : would you prefer to field Independance+Savannah or Liberty+saragota in 800/1000 pts list ?
  3. Why ? The Cherbourg is a Valid medium choice for a naval core...
  4. Sadly another papercraft medium with no defensive MAR, and an additional strategic value would never be brought on the field and would probably stay in the box... I agree about the Move and Advanced engine modifications !
  5. 2 turrets is too much on a light carrier... 80 would be fair with "only" 1 turret !!! But I like the concept ! It would be great paired with a Magenta Mk1 full gun or even with a La Rochelle
  6. The La Rochelle + Saint Malo combo is one of my favorite list backbone !
  7. Leaving 1st generation buyers with nothing to play with looks like a commercial suicide strategy :angry: It's the worst thing that can be made... early realesed version with "draft" mention of other ships stats or even a limited order of battle with only 1 or 2 additional ship per tiers and factions would have save the situation... With only the materieal included in the starter box it's impossible to promote the game correctly among the gamer community
  8. Strange... The picture and the content listing on the box cover show 6 frigates not 5, so I have some difficulty to understand how and when could they change their mind. Anyway, the way SG is solving the issue is perfect... Have a special though for customer service... they probably have lot of work these days...
  9. Does anyone got a correctly packed box ? Or is the packing issue affecting the whole first batch of starter boxes ?
  10. I carry on my very very very slow pace of painting, but I finally finish a Chevaliers squadron...
  11. This makes the long range torpedoes fire incredibly powerfull
  12. Just play both in the same game : Commodore backward on the Vauban and Charly straight in the middle of the table with a Tesla generator
  13. Yes, and with Weather manipulation generators, they are quite valuable allies (!) ...to improve our papercraft mediums defense
  14. I really don't agree with you, most of specialist squadrons are pretty good and usefull ! RoF are sadly an exception as, except the trappeur and the Corsaire squadrons that are quite interesting others ones are pretty bad...
  15. The GNE on the La Rochelle is useless as it cannot be used on himself and there is no other skimmer... Appart from that, the list is excellent !!!
  16. A Savannah is probably a better choice to stay obscure at long range and keep a Commodore safe While keeping a Valley behind sounds really weird to me... Give us feed back of your game to share the way your list fight !
  17. The list is nice and will be efective. I only see a problem around your commodore : in a 1200 game, neither the Saratoga nor the Valley could survive if your opponent focus a bit of its fire power. You will probably loose your commodre turn 2. I think you should drop a few small to get a toughter commodore veasel. If you don't want to spend too much point on a tough commodre, the Boston is exactly what you need ! Just drop 4 revere, change the Georgetown Mk3 to 3 Lexingtown Mk2, and you have the required 145 for the Boston : turtles compensate the Revere loss, The boston fire power make ti for what you loose downgarding georgetown to lexingtown, you the Lexingtown Mk2 are excellent as small basher !
  18. Personnally, I really like the Tzukuyomi ! This guy is really tough, has pretty good weapons and elit crew. I try to use it alongside with something more scary (a Kaiju for example) in order to make my opponent focus on something else. Most of the time the Tzukuyomi survive the whole game and score much more than its own price...
  19. Yes, but Cloud+retardant even (1) is a great defense system, better than a shield (2) above 6AD...
  20. I promise I will take care of your models Nuc' and bring them back on the table very often ! I must admit I was supprised to see so few competitors arround the sell on ebay
  21. Within a Heat Lance oriented list, the Couronne will be perfect (even if most players prefer the Tourbillon over him). Think about the Toulons, who are better than the Marseilles. Around small, I would not advice the Alma who are clearly too expansive for what they do. I think you should build your list around Lyons, Requin and/or Chevaliers. Lyons are your standard frigate, decent . In a Heat lance lsi, you can have good synergy with requins and chevalier, as pin-point give rather high chance to score "shredded defense" crit and make easy targets for boarding rush or 18AD of rocket ! I envoy to play the La Rochelle and the Magenta Mk1 (+1 ecuyer) as the Flag ship, allowing to play the La Rochhelle more aggressivly without taking too much risk with the Commodore's ship !
  22. I recently purchase a blister of these tanks, for collection mostly, but having them I also wish to use them. After a few try, I can't find any way of using them efficiently ? Do someone use them and how ??? As attachement, the Bansan are far more efficient, the fire power is pitfull for a 50pts models, and the AP stats is incredibly low for a medium garison tank... So, what can we do with that ???
  23. The Vauban is not the right tool to take out a Windsor as the rockets are useless against fortification...
  24. The right name is "Sokotsu" (name of deep seas deities in japan mythology). And, as far as I know, "Sokatsu" means nothing...
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