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  1. With Crushing impact and Hull breaker 1D3+1, the dragon can rather easilly crush any medium in a single boarding attack... I'm not sure he need a boost... Isolated system can prevent quite efficiently the very damaging "hard pounding" critical effect and flamtrower are terciary and corrosive... Honnestly, I found it really powerfull ! And the reason why a lot of player don't have any success with it is just because it is so dangerous that opponent can't take any risk of letting this monster approach any of is ship... The rocket battery is not huge but can finish off a wounded medium whilst the dragon is closing the boarding range in the 2 first turn (what is better than the "nothing to do except running strait forward" of many robots like the Ika) The only thing that should really change on the dragon is giving it a 360° move (and remove it from the Zhan... ). Raising the AP would make it really too effective against the battleship/dread category and then call for an higher price (imagine a 135 pt model that can most of the time put 6 damage on a dread in a single attack ?).
  2. I don't agree, it would take too long to resolve a single rcket area bombardment action... Rule are fine, and if a single model has a problem of underpowerness, it should solve with stats modification for this models. Chinese Federation is already a great faction, really no need to a general buff up IMHO.
  3. Luxing is a conventional bombard, not a rocket bombard... No rocket bombard from chinese federation has Area bombardment, so there is no typo here IHMO ! (and chinese rocket already being bombard is a big advantage compared with other nations orcket weapons that are not bombard, giving area bombardment would be really overpower ! especially as aera bombardment would prevent any defensive AA fire against high AD rocket attacks !)
  4. You get the Pack tactics bonus for each models using the required weapons after the first. In your example, 3 Heavy destroyer are linking fire with : Fore gun + Broaside for the 2 first and only broadside for the last one, you get a +1 AD of pack tactic bonus. edit : - coherency MAR required that all MODELS involved in the action as the MAR (not weapons !) - Pack tactics : you get a bonus for models USING the stated weapons after the first
  5. I'm not Official, but it is what is clearly said within the 'beta testing group'. Faucon should be 3xPascal + 1 Voltaire.
  6. Sadly, I think it's quite the same all around... looks like a consequence of SG releasing nothing new for dystospian (exempt stupid useless dreadbots) for nearly a year...
  7. When a model has a base, the base is used for any range purpose, not the model (P10 pdf : "If a Model is on a base, the area of the base represents the Model, so you measure to the base."). So I would desagree with Anthony and say : 1) No, the base is used for all range calculation (except if the model use a turret or mortar/bombard that are not "battery", in wich case the weapons mount center is used. for exemple turrets on a Tzukuyomi) 2) No, at least 1 SAS from the SAW must be within 4'' from the base of the model in order to attack it.
  8. This wonderfull model deserve better
  9. I really think that the Couronne should be upgrade to "heavy battle carrier" in the same spot as Affondatore or Asgard with 6/10 DR/CR standard a Retardant 2, and upgraded weapons (+2 on broadsides and +3 on rockets) at a cost around 210. This way he would clearly be in a different spot from the Tourbillon.
  10. Or he could have died faster without doing anything... To compare, this is the average AD required to kil : by damag / by critical hit Cherboug : 43,5AD / 29AD Rousseau (obscured) : 50AD / 35AD Taking into account that Rousseau bring an additional activation and has no strategic value, IMHO it is a reasonnable choice against Cherbourg...
  11. The base is the models, so the base block los and distance are measured from the base.
  12. I usually got some success whith my Rousseau, but they need to be used carefully. Deployed obscured on a far flank to prevent them from receiving to much firepower they should manage to come to bombing range, while delivering nice shot on flying targets... Move them in late turn 1 and then make a late/early activation in turn 2 & 3 to have a bombing run at the beginning of turn 3 (if not already possible during turn 2). This works for me...
  13. If you stay around the battle group box, any will do, even KOB. The RoF vs KOB match up is sometimes unbalanced when RoF began to run a full skimmer forces and pop them on top of island... But there is the miror issu when KOB decide to play a full submarine list... So don't worry about match up until you want to play competitive games ! just choose the fleet you like the most !
  14. Ika only has 2AA, killing an averag "less than 1" incomming AP, so the attacker should roll 8 or 10AD... With reckless, that could be enough to get the critical hit, but not all the time... Honestly, Turtle squadron have far better targets ! And leave the IKA for torpedoes and bombers !
  15. 10AD, terror tactics aplies for each models in a squadron !
  16. Only when you don't have enough point in the large/massive spot for a Tourbillon ! Try to put 3 large/massive in a 800/900 pts liste, you will see that the 3rd one needs to be rather cheap...
  17. I really like the Tzukuyomi, and even sometimes use it as ally for my French (who don't have any large cheaper than 170 ) Get close staying obscured and then come down to bomb and gun everything you have at range or even board a few things.
  18. If the skimmer is partially on the island, its size become the size of the island + its own size (which is at least +2), so the final heigh of the model as a target is always 2 or greater above the island, so the island is not an obstruction at all. For vertical purpose, we are not using real LOS rule. The "real LOS" rule is used for 2D , and vertical issues are addressed with elevation/size values. Additionaly, i don't remenber where it is, but there is a note somewhere (may be here in the rule question forum) saying that the obstruction of a terrain feature on which the a model stands are not considered for LOS purpose because this would prevent any tiny and/or small models to have LOS on other tiny/small on the same terrain feature or lower.
  19. See P106 of the Pdf. A model partially on a terrain piece, gain the height advantage of the terrain (but also all his fire are partially blocked !) so be carefull when moving your skimmer !
  20. I think the best way of making the Cherbourg viable again is to give him a retardant armor (2). And this would be consistent with the model, as the Cherbourg has the same heavy armors plates on his hull as the Saint-Malo or the La Rochelle. About the price, when compared with an Annapolis who is terribly powerful AND incredibly tough for a BC, their is no need to raise the price nor the strategic value...
  21. That's why I call after an Official explanation... as there are as much way of playing this generator as there are players :( And what I found unbelievable is that there is a chapter about Weather generator in the FAQ that is quite useless, while the real question about this generator is not addressed !
  22. May be... I really don't know... But that's not the way many players use the WMG... And what is your opinion about targeted model partially under the storm template ?
  23. I'm sorry to bring this subject back from the grave, but the Ottoman fleet just arrived at home and this issue is now a real concern, as the case of storm template partially covered models occured several time during each first games.... I read carefully again the rule book, and I really don't know how to address different cases of partially covered firing or targeted models For the firing models : should the -1 to Hit modifier applies if : - any part of the firing model is under the storm template - or the weapons mount/refence point (center of the model or of the side for weapons without specific mount) ? For the target model : should the -1 to Hit modifier applies if : - any part of the targeted model is under the storm template - or the center of the targeted model is under the storm template - or closest from the firing model point of the targeted model is under the storm template - or something else ? An "official" answer would be much appreciated (and the answer should probably be added in the FAQ file...) Thx !
  24. Having a single good attack each turn, even at RB4 is not enough to make it for 230 points, and if he stays at 215 (without the shield) he is too fragile and his firepower shrink down with damage The only good point is the commodore doctrine that allowed him to boost damage output...
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