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  1. Cloud generator removal sounds like a typo... I hope so at least !
  2. Corrosive weapon also loose a lot of their power as now they only add 1 corrosive marker effect on a critical hit and none for a simple damage... heavy nerf for our corrosive armed models I hope this will be balanced by AD upgrade for those weapons. If not, several of our models will become useless...
  3. If I have to get close against russian fleet, I think I would max-out the 40% of non core with air models and completely out-activated him with SAS. Something like, 1 Vauban (size massive+1 means it can fire without problem over anything !), 1 or 2 Tourbillon, 2 Rousseau. Except models with mortars, other models don't like flyers because their weapons are not effective over RB2 and can't engage flyer at RB1. Chevaliers can be a good choice for small as they can manover at the egde of RB3 and be quite safe there while delivering full power rockets punches. Requin can be also a good choice as the lack of long range fire make them very difficult to dealt with for a russian fleet. For medium, its more difficult (as always with our papercraft cruisers)... The best choice is probably the Dieppe for its RB3 efficiency. Toulon with redoutable heatlance could also be a good choice. Cherbourg is far to fragile for this job a think. For large, after Vauban and Tourbilllon, any battleship or heavyBB could be ok. If you want to get close La Rochelle or heat-lance Magenta are good choice, if you want to keep a fire support large behind Saint-Malo or full-gun Magenta will make it perfectly. Bonne chasse Amiral !
  4. Gascony should be called Gascogne !!!! Why translating this area name into english while all other french names remain in french ?
  5. The boarding rush strategy with requins will work only one time, then next game your opponent will kill 2 or 3 requins before they can come in boarding range of anything... So about smalls, IMHO : - Lyon : just average (torpedoes at RB4 never do anything...) only usefull to weaken enemy smal squadron - Alma : I found them far to expansive for what they achieve... Spotting is nice but lack of synergy in naval games, skimming is nice but rather redundant with small models natural agility. They usually get a good RB1 fire rushing from behind an island and then die quickly... - Chevalier : Difficult to use (because quite fragile) but very effective. Our best small, I think - Requin : good boarding unit, but to specialized. Any sensible opponent will kill at least 2 of them on turn 1 making the full squadron useless... - Bordeaux : just the worse escort in the game. I always prefer an Ecuyer attachment over them. So nothing wonderfull here we are far behind good smalls that the other factions can field (Nu, Uwatzu, Arminius, Veeran, Fury, ...). In fact most RoF players field smalls because it's mandatory and we must have some "protection" against field orders "all small" and "commodore's discretion", not because they are usefull or efficient...
  6. For now, mine triggering zone is too small to be of any use as area denial. It is far to simple to go around except in very specific situation where 2 obstacle are close enough to create a pass that can be block by one or two mines marker. I think that the mine marker should have the size of the explosion template, not be remove when detonating, but detonate only on a dice roll equal or lower than crossing model size and only attack the model (no area attack). Mines would be far more interesting to play this way.
  7. Hi all ! An additional thing that should be refurbished according to me in the 2.5 rules is the mines system. Actually mines are most of the time used as a delayed direct attack (by laying them just in front of enemy ships) and the rules make the normal area denial role of mines completely secondary and inefficient. I think that triggering range and AD should be partially random and mines counter shouldn’t disappear after the first blast but only its AD power decrease slowly. On the other and, template rule should be dropped to keep a single indiscriminate attack against the ship moving nearby (possibly with a defensive CC counterfire). And also, mines should become active only 1 turn after behind laid to make them really different from bombs and focus their use on area denial…
  8. Saddly RoF medium are papercraft, so a list with 3 medium squadrons and only 1 large model in a 1250pts game has very little chance to win... Furieux are not bad, but for the price of 2 you may have a Tourbillon who whill live longer and have much more impact on the game ! Same for the marseilles : for the same price a full gun magenta with cloud generator will last far longer on the table and put more damage on ennemy fleet...
  9. Hi all ! I add a few thing to the wishlist : - a new system for SAS (faster and more "reallistic") - a new moral rules (I don't like the 1D3 AP/HP loss rule to recover from disorder status) - give back splitfire option for SAS ! 15AD of bomb against a single frigate is just stupid. A squadron of bombers attacking a group of frigates will naturally distribute themselves among differents targets. - change the MAR attached to volley gun to make really different from other specialized weapons. Remove Redoutable but add "this weapon ignores Small Target, Ellusive Target and Difficult Target MAR on target", add "Air Hunter +1", and keep "high angle". And why not also allow AA to be used against surface targets (which is a reallistic use of this kind of weapons) with a special rule giving DR cause 1AP loss and CR cause 1AP+1HP. This would enable fighter to hunt down tiny models and strafe small targets and give larger models an addition weapons a short range.
  10. Should I buy a second Annapolis ? I agree, Annapolis is just a beast ! But back to the initial question : in a dreadless battle, do FSA have an acceptable front line naval large or is it better to forget completly large naval brawlers and only play support style large models ?
  11. I had a very bad oppinion about the liberty, but during my last 5 game with FSA I try to field the basic version with rocket and no shield. And very surprisingly it fight very well every time ! I used it in a activation-heavy list (with at least a savannah, and most of the time an additional saratoga) and keep it at the rear of my fleet and screened by a medium squadron. This way he proves really efficient against Medium squadron (the 2 turrets with sustained fire 3 and punishing gunnery are really terrific against mediums) and do not receive too much fire in return.
  12. As far as I know, yes, really ! ;o) Have a look on p88/pdf : armor MAR definition...
  13. About Ablative armor vs repair action : Ablative armor is an "Amour MAR", so the bonus is only granted to model against "targeted attackes". As a friendly boarding action is not a "targeted attack", so the DR/CR bonus does not apply.
  14. I play a lot of "old models" and really enjoy them ! Magenta is one of the best Battleship in the game and the different configurations are really effectives in their mission (Full gun skimmer for long range support and Mk2 with heat-lance for aggressive close-in tactics). Marseille are nice models but IHMO overpriced for a model who die so quickly Ecuyer is a very good support cruiser for RoF large/massive and I play one in nearly all games. As full squadron, it's more difficult to use efficiently, and Dieppe are often more efficient (except against heavy rocket and/or airfoce forces).
  15. Every defense MAR are now replaced by number of dice in red/blue defense pool... so nobody really lost its toughtness, it's just simulated by another (and simplier / more generic) system.
  16. Local air support is not 2 free squadrons, it is up to 10 wings that can be arranged in squadrons of 3 to 5 wings and is desired a single recon wing. So you can do one of the following config : 5+5 / 5+4+1 / 4+3+3 / 3+3+3+1
  17. Yes you can shoot 1 once each of your weapons in every firing phase, as long as you have relevant target in the tight fire arc and range.
  18. Here is my humble oppinion about the question (sorry to desagree with you on a few point Anthony) : About wavelurker : - AA and CC are not halved when wavelurking. - Incoming shots without "sub killer" get a -1 to hit. Ablative armor / repair action : Ablative armor is an "Amour MAR", so the bonus is only granted to model against "targeted attackes". As a friendly boarding action is not a "targeted attack", so the DR/CR bonus does not apply.
  19. Not ok, as p107(pdf), it is stated : "Upon placing an Island, the Water Major Surface directly beneath its footprint changes to become the Land Major Surface"
  20. I really don't read the same thing...
  21. The same as an Ika in a land game with no water on the table : straight to scrapyard ! (joke : I don't think there is any rule for this... )
  22. Universal fortification (tower and bunker complex mainly) can be place on any major surface (water or land). If placed on land, you cannot place them ontop of terrain feature impassable for armor model, and if placed on water surface you cannot place it on terrain feature that is impassable for naval model. About island, the fact is that an island change the terrain surface type from water to land under it, so a fortification can be put on an island ! Sanbar and reef doesn't change the type of surface (stile water) but are not impassable for naval model, so tower can be placed on to of them.
  23. You're right Soltan, I though the "high angle" MAR was more common among the mortar weapon... bad memory ! probably they used to be...
  24. They can't fire at aerial targets at RB1 except if they have the "high angle" MAR, which is the case for most of them...
  25. It's not easy except when you cross an enemy squadron : you stop one of your ship between each enemy ship and then you can fire (and link by pairs) nearly all your fixed channel broasides ! (and for uwatsu also link the turrets !!!)
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