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  1. JJMicromegas

    Which Kurak Alliance Carrier

    Thanks for the responses and for the clarification. The only issue I see with the Onnisha is that the only escorts available are Cruisers at 60pts each, this seems like a disadvantage in lower point games but I could be wrong.
  2. Hello, I have a core fleet box of Hawker Industries and I have supplemented it with the Veydreth Prowler Gunships, two Veydreth Hunter Class Destroyers and the Ganak Battleship. Most of these decisions were based off of aesthetics. Now I am looking to expand and get a Carrier and trying to decide on which one to go with. The Ryushi carriers are a natural selection, however only the Battle Carrier is available and they can only be escorted by Cruisers which makes the box set quite expensive if one is playing a 600-800 pt match. The other options are the regular carriers from Hawker and Ryushi, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. JJMicromegas

    2014 February Releases - Battle cruisers!

    I checked FB and the Blog can someone let me know where the pics are? Thanks
  4. JJMicromegas

    Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries

    I have a quick question, I noticed that the ship stats for the Alliance of Kurak are posted in the download section along with the other six core fleets. Are these the final stats or are we expecting revised versions of these? Thanks
  5. JJMicromegas

    FSA New player questions

    Hello, I currently play DW occasionally and have avoided FSA because it seemed like a very similar system except set in space. With the pending release of v2 my interest has piqued and I wanted to ask a few questions: 1. From an aesthetic point of view I like the new Hawker Industries ships, will the two Alliances (Kurak and Zenian) be independent factions by the time of v2 or will they still have to be paired up with one of the main fleets? Will the rules regarding fleet composition change? 2. Will v2 be released as a pdf (either for free or for a charge) or is the printed rulebook the only way to obtain it. 3. Will there be further expansions to the Hawker Industries ships or will I have to pair them up with other alliance models to get a full fledged force. My backup option is the Aquan Prime. Thanks in advance.
  6. JJMicromegas

    Going from starter box to 1000 pts

    Hello, I have the RoF starter and also picked up the Couronne Carrier, this puts me at about 810 points and I'd like to scale my force up to 1000 pts. I was wondering what would be good options. - New Attack Flotilla - this box is tempting but I'd like some more variety and don't need that many models. Is this a must have? - Toulonne - now that the toulonne can be fielded with three models is this a good option. - Ecuyer + Air ship - my other option was to get some Ecuyer's and then pick up an airship to win establish air superiority but still have a naval core. I've only played 2-3 games of DW so I am still a relatively new player. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  7. JJMicromegas


    Hello, I will be relocating to London in early July and I am also looking for some DW players near Central London. I thought I would do some thread necomancy and find out if any more groups had popped up in the area since last year? JJ

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