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  1. I lost 70% of my fleet after a chain of magazine explosions in the first turn of a game. I was Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth playing against Free Australia (NZ themed). Merlins critted a Grom in turn one rolling snake eyes. I'd tightly grouped all my crusiers nearby all of them got critted another magazine explosion was rolled, then another all of them died. Game set match. So yeah freak accident. Was awesome though. The rule(s including the flare) can create situations that insanely swing the game but that's all part of the fun imo. Makes it more cinematic.
  2. Played a list running one of each in a tournament a few weeks ago. Here are my thoughts: 1. Terror Kannon is cool. The Khatanga is still better overall but this is a good option, a nice point and click style weapon - kind of a Borodino 2.0... 2. The boarding ship looks awesome. But in 5 games it got prized in 4 of them. 1 of those prizings was my fault, I'll own up to that. I rushed the ship forward too fast and tried a boarding action that I shouldn't have. Of the other 3 times though twice it was at full strength and with a full compliment of marines on board and the last time it had just prized a battleship and was subsequently prized by some smalls. Its a hard ship to play effectively if you want to board with it. You need to be 100% sure it won't be counter-boarded, or boarded period. It can't defend itself that well against boarding with low AA, it has a healthy compliment but not great compared to a squadron of smalls or mediums. So yeah. The boarding aspect i don't think is great currently. Maybe with the changes - reducing the power of multiple boarding parties - in 2.5 this will be better but at the moment isn't great for this purpose in my experience. The broadsides are good and the 12 inch ice berg gen is amazing, and makes the iceberg gen really effective for shaping the board a bit. I had 2 other larges with mimics which was good when that came off. Anyhoo, those are my thoughts on these two. Love the models. The Mk I gets my vote for the best of the 2 though.
  3. Sorry about the link thanks Soltan for putting the right one in there. My opponent had played the devastating barrage tac card, which I had let through, rather than cancel *sigh* in hindsight it was a mistake. @Lord Nobody,I know! It's only polite, surely. @Presidente if only he'd provided the vas up front, may have hurt less Hehehe
  4. A report from one my games from a recent...ish... tournament in Australia. PLC vs NZ. It had all the makings of a great tight match, but then.... https://wordpress.com/post/element270.wordpress.com/2205
  5. Hey Lurking Vanguard, The Dystopian tournament only goes for one day, Sunday June 12th, as part of the larger BADGA Con which runs over the whole long weekend. The image comes up blurry for me too, hopefully Brad will link to the doc. Keep an eye on the Dystopian Wars Australia and Element270 facebook pages as updates will be posted there too. Cheers, Ewen
  6. So its been a long, long time since I've posted stuff up, had a bit of a break from painting for a little while but now I'm getting back on the horse! or Bomber as the case may be... Coming up this weekend I'm participating in the Shepparton Miniatures Gamer Tournament which should be awesome. Last year I was lucky enough to score an Esmerelda Mieszko Valkyries Fury. Which was awesome. So I've finally painted it and I figured it'd be auspicious to post up pics as a way of wish her Polish compatriots luck in the games ahead. So here we go:
  7. lord flash heart

    VF Side

    From the album: WIP

  8. lord flash heart

    VF Front

    From the album: WIP

  9. lord flash heart

    VF Top

    From the album: WIP

  10. lord flash heart

    VF Bottom

    From the album: WIP

  11. Strictly speaking though, while Esmerelda herself is Polish, the Valkyries Fury is a merc unit. If i remember the backstory correctly the Russians killed her parents and she wouldn't fight directly for the PLC while the two countries were allied - although there is no prohibition on them hiring her... In terms of adjustments the Triglav is the key thing that needs work. Used it a few times and it dies quick! Other than that i'll just be interested to see what happens
  12. Thanks Bolstrood, Slick. Yeah you could go mad trying to pick out all the little details in each model. I agree Big Mac's fleet look really good, the matte grey sort of look is a nice variation on the white. Your Borodinosaur looks great. Contrasting hull with the prow and superstructure really makes it pop. Very nice.
  13. Next project is the Harbour and Landing Field sets which I won a few weeks ago the Shepparton Dystopian Wars Tournament. Looking forward to getting into these for something a little different.
  14. Finished my second Zamiec. Changed a few minor things from the first one. Can't wait to field two of these majestic mother-f'ers! I've included a few comparison shots with the old one.
  15. lord flash heart

    20151105 234218

    From the album: WIP

  16. lord flash heart

    20151105 234034

    From the album: WIP

  17. lord flash heart

    20151105 233956

    From the album: WIP

  18. lord flash heart

    side view

    From the album: WIP

  19. Here are the completed PLC land units. The land guys I do red as opposed to the blue for aerial and darker blue for naval. The Rarog Perun The new guys with the a tank and szpada Rarog compared to the Russian Belgorod
  20. lord flash heart

    PLC/RC comparison

    From the album: WIP

  21. lord flash heart


    From the album: WIP

  22. lord flash heart


    From the album: WIP

  23. lord flash heart


    From the album: WIP

  24. That looks awesome! The Belgorod drop on looks really cool, gives the whole ship a very different feel. You're right about the detail there is so much in all these ships. The decking looks great too, very natural. I just finished a couple of PLC units so will post pics soon
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