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  1. Hi guys Has anyone ever seen or made a convoy defense naval scenario for Dystopian wars, that was balanced (attacker and defender had roughly the same chance to win)? Convoy defense is a very attractive topic for a naval battle in DW, but inherently there is some imbalance in the scenario (attacker vs defender, not two equal opponents). So I am thinking about how might such a scenario be balanced for both sides to have reasonably similar chances to win. Of course it is not possible to balance this completely (with different nations etc.) but at least in general. Only "balanced" ones I have seen so far are scenarios where both sides have some convoy ships and have to protect them while at the same time hunting the enemy convoy. This strikes me as very unlikely from fluffy point of view; much more likely one side would be escorting and other one raiding. I will appreciate any opinion you might share for this issue.
  2. I am little bit confused about how pre turn TAC cards should work, according the the latest FAQ. How does cancelling work? I can only cancel enemy card with the card on the table, if its value is high enough. So only the second player to reveal the card can actually cancel? Because the first player reveals card, it is considered played. Then the second player reveals card and he can decide whether to play his card or cancel with it, is that correct? Also about value, is it not possible, in pre turn phase, to cancel with several cards at once like normal? Because if you can only use one card to cancel in preturn, it is directly contradicted by question 5. Why is Espionage card expempt from all these rules?
  3. Very interesting thought, BuckDharma. I have not played with my Uhlan very much, but I will consider fielding them a couple of times and find use for them.
  4. I have almost 4000 points of prussians [possibly more, as I am completing my hochmeister now] and I would love to put it all on the table and have the game finished without taking all day and night and possibly another week. So yeah, I am looking forward to these rules. I will probably not stop playing the regular DW games, but it would be nice to have a chance for truly epic clash of fleets.
  5. Hi guys Could one of you tell me what the general playstyle of Polish is? My guess is, after quick look at the ORBAT, close in quickly with the opponent, start some fires with plentifull incindieary and flamethrowers and then board, is that correct? Any special tricks up polish sleeves?
  6. The stats are almost identical (one major difference - new one is noncapital), but there is one issue you must consider - point cost. Stats might be the same, but since the price is lower, the unit is worth including. I user three rievers in 2.0 all the time, with battlecruiser they are my most favourite mediums. They are nice all rounders - decent shooting, lots of weapons to wreck squads of smalls (noncapital helps here), good AP to board, good move, low point cost - I mean why would you not include them?
  7. Regarding this tournament, is there any chance minor nations will get an update before the end of the next week? That is the deadline we originaly set for the lists, so we would have time to check all of the lists. But if at all possible, we would like to let the participants use the latest ORBATS if at all possible. So what is the plan for release of minor nations?
  8. PE vs Republic of France 1000 points Crushing victory for PE.
  9. Should Coeus have multipurpose MAR that would allow it to be played on water as well on land? My guess is it should have this MAR, since it is supplied with land and with water base AND all other dreadnought robots have it. Could I get an official ruling here please? Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else, I could not find it. If so, please provide a link.
  10. 1000 points, PE (me) vs Italians (non-member), result is pure draw. Absolute massacre among his larges and basically everything in my army (except for HBB). Italian battlecruiser is evil!
  11. I must say I used metzger from time to time before orbat change (did not play any games after so far) and had success with it. I point it at a good target during deply and get moving, firing at best target that presents itself. It has good shooting (not great) and is really fine fire magnet. It rarely gets to close combat, but allows my other squadrons to do enough damage to pay it off. Also it is good way to plant lightning rods and to use them. Actually one of my best lists had two metzgers and a sturmbringer.
  12. It’s not that hard, since most of the dice are simply exploding. Heavy dice are, of the top of my head - AA vs SAS (except for Russians), shield generator vs. torpedoes and rockets. Then there is possibility of something getting downgraded (if exploding dice need 7s to hit) - I have not encountered it so far. Normal dice - I think those are things where exploding does not make much sense, like rolls for certain generators (tesla etc.), repair rolls, critical hit rolls etc. I think those are the rolls where counting number of successes does not make much sense.
  13. So the last game of our beer and pretzel minitournament (I am the awfull guy with three carriers - in my defense, I would never think this to be such a powerfull fleet, I just wanted to try it). So the only game not mentioned here yet was PE vs submarine KoB 1000 points, clear victory for PE. almost every SAS was torpedo bomber (and each reloaded at least once), still the game was really tough, the only way to damage subs for me turned out to be torpedo bombers, not even sub killer speerschleuders did not manage to do one point of damage. Luckily I managed to prize the big submarine (Vengence?), which gave me enough points to win.
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