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  1. No roughing of the acrylic. I used a very light coat of PVA glue.
  2. Yep. Glue them on top of the base. You will need to puncture holes for flight stands.
  3. So, if i understand you correctly, because I think a torpedo should be able to find it's way around the ship that fired it (as well as navigating around planets and weave through asteroid fields), I am in the same camp as people that deny the Earth is a sphere and that every ship/weapon in the game should be the same? Thanks, bro. Just pointing out that it is pretty silly and difficult to imagine as anything more than a rule and inhibits immersion.
  4. Archeantus

    Printed Bases

    In the past I had some people request the art for the bases I used on my Terran fleet. Here you go. Also the PDF includes Dindrenzi styled bases that I never used. Enjoy. Vector art is preserved so you can edit them in Illustrator. https://www.dropbox.com/s/600lx8r8ptz9y4j/FSA-bases.pdf?dl=0
  5. I'll toss in my 2 bits here. I feel that the only useful information I can contribute is the reasons I stopped playing and sold my fleet. Maybe it will help or maybe FSA just wasn't the game for me in the end. 1. Too many exploding dice. It was a novelty at first but now I don't care for the randomness of it. I realize that this is just a part of the game and I probably should have picked a different game. 2. Small ships squads are useless after loosing 1 or 2 models. They should be able to combine with like small ship squads at will (respecting group limits) or perhaps dice from large ships just don't explode on frigates or something. Near the end, I only ever took smalls because I had to and i took the bare minimum. 3. Drive-by mine attacks are overpowered. Period. If you are not running over top of enemy squads dropping mines in the middle of them, then you are playing Aquans wrong. Mines need some sort of limitation or counter. 4. I can fire my torpedoes around a planetoid, through an asteroid field, and between other ships in the enemy fleet and hit my target, but.... only if the target is in my starboard arc? Really? Those torps can dance around asteroids and planets but can't make the right-hand turn from the fore tubes? 5. Comets... Comets... If we are marketing to 8-10 year-old boys then, OK, comets. But really? My crew can't see that coming from light years away with standard sensors and just, real subtle like, move the ship? 6. This is purely cosmetic but I never liked the discrepancy in scale between planets and the ship models. I would much rather have a planet be the backdrop to the battle than an enormously disproportionate piece of terrain.
  6. FYI - I asked Spartan this a few weeks back: My group needs clarification in regards to the mine placement rules: " A model can place a Mine at any point during the Movement Segment of its activation, anywhere within its Aft arc of fire and 4" of its Flight Peg." 1. Can the mine be placed on top of a terrain piece such as a planetoid or comet? 2. Can the mine be placed on the flight base of another model? 3. If "at any point during the Movement Segment" of a model's activation, the active player wishes to place a mine but at that point in the model's movement, said model cannot be placed on the table in order to measure 4" from the flight peg (for example, there are intervening models), can the mine still somehow be placed in that location or must the activating model pause its movement in a "legal" position to place a mine? (see example image) ​Directorate Destroyer A wishes to place a mine in the location indicated by the mine marker. However, Destroyer A does not "fit" on the table anywhere in range of the mine marker along its desired flight path. In this example can the phrase "at any point during the Movement Segment of its activation, anywhere within its Aft arc of fire and 4" of its Flight Peg" be interpreted as "at any location along its movement path that was, at some point during its Movement Segment of its activation, within its Aft arc of fire and 4" of its Flight Peg" OR can the mine simply not be legally placed in that location? Here was the reply from Neil: Hi Matt, 1) No 2) No 3) Yes - if in the case of a Squadron (such as the Directorate Destroyers shown), the mine placement must be a point that ALL the ships could legally have placed the mine if they wish to link. The phrasing “at any point during the movement segment” specifically allow the mine to be laid at any point - as long as it can be shown that this is the case, the mine may be placed. Cheers, Neil
  7. GAJO Games 9420 S. Union Square Sandy, Utah 84070 Phone: 801-563-5956 stock level: high FSA every other Friday night.
  8. Alternatively the new objective set coming out soon will include mechanics for more random chance in the game.
  9. Got wrecked again today by aquan mines. Tried to spread out to reduce mine effectiveness against me but that only left a ship in each squad out of PD link range I focused down the cruisers but they still got a great mine drop on me before i could reduce them below effectiveness with the carrier that I added to the list. But that didnt make a dent in the mine dropping department. Everything my opponent had on the table barring frigates drops mines; at no less than 4 each. I conceded again when my carrier with 2 damage and my BB with 7 damage were surrounded by mines. They could not move without detonating at least 4 mines, all 7-9 AD. I have nothing I can do to counter this yet. I'm terran and i have to get in close to win. But getting in close results in a minefield bonanza every time. I don;t think mines are a problem. Aquans moving THAT fast with minimal turn limit with THAT much mine power is giving me grief. So, spreading out the fleet is what i tried this time but that made me more vulnerable to torpedo fire. Remaking my list with a carrier helped a little but not much. Trying destroyers next.
  10. Weeeeeeee. To be fair it's something I haven't adapted my play style to yet. I anticipate the cruiser bombing run yes, but i've not actively done much to counter it. I keep making the same mistake of running right into its open arms. And there is no blanket solution for it. Each race has to counter it differently. I doubt that renzi have much trouble with it as they can snipe the cruiser squad at range. Terran may have to be a bit more creative as they are close quarters fighters. I appreciate all of these comments and they've calmed me down a bit. Lets be level headed and not call for a change in the core rules as a knee-jerk reaction (guilty here). That is an absolute last resort. Next steps: Let's all report constructively things we find in gameplay that work well to counter the alleged OP mines (again guilty here of calling them OP). I'll start. In another thread it was proposed to me to toss some Artemis destroyers on the table and focus fire on those chironex. I'll try that and report back.
  11. Clearly you have never been on the receiving end of a Chironex "bombing run". It's devastating and hardly situational. You number 2 point is a VERY effective tactic; not just placing mine in front of a squad, but right in the middle of them.
  12. DO NOT use brake fluid on resin. I successfully turned a battleship to rubber like that.
  13. Vallejo paints. Sadly, I can't find washes that perform better than the citadel washes.
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