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  1. Personally, I would allow the SRS fighters 'not mandatory' to return to base. This will permit more use of the fighters by hiding them behind asteroid fields for exemple, or simply waiting at a strategic point. And it make sense; - The bombers need to resupply after a torpedo attack, so they must return to base. - The assault crafts launched all their troops and need to come back. - The interceptors need to stay close to the vessels they are protecting.
  2. - more starboard / port - resistance mars dedicated to ships....just like the directorate - adding the retractable plating to some primal ship...like the battleship * theses will help getting Sorylian into a brawler position
  3. I tend to think that the escort carriers should have 4 wings each instead of 2. Reason? - They're mostly obsolete if you bring just one to the table. Some other ships have more wings without the carrier designation - They lack firepower and this should compensate for having a bit more wings. - Having a squadron of 3 escort carriers managing 12 wings is a interesting idea, where they will surely represent a real threat to the ennemy.
  4. The ships look awsome! I asked the inclusion of light cruisers a while ago. Spartan respond with a great idea! I wonder now, if we will see a dual box; relthoza vs sorylian just like the return of the overseer, I was expecting something like that to happen soon. But that doesnt seem to be the case. Anyhow, they will have to come out with new ship type that doesnt fall under redondency. For exemple, the Sorylian now have a second class of gunship.
  5. Directorate is a great winner with the most varied ships with the aquans.
  6. Hello guys, just to let you know a kickstarter about mats production is running at the moment. 2 space mats are avalaible. Go and check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/894915348/kraken-mat-a-gaming-mat-for-tabletop-wargames/comments
  7. Well...I just take a look at it and 'retractable plating' actualy lock one weapon system. No information about arc of fire. 'During the Command Segment of its Activation, a model with Retractable Plating must declare whether its Plating is Extended or Retracted. If Retracted, there is no additional effect, if Extended the model’s DR and CR are increased by ONE, but it CANNOT use the listed Weapon System. A model can deploy with its Plating Extended.' rulebook page 96
  8. Retractable plating is the way to go. As I said earlier; + makes the Sorylian more unique in their ways + add a great fun factor playing with this mars: you decide when retracting them or not (just like the cloacking field) + give a chance to get into a brawler-like position without been to much damage....especially for the BBs. + no more mandatory to use the shunt action to get the BB close to combat scene. On a side note I wonder if it should be add to the fore arc as well as on the starboard, port arc of fire. Getting into a combat like position means the ship will still get hit hard on the fore arc before it happens.
  9. Since Battle for Valhalla 2 years ago, they come out with Return of the Overseer last december. So I'm expecting a box for Sorylian, vs Relthoza soon enoug.Let cross our fingers.
  10. I was in the impression that a box about Sorylian vs Relthoza was to come out in december just like they did with Dtrectorate vs Aquan. But there is none. Someone knows if there is somethng in planned for January?
  11. You guys are talking about givng simple stats like +1 hp or +1 dr or cr. I tend to think that the Sorylian need a deeper flavour that will inhense the distinction from the other fleets. Just like the Relthoza or Terrans or Aquan who have their own defense system, the sorylian need one that will be use across the fleet, not just one or two ships. The best mars that I can think of and goes well with the fluff is 'retractable plating'. Sorylian are well known for their well design ship; using cylindrical shape that reduce the potential of high damage inflicted against them. 'Retractable plating' is also a proactive defensive ability where the player decide to use it or not.....just like the cloaking technology. There is a 'fun factor' here where the player is making a decision. The drawback of this is this technology is that they can't use their weapons system while protected. Well, we all know to well that one of the big problem they are facing is the fact that some ships have hard time getting into a combat-like position without been to much damage. Something that the Relthoza can actually do extremaly well (claocking + stealth systems). Thinking that some ships need to be brought to the table by using the shunt action is very limited. It means that in every games you play with or agasint the Sorylian,the shunt action will be use, that become very predictable and not very fun. Lets face it: + need a better differentiation from the other main fleets + 'retarctable plating' isnt use by any other main fleets + Even if it is use by the Ba'Kash, there is no rule saying you can't use it either. Aquan has 'difficult target' while the work Raptor already has it' + Will help getting some ships in a combat-like postition + 'retractable plating' is a defensive system which player make a proactive decision to use it or not.....this increase the fun factor + will make the shunt action a tactic rather then mandatory + Ok some squadron have more ship then the usual,,,but Aquan too and they have difficult target. Just to remind you: 'retractable plating' give a +1 DR, +1 CR while being unable to use any weapon system. See of this problem form a general aspect.across the fleets not ajust focus on one ship or another.
  12. Imo, they need a better flavour. A strategic action that bringn the 'fun factor' to their uses. Just like the Relthoza which we can play with the cloaking mechanism or the Terrans that get a high shield value, I would see the Sorylian getting the 'retractable plating' where they can benefit from having a +1 DR and CR while they get close and personnal. Then open up their lazer batteries and start to shoot at everything in their way. The sole purpose of bingning the battleship from reserve all the time makes the game less entertained and more predictable for the oppponents. Just like any other factions Sorylians need multiple tactics. Fluff-wise, 'retractable plating' goes well with the sorylian cylindrical war ship design,
  13. Christar

    Kurgan's Fleets

    Your fleets are very beautifull. Nice color scheme on the Aquans. Nice details on the works raptor!
  14. I just had an idea for a new class of cruiser for the relthozan. An idea that follow the concept of the sullis for the Aquan but this time adapt to the relthozan. We know the Relthozan are the master of the battleshunt action. They could easily design a ship capable of shunt distorsion. In that case any ennemy ship that shunt in to close of theses cruisers would have more chance of getting negative result according to the shunt entry table. Also, the shunt in action is move to 16'' instead of 8''.
  15. The last couple of games that i've played, my opponents tooks the minimum number of frigates required according to the fleet building tables. Preferring to spend their points to tier 1 or 2 ships. Using this technique there fleet were more efficicent than ever and start to win the games a lot. The frigates at their maximum size per squadron still die easily....even with difficut target. By reading some of the topics here in the forum, some of you mentioned that using the shunt deloyment action is the way to go to make the frigates interesting to play with. Is that the only option avalaible? I start to wonder if the squadron of frigate should be 1 size larger to make them more viable from the start until the end of the game. Any thoughts on this?
  16. for defending itself against fleet invasion. Only good in FA . Could be something like this: General information: Planet name: System name: Population: (number): Combat information: Any SRS? Military infantry + vehicle: AP number Anti-ship gun: in AD Any other information that could be useful in a fight. Think about some sci-fi movies...... This idea could also be the foundation of a new scenario. Planet invasion
  17. When saying the ships may be repurposed, is this for accomodating people who only play firestorm armada via planetfall or is for a different approach? My other question is: is there rules for planet invasion without actualy playing planetfall? Like planet who could have their own stats?
  18. Good build! I always see an issue when it comes to choose some build combo. Especially between stealth system and beam weapons. When the ship stay away from RB2, (20'') the ship will benefit from using stealth system but will lack is most powerfull attack. On the other hand, if you get close to a target and reach 20'' you loose the stealth system mars but gain your most powerfull attack. In that case, it is difficult to find a perfect sniper like ship....which of course I would like get.
  19. Personally, I do not own planetfall. I'm more interest to know how exactly those fleets will work in FA. How a planet invasion system will work? What's the mechanic? Does each planet will have stats the represent a defensive grid (big lazer canon, SRS, etc?
  20. @Magarch: what have you choose as hardpoints and upgrades to make a sniper style vessel?
  21. 2 battlecruisers for the Sorylian fleet instead of 1 assault carrier like the others. Humm.....I wonder what does that means?
  22. Players: Cold_Fusion / PDL Points: 1000 Scenario: 1 Border Clash Factions: Dindrenzi / Terran Battle Log Score: -3 / 2
  23. Well, the other day I had a game at 900 points and honestly I had hard time choosing which squadrons to take. I was tinking between two different ways to build up my fleet. Either I go with the maximum number of squadrons but with low number of hardpoints and upgrades or filling up squadrons by planning a lots of options. Well I came up with the idea that if the light cruisers were part of the game I could have fulfill my second thought...which of course I didint. Long story to say that I thing the light cruisers would have their place in the game....especially in low points (800 or lower) games.
  24. Players: Cold_Fusion / PDLC Points: 900 Scenario: 1 Border Clash Factions: Dindrenzi / Terran Battle Log Score: -2 / 12
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