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    Phant Mastik got a reaction from Charley in Modelling (and rules) question - what's an interphase generator?   
    The rules are in the Empire ORBAT and a picture of the generator is on the DW site under Guides.
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    Phant Mastik reacted to c2k in Why Dystpopian Wars is heading for sales failure   
    Well, new orbats were posted and it involves the generators being re-worded and now costing a flat +10 pt swap.  Buffed Magnetic and Repulsion; weakened Fury and Atomic.  Shield stayed the same.   They changed some of the faction generators, and removed some generics generators as well.  (Commonwealth no longer gets Repulsion Generators :sadface:)
    I am uncertain of what to make of the Shroud Generator.  They also reworded it that the attacker can ignore the ship as the Initial Target.  The rules haven't been been updated, but I speculate they are going to change how Initial Targets are chosen and maybe they are introducing screening. 
    I will reiterate my point from an earlier post that I wish orbat changes were announced in some way.  They don't have to go into detail, just a "Hey, we updated the rules to these factions". 
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    Phant Mastik reacted to Captaincandle in Why Dystpopian Wars is heading for sales failure   
    I'm going to caveat this post by saying I'm annoyed that I saw VERY similar stats across nations on this topic, and found it easy to generalise. This swings back round to my OP about lack of substance differences between nations, and it seems it also extends to something like boarding. Very disappointing. There were two actual standouts: Prussia was solid at boarding, Antarticans weak as all merry hell (please avoid boarding if you can... acknowledging they are mainly a mid-short range nation). But yeah, very little differences otherwise. In assaults it might be good to avoid too much difference, I don't know. It would likely be something I accept if the rest of the game didn't have the same issue.

    OK, I've sat down to look at Assaults across the different factions and in ~70% of cases assaults are a bad idea. There are a whole bunch of caveats in this topic, because what opponent you assault and when has a pretty drastic impact on how likely you will be to cause damage. Generally, a rule of thumb is unless you are Prussian, specifically a mass 1 unit that is still full with voltaic weapons, don't assault capital ships. It's got to be the one thing capital ships are actually good at doing (sadly because boarding is one of those rarely used tools because it is tactically opportunistic in nature, outside of a Prussian lightning assault unit using speed to close) but ultimately, the math speaks for itself, they are insanely hard to overcome when boarding, even when crippled. Cruisers are more achievable for a dedicated boarding group with full vessels, but when looking at averages for roles, a capital ship will struggle to overwhelm a cruiser meaningfully without repeated boarding attempts and being slower there is basically no way to keep that 4" range easily for more than one turn. Other cruisers are extremely high priority for gunnery fire when closing, so are unlikely to be at full strength when finally manoeuvring every ship into 4" of another cruiser (which feels pretty weak given you can be sure you're giving up good firing arcs just do do a few points of damage.... however if the unit has a decent combined broadside this might be viable as a way to kill a cruiser). Destroyers probably overall have the best chances of both boarding other destroyers or other sized vessels. Even here, they are barely scrapping in a point of two on average (except against another destroyer they will average kill it comfortably if all 6 are in 4 " of it but good luck manoeuvring into that mess of a formation). Again, Prussians with voltaic weapons on average have a much better time of this and I could legit recommend as an action you are intending to take in your planning. Whether you have +1's or +2's from rules can skew your unit into decent territory for boarding (pack hunter or lightning assault are two examples). 

    Overall, Assault is quite weak, but opportunistically potentially OK. The issue is partly the on-paper numbers of dice... Citadels are just so high that the base pool plus support plus your highest defence dice pool is just way too high to meaningfully overcome unless you got the whole squadron in range. Even a destroyer is rocking an average of 11 dice in defence plus support ships...  This hits the tactical problem of it's actually really hard to do this in the field. You SHOULD be prioritising maximal range firepower. That's not to say that opportunities don't present themselves to squeeze out a bit more efficiency through a boarding, and I encourage that kind of adaptable tactical thinking, but the units best suited for boarding get pretty clustered around a target and unless you are VERY careful in your planning (and even then, the chaos of a human making unusual decisions will regularly throw you) you'll be blocking shots through your own models a lot of the time. 

    However, this all assumes the most optimal opportunity for attacker and defender. There will be cases where your full cruiser squadron is passing a lone cruiser and not firing in those arcs (as an example). Here, assuming you didn't interfere with your gunnery, it MIGHT be a good idea to board it with all three cruisers (one main, two support). You're dice are still VERY close to the line, and it's a risk. in raw numbers in the cruiser category (ignoring the Prussians for a moment) the Commonwealth and the Empire had some of the highest average numbers in cruiser assault dice, and that average was 12... in defence, across the board, you can expect cruisers to be somewhere in the 13 dice category in the are alone and un-crippled. That's doable but risky, especially when factoring in card options. You know what you have, but not your opponent so if you don't have a re-roll card in hand, it's pretty risky and honestly, it feels dumb to blow a re-roll card on a boarding action like that unless you are desperate (I've done it in desperation, still feels bad, usually means I'm losing badly too so it's unlikely to ****** me the game). 

    Now there are occasionally times when you can make a unit look great at boarding on paper (the cryo cruiser for the Russians comes to mind).  Beware angling towards that given how rare boarding is. I would always recommend look at the output of the unit over a game, not in a single instance (unless that instance is insanely decisive in nature). It's very very very easy to craft a scenario where a unit may be good, but think if that scenario is likely, easy to engineer on the table and regular in games. If the answer was no to most or all of those, that means it's probably not a good tactic or unit (depending on what you are assessing).  There were some genuine standouts in the Prussian navy, and they can consistently board safely and reliably (that second one being the most important). I think boarding needs some tweaking, but the mechanic itself is actually really good, and gives a sense of fire and steel when you roll up next to a unit and give them cold steel. If it was a more reliable tool I might try and reach for it outside of opportunistic scenarios. I'm lucky, I've played a lot of my games as Prussians, so I knew the feel of assault well from their angle, and they are legitimately good at it... but sometimes manoeuvring into position can be a mess and result in problems with gunnery. 
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    Phant Mastik reacted to Captaincandle in Why Dystpopian Wars is heading for sales failure   
    I also want to highlight that waiting for the rules doesn't bother me. I'm not going to get into the specifics of whether it was the best business move to beta, because I truly donb't know, I have nothing to base that on, so I trust Warcradle did the right thing by them. I also don't expect this to be perfect straight out of the gates. I can see the team making this game are dedicated and genuinely honest about their intent to make a great game. I have no concerns here at all. But I can understand the pressure constant social media apply's to teams today; the sky-high expectations of quality, timeframe and cost, resulting in unrealistically achievable goals for the designers. I just want to say I'm happy to wait, and more than happy to discuss. Perhaps my words above are too harsh, or perhaps they are right on the money, I can only highlight what I perceive to be as systemic problems that concern me... But I don't want them to sound like I'm just bashing the designers who are "idiots" or "people who can't see the simple truth". This stuff is bloody hard work, and I acknowledge that. I'm happy to wait for good content, as a fan to the devs, I've seen good attitude and intention, and that counts for WAY more than it may seem.
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    Phant Mastik got a reaction from Captaincandle in First impressions   
    As far as I can remember, the faction differences were addressed  by the players during the BETA. This should have been enough time to manage it. Getting the models out first, is just a cheap excuse.
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    Phant Mastik got a reaction from Captaincandle in Why Dystpopian Wars is heading for sales failure   
    First of all, I did not play a game of DW3.0 yet, so I can't tell what it feels like. But reading the rules and ORBATS, I do not see great differences between the factions and their available weaponry and shooting seems to be much more deadly than in older editions of the game. But this is just a concern I have from reading the rules...
    What I don't understand in your remarks is the ramming and the torpedo shooting thing. Why can't the subs ram a normal ship (s. "Ramming" on p.29)? And how can you shoot your torpedoes over land (s. p.34 "Land:")?
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    Phant Mastik reacted to Skilledou in Dystopian Wars V3 Tournament - September the 11th and 12th - South of France   
    We are pleased to announce what we will organise our first V3 Dystopian Wars tournament in the south of France, in september the 11th and 12th.
    It will be a 4 games (2 saturday and 2 sunday), and 1000 pts. 
    The T3 Tournament is up : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=28061
    The rules will be up in a few days. 
    Good game to everyone. 
    Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que nous allons organiser notre 1er tournoi Dystopian Wars V3, les 11 et 12 septembre prochain dans le sud de la France. 
    Ce sera 4 parties de 1000 pts, (2 samedi et 2 dimanche) . 
    Le lien T3 est ici : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=28061
    Le règlement sera en ligne dans quelques jours. 
    Bon jeu à tous. 

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    Phant Mastik reacted to Captaincandle in Faction playsyles   
    Well, not even the guns are meaningfully different. I'm pretty against the over-simplification of guns for this reason. That and Battleships are utterly pathetic which really makes me sad...
    Well, Russians have railguns which are OK, and all ships get to minus 1 dice from attacks (completely useless but it's a little flavour). They have one of the extremely few capital units that is actually good which is the fortress.
    Antarticans use sustained weapons which are extremely powerful because you just get re-rolls all game, whereas every other nation has to rely on a card. Wavelurker is situationally useful, but not very. If you want defence, take a shroud generator because it is the only defensive tool actually worth a damn. They have the one other good capital ship in the form of the Hypatia (which is weird because it WAS terrible in cycle one release). They play a lot closer range than other nations, but don't really suffer in long bands either.
    Alliance have hilariously over-costed skimming generators and heat lances. Sorta have some protection against torps.
    Crown love torps. they have a guardian generator, but given the shield generator actively hurts you (you could be using those points on almost literally anything else and it would be better) it's worthless. Oh, and Subs that have hull saws but can't ram surface ships...
    Union are good at gunnery and missiles both. Actually a mostly decent team, but have only played about 4 games with them. Almost my lowest with the different factions (I haven't played sultanate and only 1 alliance)
    Sultanate are a mix of crown and alliance (again, simplifying weapons completely removes the flexibility to play with gun stats and range bands). Have a portal ability which is complex and only very rarely good.
    Empire DID have an uber powerful generator for a bit but thankfully got nerfed. haven't tried it since nerf. Have a token flamethrower which admittedly can be useful if your opponents fluffs bad and gets a pact destroyer squadron in range of it, but otherwise you probably won't use it. Probably the most balanced cruisers. Some units can re-deploy after setup which is bonkers powerful.
    Prussians SEEM cool but they pay some damage in guns for voltaic which is garbage because shields are useless anyways. Would rather the damage for what it's worth. Also have confusing fleet compositions. Probably the most filled-out faction but below average in performance. Decent at boarding but boarding is pretty difficult to set up now, again, unless your opponent is happy to just give you the situation. Their custom generator is OK because it makes the shrouded.
    All nations have truly truly awful SRS. Played a total of maybe 25 games now, and have never seen them even remotely useful. For some reason carriers need to be attack ships, and given that planes have 2/3rds the flight range of guns you need to get your carrier dangerously close to use SRS regularly. Long range sorties basically take it out the game because SRS only get 3 total sorties (with the first one being double ADV so not really worth counting) and they won't do much anyways. 
    I am writing a breakdown right now of some serious game issues since release, so this is an ultra-short description. Some game things are really good, but there are some problems that really hurt the game a lot in my eyes, but the devs seem to only deal with the loudest people on FB so I don't hold out hope of meaningful and balanced criticism getting through to them. Give the different nations a try using proxies and see what you think. The devs need new players coming in but seem to be pandering to older ones. The release is acceptable with issues, but I think there are some really consistent mistakes in wording and thought that is going to mean new players will find a game less "in release" than this. I want the game to succeed, but I don't like it's chances. An example of rules problems is shroud is the only worthwhile defensive tool. Because you will be taking this a LOT, it means secondary effects have huge implications. for example, some weapons (a surprising amount) rely on devastating to generate damage... but shroud counters that rule completely so it's functionally useless (because your base-pool is often a bit too low). It also means the core mechanic of the game (exploding dice) actually isn't a mechanic you will interact with anywhere near as much. Lots of ripple effects not really thought through.
    Also, the names are dumb. Two nations basically have the name empire and Commonwealth is going to make people keep thinking of real-life British and colonies. shoulda just kept nation names. 
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    Phant Mastik reacted to veloran in [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets   
    All my prussian ships are done :

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    Phant Mastik reacted to veloran in [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets   
    i just finished  my Tempelhof Battlefleet :
    Tempelhof-Blitzen Fleet Carrier :

    Toten Heavy Destroyers :

    Konrad Support Carrier

    all the models in my Tempelhof Battlefleet :

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    Phant Mastik reacted to veloran in [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets   
    My commonwealth Fleet
    Rurik Frigate :

    Sineus Fast Cruiser :

    Norilsk Heavy Cruiser :

    Borodino and a Khatanga Heavy Cryo Cruiser

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    Phant Mastik reacted to vonHymack in vonHymack's Coa&Rc + Painting Tricks   
    Modification of the color scheme for the new CoA minis!

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    Phant Mastik reacted to Blaze in Weapon Qualities: Sustained   
    Got my answer from reddit 
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    Phant Mastik reacted to Blaze in Weapon Qualities: Sustained   
    I have a question regarding  the  rule  for weapons with the sustained quality.  In the rule book (page 37) its stated as follows: ,,, can re-roll any of its Action Dice Pool (except for dice generated by Exploding Hits as normal)
    So does this mean I can re-roll any dices of the Action Dice Pool (like keeping the hits and re-rolling only the misses) or, if I chose to re-roll, I have to re-roll all dices of the Action Dice Pool.
    Thanks for your help!
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    Phant Mastik got a reaction from Captaincandle in Rules Question on wording for generators   
    You're right, they mixed it up (me too ;) ).
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    Phant Mastik reacted to veloran in [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets   
    An Augustus Bombardment Cruiser with its Gustav Heavy Bombard :

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    Phant Mastik reacted to veloran in [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets   
    I'm starting an Imperium Fleet. In the last edition   i really liked the Full Spectrum Dominance's Prussian Fleet and i use his paint scheme as an inspiration.
    First step the Arminius frigates :

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    Phant Mastik reacted to Bumblefox in HftP Covenant Fleet (in progress)   
    And more progress with my Covenant fleet. The generators, like the turrets, are magnetized and swappable. 

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    Phant Mastik reacted to myrm in Fleets ahoy   
    Just scored a pair of Kingfishers.....

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    Phant Mastik reacted to Bumblefox in HftP Commonwealth Fleet   
    Some pics of the Commonwealth fleet I've recently finished from the HftP set and an extra box of light forces:

    Paints are mostly Mission Models acrylics, with some Vallejo Acrylics, MiG enamel washes, and Tamiya weathering powders.  All the cruiser turrets are magnetized and swappable. 
    Oh No! this is going to be an embarrassing mess..

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