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  1. It's all in the ORBAT. The entry states how large the initial unit is and how many additional models you can take.
  2. You're right, +1 damage for every hit beyond 4.
  3. The way I read the rules both ways are correct. It depends on the initial Target. You're not attacking a unit, you're attacking an individual model - so it's your choice. If both ships are viable targets, choose the one without shield generator to prevent your opponent getting the generator benefits. Next game there will be half a blast template of space between the escorts and the battleship I think, this mechanic can also be used to circumvent shroud generators. In RL it makes no sense to circumvent the shield generators this way. I think the designers wanted just one dice roll to resolve the attack. If you want to take the generator status into account, you would have to roll individual attacks to every target hit by the attack - would have slowed down the game a lot.
  4. The rules are in the Empire ORBAT and a picture of the generator is on the DW site under Guides. https://www.dystopianwars.com/assets/dystopianWars/pdfs/guides/DW-Generator-Guide.pdf https://www.dystopianwars.com/assets/dystopianWars/factions/orbat/Empire-ORBAT-v103b.pdf
  5. Same here in Germany. I ordered via my FLGS, but their retailer doesn't get stock or I have to wait a month+ until I receive my boxes. I'm still waiting for the Tempelhof-Box and ordered it as a pre-order. The online retailers in Germany do also have no stock, or even do not sell all available boxes.
  6. Concerning Generators: I see your point. I think the sentence should read The Unit may replace a single Heavy Gun Battery weapon [per Model] with one of the following Generators. If one Model replaces a weapon, then all Models in the Unit must replace the same Heavy Gun Battery with the same Generator. The cost is per Model. Murmansk & Alpha-strike: Uhh my fault. I thought Reserves arrive in a separate Phase before the movement step and have to stay unactivated until all other units did their activation. Would have been pretty bad for the Murmansk... Reading the rules again, I must admit Deploying and Activating in one go seems very good. My only problem is, I do not have one...
  7. I think the rules are pretty clear. As a submerged unit I can ram any model without the Aerial or Ground Unit trait. This should include most of the ships. Concerning obstacles and torpedoes: I think the LOS rules make it possible to hide small models behind large obstacles, but do not allow to hide big models behind small obstacles. In some circumstances, they make the large models harder to hit (centre point). Since DW is a game, some abstraction is necessary - but to me it seems consistent in it's effect. I must admit, looking up the rules for shooting torps through intervening things, LOS is not the first place to have a look at (at least to me). Concerning the Murmansk: It costs a lot of points and therefore is likely to be your flagship. Deploying it first round will do 1 damage to it, and due to it's reserve status it will be one of the last models activating in the turn. Throwing it to the front with Armour 6 and 7 Hullpoints left might be a bit risky - but why not.
  8. First of all, I did not play a game of DW3.0 yet, so I can't tell what it feels like. But reading the rules and ORBATS, I do not see great differences between the factions and their available weaponry and shooting seems to be much more deadly than in older editions of the game. But this is just a concern I have from reading the rules... What I don't understand in your remarks is the ramming and the torpedo shooting thing. Why can't the subs ram a normal ship (s. "Ramming" on p.29)? And how can you shoot your torpedoes over land (s. p.34 "Land:")?
  9. A question that also occurred to me, has anybody an answer?
  10. Warcradle changed the lore since they took over Dystopian Wars. So the actual rule book is the one you need. The lore passages printed in the book are on the DW website in PDF form. https://www.dystopianwars.com/ (learn more) and https://www.dystopianwars.com/factions
  11. Ah now I understand your question. I read it the following: the first example allows 0 or 3 generators per squad (all or nothing) the second example up to 3 generators per squad (you can decide upon every single ship to carry a generator).
  12. I think it's because of the Trident Generator. You don't need three.
  13. Just shooting. For shooting you need line of sight and obscured modifies this. For assaults you don't need LOS. It would have been mentioned in the rules under assault.
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