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    alamo reacted to Kurgan in Adepticon 2017   
    @Spartan Linde no matter what you think, you are now representing SG and should behave accordingly. If you present an event under your SG name don't be surprised we take it as SG event and want some info from it. Just because you don't give a sh*t doesn't mean we don't. Actually we do give a sh*t as after a terrible year it might bring something bright. So far your involvement only managed to bring us hate chat here/on FB, banned forum members, models without stats, another failed campaign, lost Vanguards...but nothing really positive. Okay SG managed to release most missing models, but noone around here cares as noone is going to buy from SG anymore unless they start to fulfill their promises.
    So instead of banning members asking the right questions (well wrong ones for you) and avoiding doing anything official as a SG representattive I suggest you finally get yourself together and start doing your work turning us all around and actually promoting SG....not bringing it down because you fail to get over your personal issues with some community members. Your actions pushed them into the customer category so you should stand up and like a good firm repre get over it all.
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    as always just superb, have a great week
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks for the Great comments and all the likes. It really encourages me to keep going
    ---Update as Promised---
    The major project over the last week was the Terran Command unit. I blame @BigO. His massive and awesome Terran Force Inspired me to dump the Aquans (check out his thread)
    I decided to paint the interior a lighter colour, giving it a better contrast to the infantry. I really like how this model has the internal details. It adds so much to the model. 

    And then some work on the Camo and details. I start the Camo with a Brown stripe over the green base. Then I line one side with very dark grey and the other with black. It is a non uniform Camo to keep it quick and simple. I always keep some painted models handy for reference, they way I can keep some consistency across the army. 

    image upload no compression
    That is the Camo done on all the components, I still have all the main body to Camo up. 
    I have a few of the medium sized bunkers made, but I never got around to making any large or small bunkers. Time to change that. I build them with the cardboard as a guide and support, until the glue dries. I undercoat them white, spray with grey, then spatter with white. Sort of concrete looking

    So work will continue on the Terran's. I might even do some more of their infantry.... Probably not. 
    Lots of painting yet on the weapon details, Main body Camo and Windows etc. 
    Thanks for looking, Likes are liked, comments truly appreciated. Have a great week. 
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in 3.0 in August?   
    wes, thats too
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in 3.0 in August?   
    Just pointing out it doesn't say August 2017. It could mean 2020....
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    alamo reacted to Vedar in Vedar's Planetfall   
    Here we have some of the forces of Queen Rath'an'thax. 

    Here we have some of the ground forces from the Blue Ghost Fleet. Labeled the "Blue Ghost Fleet" initially by Terran intelligence as a unit responsible for the destruction rear echelon, supply stations and hidden reasearch facilities. Extensive use of jamming and cloaking initially made identification and force composition difficult. Little is known about them from Kurak intelligence agencies but their current campain deep in Terran territory seems to have focused more on direct military action.

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    alamo reacted to GamersHaven in The future   
    Dear Spartan Games,

    I have been a longtime supporter of your products from both a retailer and consumer point of view. My experience with Spartan games starts back with the first edition of Uncharted Seas. Since then I have put both time and money towards your product lines. We have shared our enthusiasm and taught many people over many years to play your games in my store. In fact, I believe we have stocked and run all your games to one degree or another over the years. And we are one of the few stores it would seem still has your product in stock. Unfortunately, your actions over the last 24 months have put us in a very difficult and stress-filled place. We want to see your brand grow and have a strong future, yet you continue to make this harder and harder form where I sit. A lack of communication, failure to put action to what little communication we do get, followed by what seems to be a shift to a very direct to player business plan has led to a troubling position for me.

    Please be aware that your level of communication and follow through on actions have been forcing me to look at you with a different set of parameters. I am not sure you see how the way you are doing business is hurting stores and making it nearly impossible to put your product in front of anyone for any reason. Your decisions erode the monies a store might have made. When you do things that cause players to say “**** it, I am not buying anymore Spartan games until they get their **** together,” what are we to do. My sales and your forums don’t lie.

    Just to be clear you don’t owe me anything. You don’t have to sell to me and I don’t have to stock your products and sell your products. Yet with that said I hope you see that I would not be taking the time to write this if I did not want to still share your products. I want to help, so many of us do. Your actions have pushed us to believe that you do not want this help and you do not believe you need it. If that is so I wish you all the best and we can part ways.

    Actions not words at this stage are of great import. I hope you see that you don’t have much time to change the perceptions the most important people, your customers. We are going to move on if you don’t show us action. We live in a great time with so many games to choose from. Yet with so many to choose from not all of them will stand the test of time. What actions are you taking and showing to us that your game is one we should invest time and money with?

    I would like to help, just not sure you want the help anymore.


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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    oohh, those windows are gorgeous wes....just gorgeous.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Hi All,
    thanks for the great comments guys, your support helps me keep going
    I have had a really busy week and weekend, hardly had time to pick up a brush. 
    Inspired by @Big_0 's Awesomely painted Terran's. (Huge Force, make sure you check out his thread) I had to undercoat and wash my Terran Command Vehicle. 

    I finished a basic Scheme on my Aquan Stingray's . One step closer to full core

    Hey @Nuck Fewton. Bigger picture attached, hard to photograph these guys

    Thanks for looking
    comments appreciated 
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    alamo reacted to Big_0 in Adepticon Planetfall Display Board   
    Nikhil and Nuck Fewton got to play on the board for the final round of the tournament. 

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    alamo reacted to Big_0 in Adepticon Planetfall Display Board   
    Terran and Hawker Air Support

    Dindrenzi hoping to land more troops


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    alamo got a reaction from Nuck Fewton in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    wes, awesome reflection work...
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    alamo reacted to Nicius in Nicius' Red'n Grey Sorylian Space Lizards   
    Completed the base:

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    alamo reacted to Pok in SO, I heard there were some new ships shown today?   
    Such a long wait, and the results are underwhelming. The pathogen look as uninspired as it gets for what's supposed to be space cancer. The traders look plain and blocky, and I guess the pirate ships look as good (or not) as the initial 2 models released did. The leviathan is beyond a joke.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in SO, I heard there were some new ships shown today?   
    Awesome looking models. I will buy them all. Now I have about 2 years to save up for their release. And then another year to paint them before their rules come out. 
    Yes I am bitter, but is it undeserved?
    Feel free to prove me wrong Spartan. 
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    wes, awesome reflection work...
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    I have been able to sneak in a few sessions  over the week and weekend. I find the Painting time relaxing. 
    I took a lot of mixed photos, I will do my best to explain them. 
    Terran Heavy Helix Camo Completed

    Some Weapon an Camo detail

    Semi-gloss coated Terrans and under coated Aquans

    Terran Heavies Completed

    Aquan Progressing 

    I did the Dellingr and based Huscarl a while back. But I Magnetised the stowed Huscarl and did not paint them. With the Terran Heavies out I took the chance to Paint the Huscarl. 

    I really like how their windows came up. That is a Painted reflection not an actual reflection. 

    Aquan Bases ready for Aquan Units. 

    Next up is the Aquan Lamana and Stingrays. After that I will probably confront my Dindrenzi. I did not record the paints I used on my First Dindrenzi so now I have to rediscover them. 
    Thanks for looking. Comments Appreciated. 
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Guess who's back.......Back Again.....
    Hello Fellow Planetfall Players, Collectors, And Fans. 
    I dropped off for a while to spend 9 Weeks moving house, Add in a splash of changing job and a lot of night school study. But now I am Back....
    so did I miss much, 2.0 rules out yet? Allied core helix's released? Vague Promises made?
    Oh well, I still have not painted every Planetfall miniature made, so there is painting to be done. 

    I am not fully set up in the new house yet and there is lots of unusual Autumn rains so I pulled out some already undercoated miniatures. 

    My Terran scheme is super easy so it should be an easy restart for me. 
    I will need to work back up to the Dreaded Infantry, wish me luck. 
    As Always, Likes and Comments are Really Appreciated 
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    alamo reacted to child9 in Almost two years since the last Planetfall Blog   
    Yeah, that's the real problem here... Nobody with a healthy mind is ever going to buy PF minis or get into the game. And a lot of those who bought minis before the game was totally forsaken just gave up seeing how SG acts. One player leaves, then another, etc... 
    Sure, as long you have minis and a group of motivated gamers, playing PF isn't a problem, nobody denies that and the rules are decent. It doesn't change the fact that SG has already thrown his luck away with this game, that could have been way more widespread and played if supported correctly. Now that the attraction of novelty is over, and that the game hasn't got anything new for more than a year, it's over.
    I wish I could keep faith like some of you guys do, but I simply can't. I know SG too well.
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    alamo got a reaction from tansalus in Almost two years since the last Planetfall Blog   
    as long as any new rules do not make units redundant or a 'new' model line comes out to shunt our current models.  the game as is still playable and fun if you can find folks that arent pi**** off still at spartan. still tender round here.
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    alamo got a reaction from Zeph in Almost two years since the last Planetfall Blog   
    as long as any new rules do not make units redundant or a 'new' model line comes out to shunt our current models.  the game as is still playable and fun if you can find folks that arent pi**** off still at spartan. still tender round here.
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    alamo reacted to Padet in very good game planet fall   
    5000 pt
    terran vs. sorylian (me)
    very fun game
    core 1
    heavy 1
    recon 1
    air? 1
    assault 1
    sorylian (me)
    core 1
    heavy 1
    ground command 1
    assault 1
    leviathan 1
    no TAC card game
    because our local store can't order that item, very very sad.
    result of game
    = I won! (2 point gap, very dangerous!)
    we play planet fall every holiday(sat, sun)
    glorious spartan games please give us new rules and models
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    alamo reacted to Magarch in What DOES 2017 hold   
    When I got into Spartan Games, I bought a lot of ships. I really liked the design at that time, and was interested by the number of factions available. That number is, quite frankly even now, still good and the game could stop having new ships and still be successfulL. The game mechanics were solid, even if "bigger" games were taking quite a lot of time and moving ships could be sometimes very tricky when there is a huge cluster of ships in the middle of the board (not talking about 3D terrain).
    I must admit that now, I slowly moved away from Firestorm Armada - and Spartan Games in general. Too many broken promises, too much wait, not enough love for retailers, having more and more difficulty to order news products (and more time so that it actually comes), some troubles with orders not having everything and then having a pain to have the missing components back...it was always something little, one at a time and just having a "oh it happens" feeling, but they kept adding to the pile until it became a "ok, now that's getting annoying" feeling.
    I also have some wondering about how actually Spartan Games employees are treated, sometimes - passion is good, but it's still work and needs to be rewarded with a proper salary. Volunteers are...well, a delicate thing, especially when so many things seem to be on their shoulders (rules, seriously?). Yes, it matters in this age for some people. But I digress.
    The real thing that made me out is that outside of UK, Spartan Games is now nearly inexistent. It's clear to me that everything is centered in the UK - and the UK only. Outside of this, games are really hard to get. The Brexit won't be making things easier either. Retailers outside of UK are really having it hard, and my main shop for Spartan Games just dropped all of their products because the manager wasn't selling enough...and was having too much trouble to have them in times, when the online shop gives so many bundles that he can't compete. Like, at all. Of course, with no official place to gather and play, no need to say the community took a deep hit as well.
    I'm hearing the promises. But now, I will only judge on what I see is done. No more waiting in expectation. And no more money for "new projects" that left a bad taste in my mouth (yes, I was stupid enough to believe in that Taskforce thing...Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me).
    For now, SG's focus is on Dystopian Wars. I don't expect anything for Firestorm Universe for at least a whole year. That's the conclusion I've made so far.
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    alamo reacted to RageofAeons in What DOES 2017 hold   
    I wasn't going to weigh in here, but I find myself in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with people that I normally am on opposite sides of things with.  So here we go...
    Using your own analogy Mike, you waded into a den of starving lions, but brought nothing to actually feed them.  Only a demand that they must express their starvation in more constructive ways.  I do think you can see why that might not be well received by said den of lions.  
    I live in Canada.  There is not a store within 100 kilometers of me that will touch Spartan games anymore.  Suppliers got tired of routine delays and issues, and because of them, demand dropped off.  So it is fantastically expensive to ship things in, making it harder to get a player interested in the game.  There were two of us that pushed like hell to get the game to take off.  Got some traction too.  But then the game idles for a year or more.  Again.  Current players drift away, and new players decide to go find another game with regular support.  
    One of our largest fleets in the area was just liquidated off on Thursday.  We're talking about a 4000 point fleet sold off for a few hundred bucks because the player saw no real future in the game.  So that's the loss of one of the players I'd have sworn blind was a pillar of the game, and would always be around to pick it back up.  Not a great sign!  
    I don't want you to reassure me, we're well past that point.  The abandonment of games for long stretches has become so common now it's honestly really sad.  It's not the first time, the second, or even the third time that the game has been set aside.  And what's worse, if you look at Spartan as a whole, and not just Firestorm Armada, it is constantly happening.  Any time a game gets focus, it's at the expense of another.  DW is going nuts?  Whelp, nothing on FA for a while.  FA gets the love? Check the DW sections, they'll be asking the same questions that we have been.  
    I want to see something happen.  Actually a lot of somethings.  Taking one of the above points about Amber.  Looked good.  But then Spartan decided it needed a DW kickstarter, and nothing moved.  Taskforce was going to be a stepping stone to get more people into the game.  But we're how long now after release without the actual rules being available, despite constant promises that such is going to happen?  I don't need a hotlinked polished PDF, I'd settle for a scan of the rules being on the site so that they can be used!  Time was taken to set up stats for the patrol fleets of the core races, but nothing to get the main rules out?  Help me understand.  Or better yet, don't, we're past that point.  
    You can't get a hype train moving without something to pull it.  And I know that me personally, and form the look of it, a number of others on this board, are tired of trying to push it for Spartan when the engine isn't even running.
    If you want to help dissipate the negativity, start building more rapport, getting people interested in things again, then give us a dam.ned reason.  Going back to your starving lions analogy.  Feed them.  Even just a little, something that's been promised, a show that things are actually happening.  
    I'm pretty sure it's not your direct responsibility for these things, so I don't hold you responsible for the lack of progress from Spartan.  But you opted to hop into the lions.  So I will hold you responsible for showing up, giving us the same vague promises that things will be different this if only we wait longer.  But we've no reason to trust you, which you yourself have admitted.  
    So give me a reason to trust you.  Give us ALL a reason to trust you.  You wouldn't have this many people bent if we didn't want things to go right.  We want this system to evolve and go forward.  We want this company to succeed, so they can bring more and more to gaming.  
    But we are so so tired of being told that it'll just be a little longer.  And a little becomes a lot, and then no one has any idea what's going on.  
    So don't tell me it's all around the corner.  Heard it before, done hearing it.  If you don't have something concrete, something to offer this group of fine disgruntled gentlefolk, then I don't know why you've stepped into the lions den.  From what I can see, the greatest effect your stepping in has done is to spark the very kind of responses that espouse the kind of bitter detractment that you hope to minimize.  
    Sorry for the long wind of that.  
    Best Regards,
    Rage of Aeons
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    alamo reacted to Presidente in What DOES 2017 hold   
    From my experience attending various uk events, such as the dws league, and the national dws tournament, then talking to those that attend and host, their views from what I have gathered defiantly tally with Frans comments in the majority
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