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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    .............and the sweetness continues.............great lap and pod...........
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    alamo reacted to Skyhawk in Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)   
    Either that or they went though a black hole in the Maw which transported them to the Firestorm universe.
    I got a bit more work done on it this week.

    Figured out how to do the cannons. Let me tell you they were a royal pain in the tushi.
    And more paneling.

    What do you think ,stat wise, the Empire would be like? I'm toying around with a few ideas, but I would like to know what you think.
    Thanks for looking and for the comments!
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks for the great comments guys, it fuels my painting. 
    So this week I was very busy with real life again. I have managed to get a start on my Dindrenzi Iapetus walkers. This is probably sooner than I wanted to do Dindrenzi colours again, but it is a special request. 

    I also noticed the Works Raptor crashed pod token sitting in my painting area. So I planned out a scheme and painted like mad 

    Thanks for looking, 
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    alamo reacted to hahnc77 in Terrain?   
    This is what my troops fight for. all designed and build by myself.
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    alamo got a reaction from Major Spag in Hey, it's my ship thread!   
    great looking models
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    @tansalus , @WestAustralian , @Skyhawk , @Voyager , Thanks guys for the feedback, I'm glad you guys liked the crystals. I was bit unsure of them initially. I plan on making more terrain over time for my local club to persuade more people to play the game.
    I also received my Spartan games order today! A Veydreth recon helix, the spartan scenics fortified positions and promotional command bunker.
    have a look. also if anyone else has gotten the command bunker... let me know how you went assembling it.

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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    great work wes..........always enjoy your painting........thank you
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Veydreth Done!

    It feels good to be done. I like them. Simple. 
    I really hope the Veydreth core will have similar details. If they don't have the same little details, I don't know what to gold highlight
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    So most of this week has been just working on my Directorate Medium tanks, but I have also been working on some terrain to use in the game. I went to an arts supply store and got some small trees for dioramas which were a good size for planetfall. I made up some simple bases for the trees with cardboard. I used tape around the sides and then used some basing grit for dirt/mud on them. I gave these bases a heavy black spray paint undercoat and then attached the trees followed by a lot of dry brushing.
    Tell me what you think, I added some of my Sorylians to give some size perspective to the bases.

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    alamo reacted to Major Spag in Hey, it's my ship thread!   
    Just posting these as I finally got around to painting something:


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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    wow, indeed busy......................great looking models...........glad you got the dir. inf finished. i had to go check my dir. box and make sure they were still there and not down under..............they look almost the same as yours.lol
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thank you all for your comments and likes, it encourages me to keep painting. 
    A busy week for me, lots of work. Also I distracted myself with my FSA Corsair Racketeer Project. I added some parts of a Corsair Cruiser to a Works Raptor Ship to make a unique Corsair ship. It's under my FSA thread if you are interested. I am really happy with the result. 
    This week for Planetfall I finished the final touches on my Directorate Infantry. They have their top coat too. 

    My Veydreth have started to get their Wash. A slow process. It's ok the painting will go quicker. I also finished all their bases. 

    My next Dindrenzi unit will be the Assault Walkers. Got them undercoated. 

    This is some of the growing selection of Works In Progress

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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    Just finished painting up the Aquan Medium skimmers, going on with the same scheme to match my Aquan fleet. I am also working on some forest bases at the moment for the game. hopefully I will have a picture of those up in the forum soon enough. My next models to work on will be the Directorate medium crawlers and cyber warfare tanks.

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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    great veydreth..................actually doing both sides.......finishing up 1st hadendowah unit this weekemd.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks @alamo. Similar infantry you say, well great minds think alike.  Which Force are you Deploying in Sudan? British?
    the Veydreth will look something like this:

    Super simple, low on Detail, Fast!
    Just what I need after the labour of the Dindrenzi and Aquan. 
    Thanks @cm284 the Tank Destroyers were great models to paint. 
    Thanks for looking, I hope you like the mini update. 
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    wes, they look great..................it looks like we both went for a similar scheme on dir. inf...lol. what are your color plans for the veydreth?
    i havent done much paint time except for a sudan 1885 project, which i am currently plodding on.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks so much for the likes and great comments. 
    So actually quite good progress on the Directorate Infantry. 

    But not much time spent on anything else. 
    I have under coated my Veydreth Allies. I am really looking forward to their Core. Next step is a nice dark wash. Then I bring the colours up. 

    thanks for looking
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    alamo got a reaction from Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    ohhh, that is sweet.........nice scheme
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    Finished the Directorate Heavy Crawler, "the Desolator" last night. I'm still thinking about adding some more detail to it but I am happy with the black and red colours and robust metals over the model. Magnetised the turret as well, but I figure that is a must with these tanks. Also did the base dry brushing for the rest of the directorate force, which you can sort of see in the background of these images.

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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    gorgeous din. wes....good luck on your dir. inf.  your din. make an excellent appearance on table.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks guys. The Comments really help. 
    First up I have the next marker


    My Dindrenzi Core is done. The Heavy Tank took a lot of effort. I would pick some parts for colour, and then sit back. Over and over, it was not enough. I even went and revisited the light tanks by painting their weapons Orange/Yellow. 

    The Dindrenzi Core is the First Core I have done Start to Finish without significant break. It nearly burnt me out. It was good that I had the Markers and FSA WR Frigates for change of colour. I look forward to seeing how this scheme goes on Bigger Dindrenzi units, like the Command and Walkers. But that will have to wait a bit, I need a Break from it

    Next up up I am actually painting Infantry.... Directorate Infantry. 

    Infantry takes me ages, so let's see how far I get in a week
    As always, thanks for looking
    Likes, Liked and Comments Truely Appreciated 
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    alamo got a reaction from Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    gorgeous, vibrant, crisp.............awesome work.
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    Just finished up painting, basing and gluing the flight peg for my Heavy Aquan Skimmer. Still have the rest of the Aquans and Directorate to go in the Battle for Proteus Prime box set, but hopefully I will be able to regularly update this thread often enough.

    I plan on painting them using the same colour scheme for my already painted Aquan Prime armada fleet.

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    alamo reacted to chrisbburn in Planetfall 2.0 Initial Game 5k Terran vs Dinzi   
    Hi All
    Today I played a 5k game using the new rules @Spartan Derek put out a few weeks ago.
    We played Terrans vs Dinzi and used the charts in the feedback thread to determine CP points (Terrans 10pts each 8 Free, Dinzi 15pts each 6 Free). I tried a "Rolling Thunder" list of as many tanks as I could field for the Terrans which was probably thwarted by Jimmi and his Dinzi not being on the board fully at the start and him concentrating on a single flank so half my forces couldn't get into battle quick enough.
    Dinzi won by a landslide -2 to 71 on turn 4. It took ages to play that might be because there are a lot of grey areas in the new rules and we were trying to patch them in. But also the added range bands made and command points made working out optimum firing solutions a much bigger task. I have written what I found below the lists.
    TERRAN LIST - 5000 Pts
    Heavy Tank Sq - 2 x Vidar, Ullr Mk2 (580)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3 x Hemidal, Nukes, Ullr MK2 (500)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3 x Hemidal, Nukes, Ullr MK2 (500)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3 x Hemidal, Nukes, Ullr MK2 (500)
    Light Tank Sq - 5 x Valkyries (250)
    Light Infantry - 6 x Hirdmen, Officer, Sinsir (410)
    Light Infantry - 6 x Hirdmen, Officer, Sinsir (410)
    Heavy Tank Sq - 2 x Vidar, Ullr Mk2 (580)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3 x Hemidal, Nukes, Ullr MK2 (500)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3 x Baldur (390)
    Sherriff (260)
    x 12 (120)
    DINZI LIST - 4990Pts
    Heavy Tank Sq - 2x Kratos (470)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3x Eris, 1x Circe (480)
    Medium Tank Sq - 3x Eris, 1x Circe (480)
    Light Tank Sq - 5x Letos (325)
    Light Infantry Sq - 4x Nyx, 1 Drop Pod Assault V (220)
    Light Infantry Sq - 4x Nyx, 1 Drop Pod Assault V (220)
    Light Infantry Sq - 4x Nyx, 1 Drop Pod Assault V (220)
    Light Infantry Sq - 4x Nyx, 1 Drop Pod Assault V (220)
    Hyperion, Skydrop Capable (805)
    Archangel Battle Robot (205)
    Temple of Dramos (240)
    Light Tanks Sq -6x Seraphs (300)
    Light Infantry Sq - 4x Nyx, Officer, 3x Gun Teams 1 Drop Pod Assault V (220)
    Field Support Guns - 2x Damolcles MK1 (180)
    Field Support Guns - 2x Damolcles MK1 (180)
    12x CP (180)
    Quite a bit of the rules synopsis made us questions how it was to work. Mostly CQB and the fact it isn't a separate phase now as how does that work. MOVEMENT Mostly this worked fine as was the only issue we had was when the Dinzi used a "Storming CQB" order we didn't quite know how it fits with the fact that there is no CQB phase and so we treated it as movement and using CQB weapons the problem we had was when we used CQb and how opponents can return CQB fire.  SHOOTING/CQB The new range bands made life a lot more complex and not for the better. We spent far to much time lining up shots check each type of weapons different range band to work out if we could get into the sweet spot for using commands. Models should be able to fire through models in there own unit. This just means that people spend to long setting squads up in the most ridiculous way to ensure all can fire weapons down tiny cracks between each other. It slows the game right down and at the scale you are playing shouldn't the focus be on units manevuring to position not the individuals. Focus Fire Order is too complex as above. I can see where they want to go with it but its just to complex especial on units with various weapons systems. This combined with orders means the placed shot craze is still there. Dinzi on their first turn used nearly all there orders and hit everything on 3+ if not better and dialed all there markers in as well as having Nexus's to spare to target lock up the odd unit. If CQB weapons are to be brought in line with other weapon types can they be listed as such with the appropriate MARS. We played that defensive MARS work as they are now just shooting attacks and so Infantry became harder to hit if not impossible with CQB. Can CQB link? We played they could so Hemidals with Nukes were throwing 36 dice at Nyx units and at most taking off a base each turn even when using a CP to get the 5+ to hit for the Drake cannons. Can you use Shields against CQB weapons? we played you can as they are just shooting attacks. If you CQB a unit that has activated can that unit return CQB fire? We played that a unit can return fire but only if they haven't activated which meant that Nyx easily stormed a unit of Terrans who had just moved into the objective as the Terrans couldn't return fire. Pinpoint is still very very hit and miss. Between all those Railguns the Baldrs Lasers we only had 1 6 rolled in 4 turns. This needs to be made more stable to be worthwhile otherwise its too random. COMMAND POINTS Dinzi Alpha Strike ruins the day. Turn 1 make everything hit on 3+ why not. There needs to be a curb to the amount of orders that can be thrown out per turn if we are able to take as many as we can afford or they a pool of points should be generated on a turn by turn basis. SKYDROP Worked okay. I like that you place them down per turn now instead of once per game but them always being on 6 and the fact that you could use either other markers or CP to bring them down meant that the Dinzi only used their Nexus's for Target Locks. I think using only CP or Skydrops to bring them down instead of either or would be better. SUGGESTIONS
    Weapons Re-recalibration and Focus Fire Order. A bit of standardising would help here. Ranged CQB should be a type like Primary/Secondary with the automatic Anti Personal MAR or state that Defences don't work against it. I.e its just another weapon on the model Clear up how returning CQB fire works Clear up if you can or can't link CQB with regular weapons Only Direcorate can issue focus fire to Ranged CQB Focus Fire Order, instead of a blanket FF order that applies in certain situations which depend on which weapon type and range band just make FF a straight up +1 Placed shot bonus but only to a single weapon or weapon type (i.e. Primary or Secondary) and only they may fire. I.E. the unit Focuses on firing its main guns so isn't firing the others. Otherwise you spend to much time working out the perfect range for all you weapons and mixing dice and so its slows the game to halt. Thanks for reading any questions let me know. I really enjoyed the game at the start but them it just dragged on and on and on. nearly 6 hours!!!! 
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    alamo reacted to Paladin21 in Firestorm Planetfall Designer Feedback Thread   
    I see the desire to put some tension between an advantage in going first and an advantage in being flexible with the orders.  This is the sort of tradeoff I can get behind from a game design perspective.  Under the old system, having a lower tactics bonus was just crappy.  There was no upside or balance, it just sucked.
    I have to assume that there's either a limitation on number of orders per turn, a cap on command points, or some other mechanism we haven't seen yet.  If there isn't, Directorate and Sorylians will just use the +tactics order every turn almost for free.  Over the course of an entire game, it isn't even the equivalent of a single light model.  For other forces to keep pace, they'll have to spend significantly more (and if you're Dindrezi, you just hope they don't roll high on their boost?  why don't they have the order?). For Directorate, it also means fun things like CQB always hitting on 3's (because I'll be able to use the order as many times as I need to).  For Sorylians, they get infinite Orbital Strikes?  
    Can you tell us what the balance is here?  I'm afraid any testing we do is going to be really skewed by Orders if we don't know what you guys have in mind for balancing the system.  I tend to (especially when evaluating new rules) build lists that attempt to break the **** out of something that looks potentially problematic.  Orbital Strikes with Directorate is bad.  I'm thinking a max infantry list will be just as bad (though slightly slower to enter the fight) in that there will be ridiculous amounts of CQB dice being thrown that hit on 3's.  I might lose most of a squad each time, but you're probably losing an entire squad in return.
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