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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    I've mostly finished my Veydreth recon helix today, I'm still contemplating what other colours I can put on there. But I think the neon glow and purple shadows work well so far. 
    I also painted up an objective token of a flare and finished another piece of terrain for my table at home.
    Cheers guys.

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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    well except for the rotor blades looks like whatz in my box...........gggggggreat work
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Hi all,
    a little interim post to show the gunships at an uglier stage. 

    The first round of blue has been shaded to give me a better idea of how much blue I want. The second round of blue is done in base colour only. The red of the engines has no shading yet either. Black areas incomplete, white not started. I find a lot of the in progress work to be quite odd and I like how the model changes in the later stages. 
    Thanks @alamo, I'm trying hard to get a life balance at the moment. Hoping for a restful weekend.
    Thanks @tansalus. I am getting there. 
    Thanks @clifford. There is a blue wash over the model. My Directorate has a black Primer spray, gun metal base coat spray, then a blue wash. I then clean up the metal with a brush gun metal.
    Thanks @Frostphoenyx
    Thanks everyone  for all the kind words and support.
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    hope you get  some rest wes and superb looking ships.........as always.
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks for the Likes and comments. 
    Great minds think alike @alamo
    not much to report this week, other than the fact that I am tired and in pain. It's been a rough month for me. Lots of physical exertion, not enough rest. It's also hard to push myself on PF when there is so little positive energy on the forums
    Painting wise I have been so distracted by FSA. Particularly the Omnidyne. I have hardly touched Planetfall. 
    I have started on these 

    Base coated and washed.

    Picking out some of the panels.
    I have to go, Thanks for looking, likes and comments are appreciated.
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings Planetfall BatReps   
    This game happened last week. I didn't actually get to play but was more than happy teaching the guys from my club how to play. They were using my Proteus Prime models in the game. So Directorate core helix vs Aquan core helix. Hopefully next week I will get a game in with my Sorylians. 
    We didn't use TACs or all the MARs just so the guys I was teaching didn't get flooded with rules. And the planetfall trackers were set to 30.... which I realise now in hindsight that it was way to high.

    Start of the 1st turn.
    Lots of units not having a clear shot and moving up the hill in the centre of the Battlefield, where the middle objective is.
    The Directorate APC deploys its infantry onto the first objective in the directorate deployment zone guaranteeing points first turn. 
    The Aquan light skimmers race up to the objective as does the Heavy skimmer which holds infantry. They pile out and pile right back into the objective building entrenching them selves fo the fight to come.
    The Aquans laser a dropsite to call in a missile battery installment behind a small forrest. Although they don't have any targets yet, they lie in wait for the turns to come.
    The Directorate Main Battle tanks and recon buggys move around the flank of the hill. And the Directorate Cyberwarefare tanks line up for an attack against the Aquan Heavy skimmer, damaging its systems and causing a disorder marker.

    Halfway through turn 2.
    The Directorate Heavy Tank and Aquan Heavy open fire on each other doing.... absolutely nothing to each other surprisingly.
    The Directorate tanks advance on the entrenched infantry in the centre and initate close quarters battle(CQB) which causes losses on each side, as the infantry put on a valiant defence. The Directorate tanks also put a damage into the side armour of the Heavy Skimmer.
    The missile Batterys open up on one of these tanks causing a point of damage to it.
    The Cyberwarefare tanks attack the Aquan skimmers causing another disorder marker and disable its onboard systems.

    End of Turn 2.
    The Aquan Infantry initaite another CQB with the tanks, unfortunatley for them they ran out of fervor with the dice gods and were obliterated. They were quickly avenged by the Aquan light skimmers who swooped around and destroyed the damaged tanks. 
    The Aquans call down there second drop asset of crystal pylons. These allow the Aquan skimmers to fire there beam weapons at the crystals and then redirect the attack from the crystal. (i.e shoot around corners)
    Just out of view of this pictres the Aquan medium skimmers move up and take a shot at one the cyberwarefare tanks obliterating it in one fell swoop.
    End of turn two, the Aquans only just have the lead.

    Start of turn 3.
    The Directorate buggys charged into the centre obliterating the remaining Aquan skimmers , then opened up with main ordanance on the flank armour of the Heavy skimmer taking it out of the game! 
    The Directorate Infantry pile into their APC and move flat out towards the distance objective.
    The Directorate heavy tank rumbles forward to the cluster**** that is the centre of the battlefield.
    The remaining cyberwarefare tank exits cover and attacks the medium skimmer squadron trying to stall their advance, but to no avail as they move up and obliterate it with there beam weapons.

    Start of turn 4.
    The Aquan medium skimmer squadron move up for a CQB engagement with the recon buggys destroying one. They then use the crystals in the centre of the map and hit the Directorate APC on its side armour blowing it up! The Infantry bail out of their flaming wreck of a transport and move into the non-objective building in the centre.
    The missile batterys were able to fire at the directorate heavy tank scored a luck two points of damage on it. The Heavy tank quickly retreats to cover as it is down to only a single point of health.
    The recon buggys swoop around to the rear of the Aquan medium skimmer squadron and fire on there rear armour damaging one of the tanks.

    End of turn 4.
    The centre of the map where no one is safe.
    The Directorate only just hold there point lead.

    Turn 5.
    The battle is drawing to a slow close with the Directorate infantry entrenched in the objective building. This starts a countdown to victory as the Directorate will win in 3 turns if they hold it for that long.
    The infantry aim there heavy rifles at the crystals trying to replicate the Aquan trick, but instead shatter the crystal scoring an extra point for them.
    The Aquans medium skimmers move back and fire upon the infantry but fail to take any out.
    The missile battery manages to get a shot off on them and take out an infantry base.
    The Directorate Heavy tank contemplates its life choices and continues its retreat to safety.

    Turn 6 and 7.
    The Aquans now desperate to score points charge the infantry starting a CQB with them, with both sides taking casualties.
    The wounded Heavy tank moved into cover to protect itself but moved out in turn 7 to bravely fight the Directorate hunting party.
    The Aquans skimmers activate again, now only at half strength and fire upon the wounded tank putting it out of its misery.
    A very close Aquan Victory.
    I forgot to take a note on the planetfall trackers each turn but the scores were very close, I think the end planetfall trackers were; Aquans: - 2 and Directoreate: 1
    Thanks for reading guys.
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    alamo got a reaction from Frostphoenyx in New to Planetfall   
    great looking gunships frost.
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    alamo reacted to Frostphoenyx in New to Planetfall   
    Hey guys ! I didn't have enough time to finish the Helix, but here are the gunships !



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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in Firestorm Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter is live   
    hey wes, are those  standard bulbs or halogen?
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in Firestorm Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter is live   
    With the release, finally, of the Pathogen on the Horizon. I have to wonder. 
    How many Pathogen fans does it take to change a lightbulb?.....
    None. They sit around an empty socket, talking about how awesome the light will be one day.
    (for @Pathogen)
    Also on a side note, anyone here sign up for the Top level on the Patreon? I believe 5 people have. Just wondering who is going to be designing new Units for the game.
    p.s. BANE!!!!!
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    alamo got a reaction from Frostphoenyx in New to Planetfall   
    looking forward to your pics......good luck
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAustralian's FSA Fleets   
    great looking ships wes............
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAustralian's FSA Fleets   
    Thanks @clifford, they are looking quite chunky. 
    Thanks @jcee, I am definitely not a fan of the current colours used on the Omnidyne boxes. I am a big fan of how they look in the old rule book though. 
    Thanks @Works Raptor. Nope, I had to search for "Turanic". Definitely similar, though yellow and black on evil starships has appeared a few different places. 
    So, I have focused my time on the Omnidyne Dreadnought and it's escorts. "Old Man" Rob will be next in my Fiction, the Dreadnought "Swift Decision" is his personal ship

    The Dreadnought comes apart, to give me 2 battleships  

    So it's really just the engine/thruster energy left to go on the Omnidyne dreadnought
    I also got some more undercoating done 

    And a couple of shots of my work area. I always have a bunch of stuff laid out in various stages. Things ready to clean, just Primed, ongoing. I usually get a basic Idea of a scheme before I start, then much of the details unfold as I go. Having a bunch of stuff laid out like this makes it easier for me to find inspiration 

    Thanks for looking, likes and comments are appreciated 
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    oh wes, great shots of your minis.........just a question tho..........how did my minis end up on your table.........you cant believe how close our paint schemes are.
    excellent job and love to see group shots. thank you
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    alamo reacted to Vedar in Vedar's Planetfall   
    Here we have the fearsome Ba'Kash. Known for their brutal direct assaults the weapons on these attack craft sound when firing seem amplified and the shrieking sounds have been known to cause troops to flee their positions long before the Ba'Kash get around to choosing them as targets.

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    alamo got a reaction from Frostphoenyx in New to Planetfall   
    might want to look at west aust. direct. for scheme ideas, he and i seem to be on a similar page. my direct. were primed black and light  shot/dusting of gunmetal with dry brush of steel as hi-lite.  color markings and bits and bobs were done in shades of blue with crystal/neon being the final hi-lite.  bases drybrush with various flock/static grass textures.
    sorry dont have a camera but there is alot of inspiration in these hobby threads. hope that helps some
    best alamo
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    alamo got a reaction from Nicius in Nicius' Red'n Grey Sorylian Space Lizards   
    i really enjoy your work on the sorys and think you have captured them well. love your color choices.
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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    good gawd man thats alot of colors..........awesome paints for an awesome job.
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    alamo reacted to Nicius in Nicius' Red'n Grey Sorylian Space Lizards   
    Well I've tried to reconstruct this for you:
    Model is primed in grey ( I think its a spraycan humbrol grey)
    First layer: army painter dragon red.
    First wash : army painter strong tone or GW Nuln Oil
    First highlight: army painter dragon red
    Second highlight: army painter pure red 
    Third highlight: Vallejo Game color hot orange.
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    @WestAustralian Thanks mate! The terrain seems to be only suitable for tanks I think.

    @alamo Thanks mate
    I've done it, I have finally finished the "Battle for Proteus prime boxset" including the objective tokens. The Aquan and Directorate Infantry bases are finished now and all based, might be adding some more detail to them later, but for now I am happy with them as they are.
    Thanks guys, this is a bit of a photo spam. probably won't be doing much planetfall painting for a while but I do have the Veydreth helix around here some where.......

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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    @William Adama, thanks so much, you flatter me. 
    @tansalus, as a collector with every Allied Helix I am really excited to see what they release next. Hopefully something this year. 
    @Skyhawk, I know what you are saying. I had to make that decision coming into Plsnetfall. Do I go all out on each and every miniature. Or do I do a quick and satisfying turn around. I went for the later. On every model except Infantry I paint to achieve an acceptable result in an acceptable amount of time. 
    So this week was a continuation of the Dindrenzi Infantry. Infantry are my weekness, I use far too many colours and spend too much time on them 
    it was lots of work and lots of effort, but they are done now, and I am very happy with the result

    This is is the incredible number of paints I use on my Dendrenzi Infantry

    thanks for looking
    likes and comments are treasured
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    @alamo , @WestAustralian Thanks guys.

    I've recently finished the Fortified Positions Spartan Scenics terrain set. I think they're a little to big for planetfall but they're close enough I guess. You'll see what I mean in the photos with Sorlyian light/heavy infantry and directorate tanks on the terrain for scale.

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    alamo got a reaction from WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    great looking inf.........love the helmet
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    alamo reacted to WestAustralian in WestAussie's Planetfall   
    Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate them
    I managed to clean and prime 2 units of Dindrenzi Infantry. 

    This is is my colour test for the infantry

    Infantry always take ages for me.  But that's ok, I will work on them between my FSA Dindrenzi Fleet models
    thsnks for looking
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    alamo reacted to Lord Bloodwings in Bloodwings' Planetfall   
    **** it's been a while since I have done any Planetfall painting, but fear not as I have made slight progress with my painting and the game itself. I have just finished the Aquan light skimmers and have made the initial prep work on the Directorate and Aquan Infantry bases. 
    I have also got my hands on a small table to now use for games in my hobby room. I've got the terrain I previously posted about assembled and undercoated so hopefully I will have that ready to go in a week or to.

    Apologies, some are a little blurry.
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