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  1. Hello again, i have a Questuion about Hexaltis and the Dark Council rule. (for Clarification in our Group) The Dark Council rules says : "Furthermore, you may deploy a single Hexalith during deployment for each unit with this rule in your Army." This means that Models like Burson Carpathian (enlightened) or Garrat Morden (Union) can deploy an Hexalith, which is normally Hex only, in another Faction than the Hex, correct? Sory for my bad english. thank you for Your Answers
  2. Hello, Can somebody please explain me the diffrence between Kyle´s Servo Claws and his Meat Cleaver? (other that decapitate only works on S, M or L -bases) Both are "Brutal" on all attacks. Both become "Lethal" when i roll a crit. Decapitate would add "Brutal" when the weapon is already "Lethal", but they are already "Brutal", so there is no bonus added. Do i missread this? Kind regards christian Stein
  3. Hello again! Can i use the "Creation" -special rule on the free strike generated from an "Charge" specila combat action, to double the PRC -calue of the ,elee weapon? Thanks for the Answers!
  4. Just for clarification: Then the "Manipulate Portal"- rule is the only way, to get Portals into paly, but not the only way to remove them from the game?
  5. Hello again. Can i close/destroy Portals/Hexaliths only with the "manipulate portal" -special combat action or can i simply shoot them down with my ranged weapons? Thanks for the answers kind regards Mugel
  6. Yes, this is some how why i asked in the first place. i only know the term "removed from play" from other games. and there it often means it is gone forever without the possibility to bring it back. This is why i got a little confused here. thank you all for the fast answers!
  7. Hello again. I have some Questions about the Rules mentioned in the Title. 1. A modell which used hist Failsafe Detonator Weapon is removed from play. Can i bring them back with the Carpathogen -rule? 2. Can a modell in a unit decide to not take part of an attack action? Thanks for your help.
  8. yes this. for me, the old fluff was more like a light version of lovecraftian horror. it was nice and i am a little sad that it is gone. But i look up to the new fluff and hope it will tunr out good.
  9. He was mentioned in the old Family Blood Book. but its only an support role.
  10. In the new Fluff he simply is that powerfull at the moment. I wait for comics or Books to flesh the universe out. In the old Fluff, he had an artifact from the old Atlanteans/Marsians that granted him a little more resistance from the dark council. Actually so much resistance, that the Dark Council tricked his son in killng him. This is why the Legendary Carpathian is an construct himself. The problem is, in my opinion, non of the old stuff is canon anymore, because it is similar, but in the same time totaly diffrent. ( i can give Examples if needed.) Correct me, if i am wrong.
  11. As i read it: no. Because it reads: Heavy: Unless carried by a MACHINE, the the Weapon can only beused in a Combat Action if the unit does not make a Move or Charge Action during that Activation. As i read it, only machines can move and shoot with that weapon at all.
  12. Hello again. Can a Boss, when he activates, use his Specialrules from inside a Modell with the "Capacity"-special rule. ( A transport transports a modell). Examples: A Doomsday transports Burson Carpthian. Carpathian activates. Can Carpathian use his Specialrules "Dark Council", "Carpathogen" and " Shrewd Strategist" from within the Doomsday? and/or A Doomsday transports Thomas Edeson. Thomas Edeson activates. Can edeson use his Specialrules "Controlled Scatter", "Carpathogen", "Shieldaura" and "Repair"? When such models CAN use their rules, from within an Transporter, ist the distance of the Rules measured from the base of the transporter?
  13. Hello Warcradle -team. Can you please help me with this rulesquestion? How do i calculate the value when my modell falls? Or ,in other words, what does " A falling modell must take a Grit Check with a piercing modifier equal to the base size of the drop." mean? Does it mean: 1. the base size the modell has. So that a small base Modell gets a smaller piercing value than a bigger based modell? ( small base = piercing value 1, medium =2, large = 3, and so on) or 2. the hight of the fall. When a small based modell falls three time its base width, it gets an piercing value of 3. and a larger modell then less than that because the fall is not that high. or 3. something completly other i didnt know, An exampel would be nicem so i can show it to my gaming round. Thanks for your patience. Mugel
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