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  1. What would you recommend after getting the 2 player set as that comes in at 655 pts fully tooled up. I have a game of 800 pts in 3 weeks followed by 1000 pt the week later? I've not played this before so no idea what is good and what isn't. the 2 player set has the Heavy Carrier taking up 2 carrier slots within tier 1. Is it best to keep this or keep it for the 1000 game. If I take the heavy carrier I can't then field the sulis as they are heavy cruisers and that would then take me over the max squadrons allowed so I'm actually less than the 655 pts mentioned earlier for the 800 game.
  2. You would like to think so. I'm still waiting for a response to my emails about some prize support, even spoke to Neil at games day (2014) and he said to send him a copy of the email. Still waiting. No support = no event.
  3. Ah tks, left that at home. Bugger. Will have to wait a couple of weeks unless twist gf's arm to send it to me.
  4. I have the 2 player starter set and trying to work out the points to see what to get next. But after looking online in the downloads section on here and in the rule book that comes with the game there are only stats for the 'Chimaera' frigate. Where can I find the rest of the stats for the models? 1 x Heavy Cruiser and 2 x cruiser types.
  5. Thanks, Didn't notice it due to no spacing, Just thought it was all the same MAR. Its ok, ive found the part regarding the mercs. Im going blind
  6. If using the BW fleet as the main fleet, can you still add in any other merc units (as they are all mercs) for no penalties? Would they count as allies (I think not as all come under the allies, but just confirming) Going to an event soon and they list 'No Allies' so don't want to add HEC into the BW fleet if I am unable to. Fuel Reserves - I am unable to find this in the new book but they are listed as MARS against various models. Where are they now listed??
  7. Will you be updating the app to reflect V2 points etc?
  8. So its changed from the 5+ then from V1.1. That sucks
  9. Im at both W&P and Hammer N'Ales. I had posted on Saturday but not had a reply as yet
  10. Are there any players in Nottingham who play this? There are FSA players at one club and DW at the other club but no Planetfall players around that I know of I don't have the game yet as I am looking at playing a few times to see if its something I will invest in.
  11. Tom, if you are free on one Wednesday evening then I could give you at game at War & Peace gaming club at Springfield Hall, Sandiacre.7-11pm Loads of free parking, and a BAR
  12. That's not many games for people travelling for an event. Would need to have 3 or 4 games for any rivalries to build up. That would only attract local players and not get your tourney scene growing.
  13. I have used the Ika and the Chinese battleship (with rockets) in various games. the Ika has damaged some nice ships and boarded others and the Battleship has provided nice BR4 firepower against small/medium models I have only used the Ika in V2 to mixed effect in a few games. More games are needed with both options to give a more rounded answer.
  14. @ LikeASir, That's if they answer any emails you send them regarding events
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