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  1. All I have got in my head is a Dystopian wars version of X-wing and to be honest that is not a bad thing. Probably smaller scale in order to have the larger sky fortresses etc but still...
  2. I have been largely focused on Naval combat now that Amoured Clash is a fully developed system and a small scale aerial series of rules on the cards maybe its time to expand
  3. Those are very nice, I've seen some very garish american ships certainly a more realstic approach
  4. But would you include the critical hit tables. I get the impression that DW and DL are very pulpy particularly given the FSA's new air cav. whereas the 40k systems are very "grim and dark", mechanics wise i've had a lot of fuin with the various 40k lines just not sure how well it encompasses the feel of DL/DW. There is alot you would have to cut out: Psykers Mutants The classes would have to be reskinned completely You would lose a substantial amount of equipment and the creatures dont really fit. So if you were to take just the system, which i really like you have a lot of work to get it anywhere near playable. That is just my opinion and i know that people with are intrests are a capable bunch and have a penchant for proving people wrong, so I am ready and waiting to see what you come up with. As mentioned earlier I will attempt to provide my imagining of a DW savage worlds setting sans fluff because Spartan have already done a great job on that. Anyone else excited for the DL corebook and the field manuals, the number of roleplay possibility certainly stands to increase.
  5. Not a bad idea only issue with the 40k range is that alot of mechanics are pretty ingrained fluff wise might take a fair amount of work to tease out all the relevant bit
  6. Wow Impressive! Are club is still a little reticent to get into DW despite my championing of it at every opportunity. Out of interest how long did it take to play everything out
  7. On the miniatures front, If all else fails if they do create civilians miniatures for characters in the rp, regardless of whether you use them for the rp itself they will make great objectives in the wargame itself
  8. Thanks I appreciate it, just from a stats standpoint it seems like a marked improvement, I am now tempted to pick one up.
  9. Very Nice looking forward to seeing more
  10. Forgive my ignoranc ebut I can't find the new stats for the Hachiman hopefully you can point me that way I have been avoiding it like the plague up until this point might pick one up if it is enough of an improvement
  11. Unfortunately I have to agree with asleep by day, I always use a specific dice set for each of my characters and wouldn't really want multi coloured sets (call me insane if you will but i promise you one characters dice don't work for anothers ) But as I have kind of said before the multi coloured dice is thematically replicated by die type as per savage worlds (plus sploding dice) apologies if I seem like a broken record, i've been waiting for this topic to come up for a while.
  12. Seems to be quite the growing topic. When I finally get some free time I will put together a rules light savage worlds setting. I will keep you posted on the progress and if people want and spartan doesn't have a problem I will post the bits on here.
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