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  1. These models are looking amazing! Showing a Directorate model really made my Directorate friend excited! I did not expect them to be in the initial wave of models even!
  2. I'm waiting for your update as I'm going to make a reference book for our store. Got a lot of people starting up and a couple that don't use a computer even. Great looking document though
  3. All the factions seem to play quite different. I'm in a similar boat to you (no pun intended as I also play Terran's and will be expanding to Hawker soon). I know I plan on playing Ralthoza likely for when I pick up some bad guys. I would say Dendrazi play the exact opposite as Terrans though (armor vs shield, long range vs short).
  4. Looks great! I can't wait until they release these for sale!
  5. Hey everyone! I see very few lists here, but lots of people asking about them. So I thought it might be a good idea to have a list compilation. Feel free to post your Terran Alliance lists and/or Terran Alliance/Allies lists. Please include the points level, upgrades, etc. Lets see what you great Admirals have to offer the Central Intelligence of the Alliance of Terra!
  6. How many of you use allies in your fleets? Which ones? I really like the Hawker and Ryushi models, but I'm having a hard time actually figuring out what they do for us. Hawker seems mostly like more expensive versions of what we have. BS has access to cyberwar, but I hear that's not very effective anyway. The frigates have scout which could be nice, but pricy. Ryushi cruisers are similar to ours, but more expensive. The battle carrier looks like a good mid ground between a carrier with some real punch, but neither carriers have as many wings as our own carrier. Let's hear some discussion on the use of allies as a whole.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't like how busy it is, but had not even thought about it getting in the way of actual terrain that will look the same. Anyone have any first hand experience with HotzMatz that can make a comparison of the material its made of? "Felt" is a bit broad. I like the look of their mat. Also one of them is machine washable which would be nice too!
  8. I came looking for good news
  9. Do you have any pictures? I would like to see that.
  10. And if you keep reading said quite, I also said I have never seen one myself nor the material. They just call it "felt" which implies the fuzzy junk you can buy at any store that is scratchy and grabs the corner of everything. Do you have one? Want to give some input or just have what can be easily found on google? I'm asking here for first hand experience or to find companies I have never seen before. I have read plenty of reviews of a number of companies or could make one myself.
  11. Feel free to post pictures of your own as "examples" too
  12. Hey guys, I'm drawing up plans on how I should paint my Terrans and I'm really torn between a number of ideas. However, having very little fluff and even fewer pictures I wanted to ask your idea. Should a fleet all be painted in similar colors or should it just be each squad roughly matching? IE, if I use say white and red, should the whole fleet be the (roughly) same white and red or would it be more fitting for say BB that came from X plant to be whatever colors, then the cruiers in fleet are another different theme?
  13. Thank you all for your suggestions so far! I am going to check out the frontline one. Not crazy about it being that busy, but if its heavyish and mousepad material, may be worth it. It does need to be portable, and I figure 6'x4' or so would be a good fit as that is what most games are at anyway, and I can just mark off if it needs to be smaller. I have heard the HotMatz are made out of a lower quality just store bought material and is bad to come apart, but I have never seen one in person, in fact the only ones I have seen around (NC is not the best area for gaming) are either heavy actual boards or just felt from a general store slapped down on a table, which tends to catch the bases all the time and gets wrinkled after only a month or two.
  14. I take it models are no longer available anywhere? Any idea when they plan to be back out? I can't even find them on fleaBay. Sad, some of the models looked really good!
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