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  1. I am not too convinced about the usefulness of a carrier for the Americans. Perhaps if you use a very defensive strategy (staying far from the opponent and blasting them to pieces) then it could work, but our carriers are not made for front line duty, not even the San Francisco. The Liberty has some big advantages over the Independence: better Sustained fire and shields and slightly better weapons. Especially the Sustained fire (3) rule is a huge difference; it allows you to spread fire much more effectively, and I once inflicted two separate crits on a French cruiser from RB4 with it! On the other hand, the Independence is better if you want to go for a boarding-heavy list. If I were to take a very boring but reliable list at 1500 pts, it would be as follows: - Enterprise with shields - Liberty with shields - 3 Princetons with shields - 3 Georgetowns with rockets (no points left for shields) - 2x4 Augusta frigates - 5 Revere corvettes - 3 Guilford destroyers I tested another list without the Liberty but with Saratoga and Boston. It did work pretty well, but I had some serious luck with the Boston (it utterly destroyed a Couronne in just two shots). And the Saratoga managed to hide behind a big island for most of the game, allowing it to come out and sink a few smalls and mediums in the final turn. But that is just my preferred playing style. Why don't you share some of your thoughts so that I (and others) can comment on those?
  2. Well anything I stated in my previous post still stands, but I have fought a few more battles that gave some more insights: - Our MARs and commodore abilities are very nice when coupled to the gunnery. Devastating munitions and sustained fire are great ways to improve our damage potential, especially against enemies that rely heavily on defensive MARs (like the French). - Always remember to use Punishing gunnery! This commodore ability is potentially devastating. Adding 1 HP damage to a crit is just awesome. - The Princetons are excellent, I never leave home without them. Great guns (with sustained fire), good rocket batteries and the possibility of adding a shield generator all make them capable of taking on any Medium squadron, and even Larges will think twice before engaging in a firefight with them. - I tested the Annapolis and San Francisco. The Annapolis is a classic battle cruiser: hard-hitting but fragile, with all the American long-range punishment. The San Francisco is a little more tricky to use, with its fixed fore gun, but it seems quite dangerous to me. Like the Boston, I'm not sure I would take it in smaller battles.
  3. Those bombers look massive! Very nicely painted.
  4. Well it all depends on your preferred playing style. If you like to come up close, take the Prussians. If you want to stay at a reasonable distance, go for the French. If you want a very versatile and unpredictable fleet, take CoA. If unpredictable is not your thing, go for the Blazing Sun. Whatever you choose, the fleets are pretty well balanced between them, and with the new ships added you can almost always find the right weapon against each fleet. @tank0625: for the Americans: they have changed quite a bit as well. First of all, the aesthetic of their new ships is much more bulky and impressive than the old ones (especially the V1 starter). Gamewise, they are no longer simply a fleet of big guns shooting from afar (although that is what they do best). They have some units that break that pattern and can make your opponent's life miserable from close by (I'm looking at you Boston and Turtles!). You may like them if you want to combine naval and air, since that is one of their key features nowadays; the air force does things the navy isn't good at (boarding for example), and has some very unique and handy ships, like the New Orleans repair ship.
  5. Italians with camo scheme, love it! Definitely better than most of the single-colour schemes that seem to be common for them.
  6. It's nice to see something else than red and white PLC models. Very nice!
  7. I've been on the receiving end of Sirfailalot's Dieppes a few times now (I'm the FSA player in that last battle) and they are definitely a unit to fear. They came away with some luck halfway through the battle, otherwise I would have finished off at least one of them, but as it was they all remained alive, having taken 4,1 and 0 HP of damage respectively. And thanks to their torpedo turrets, even the Dieppe that was reduced to 1 HP remained a big threat for my entire centre. In our previous game, they had already given my Princetons a good run for their money, so I am definitely careful not to ignore them in the future! I do share the observation for the Marseilles, which seems to be similar for most light cruisers. My Lexingtons were equally unimpressive, but I can see their use in larger games. If you give them specific targets to hunt down and some big ships to hide behind, they can be a real nuisance before they go down (because they inevitably will die). Our next battle will definitely shed some more lights on some of the other units
  8. Galvainn

    Merchant fleet

    Very effective conversions and nice painting! Great work.
  9. That is one fantastic-looking fleet! It must be a joy to play against.
  10. You might want to try Army Painter inks. Strong tone (equivalent of old GW Devlan Mud) and Dark tone (old Badab Black) work great when applied with care. Re-drybrush your base colour over that, then add one or two lighter drybrushes. I find that gives a nice industrial, worn look, but it might not be filthy enough for you.
  11. FSA (Galvainn) vs RoF (sirfailalot) 1250 points Draw - neither player managed to achieve their objective (we called it a day at midnight)
  12. Well done! Let's hope it's a start to building a larger gaming group!
  13. One thing I found playing with this mechanic (in Dystopian Wars, but the basics are the same): it takes an awful amount of bad luck to lose a game due to the dice. I always compare this to my experience with Warhammer Fantasy, and the big difference to me is this: in Warhammer, if my opponent rolls better than I do in the first few turns, there is no way I'll ever recover from that (barring extreme luck), since my hitting power has been reduced far too much to be able to do anything significant. So my opponent just needs to mop up the remaining units to secure the game. In Dystopian Wars (or Firestorm for that matter), a few good dice rolls in turn 2-3 can get me back from a seemingly hopeless position and might even allow me to win the game after all. Which means that you need to really stay on your guard, because even that tiny little frigate can turn the game around with a (highly unlikely) lucky shot.
  14. Great idea! I can help keeping track of the statistics if needed.
  15. Totally agree with the above. They are a potent weapon on their own, but in the games I played so far, they've mostly been a psychological weapon. People will go to great lengths to try and destroy them, because the idea of leaving such a potential boarding threat unharmed is a scary one indeed.
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