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  1. As someone who's purchased, read through and played with both version 1 and version 1.1... This ruleset is an improvement! But yes, it is really hard to read. (and truth be told, maybe it isn't an improvement... I actually managed to finish reading v1 and v1.1, but I just gave up on this one. I'd like to blame being distracted by our toddler, but maybe it's because this rulebook is just harder to read...) It's a shame Spartan has such a tough time with rulebooks. Their games are so fun, but the rules are just awful.
  2. I love this idea. The pesky CoA, being right next door to southern Africa, could certainly have popped up and paid a visit to the Zulus, or any number of other African empires along the eastern side of the continent (and maybe even western - though there's a long stretch of rather desolate coast up that first bit of the western side. The rather grimly named skeleton coast is one of the most beautiful and empty places I've ever seen). And it's a shame the playtester thread suggests the fantastical creatures idea has died. Rhino cavalry! Mechanized elephants! Long-thought-extinct dinosaur fliers and submarines! But even if we don't get crazy critters to do our bidding, I would love to see a faction/ alliance nation emerge from the African continent. Something with a very different aesthetic from what's out there. (e.g., I was really hoping the Ottomans would be a nice departure from other nations, but they really don't look all that cool. Too blocky and a bit boring!) I'm also not a land war guy, so whatever option they go with, I do hope they're well represented on the sea.
  3. I like the new resin turrets 'cuz they're much easier to drill and magnetize! My fingers used to be raw and sore after drilling only one ship's worth of pewter turrets. Now they're raw and sore after drilling several ships worth of resin turrets! That's progress, chaps!
  4. Have they announced a plan to release the faction specific TACs? I'd not heard anything, but I don't listen to all the most up to date podcasts and such. If folks hear about a potential release date for faction specific TACs, please post here if you don't mind. *subscribed!*
  5. Wait. But people are offended and outraged now, since they're "delayed"... Keep in mind that offense and outrage probably represent 1% of the downloaders, all the rest of us folks LOVE those cards. Why, I'd go so far as to say we're already entitled to 'em!! (Don't tell YLLAN, however, as I don't want him to get frustrated by my sense of entitlement) Are you really saying we should pay for a lower quality product, and wait for some individual who, out of the goodness of his heart, is gonna make us the top notch stuff? That the company to whom we give our money shouldn't bother learning how to make a better product and provide that to us? That seems like a recipe for keeping your game not well known or accessible to a wider audience. Am I missing something? I really don't see the sense in your argument at all...
  6. You're missing the point... I *love* the community here, it's fantastic - but this isn't really about me. The new player won't know about us and when he or she opens this new starter set box, they could rather quickly get put off by the a-lot-harder-than-it-should-be learning curve. I think Spartan's gotten a lot better than when I first cracked open Dystopian Wars (anyone remember that version 1 rule book? Whew!), but it also really feels like there were a few missed opportunities here and that feels like a shame to me. To help the new player into the game, the following could have been added to help folks out: - An appendix to the rulebook - A full inventory or an "assembly instructions" or something to help the new player identify and use the 35-40 bits of material that aren't that easy to assign to a specific ship. Even a website address to guide players to an online pdf...! - Stat cards for the included ships (I am still not quite sure why YLLAN and SG haven't worked out a deal to use his cards "officially". Compensation might be a sticky issue, but those cards are just magnificent, and no gamer should ever have to play DW without 'em! A new player won't know this) But just to show that I'm not the curmudgeonly old troll that my previous post might otherwise indicate.... I am happy to see the inclusion of scenarios that allow new players to start slowly. That was a great idea. So there.
  7. (oh, and thanks everyone for the help with those weird tokens!)
  8. What I find quite frustrating with Spartan games is how unapproachable they tend to make their games for newbies... It's great that they put an inventory on the cover of the box, but it's less great that the game includes dozens of additional, unidentifiable bits. Tons of add ons for the FSA cruisers and battleship, the EoBS cruisers and battleship, the EoBS base, and the aforementioned weird tokens. Before any assembly at all, there's about 40-odd pieces of resin and metal to figure out, with no instructions on what they are, where they go, or how they go together. (and who was the genius who decided to not include an appendix in the rulebook?!? and no unit stats cards? did they learn nothing about user-friendly card design from the legions of fans of DW1.0?!) OK. My rant is over. But you really would have trouble making something less user friendly by design for the new player... I am glad I've put in the effort, as this is a nifty game, but I can see easily getting turned off to DW with so many other choices out there! Time to gird my loins for reading the rulebook. Fingers firmly crossed that they've at least improved some in their rules writing...!
  9. I'm just going through my Operation Shadow Hunter, and am pretty miffed there's no inventory. There's A LOT of stuff here, and if I was a new player, I'd pretty much just pack it away and take it back to the store. There's no way I'd be able to figure out what goes where with what... But I'm stuck on the three odd square resin tokens that look like things crashing into or emerging from the ocean. What are those...??
  10. Or those flimsy cut outs? The new starter set is nice and expensive, so I'm hoping we'll get an all-around quality product. Those flimsy cardstock tokens were crazymaking.
  11. It's great to still see you here, YLLAN. I remember you from years back when I was playing DW1. With the release of 2, I'm looking to get back into it (doesn't hurt that my two factions are featured in the starter set!) I don't quite understand what you mean above by "Are you going to release the cards in pages?" Is each card it's own file or something? Rather than an 8.5 x 11 sheet with four or nine or whatever cards on it? Also, why doesn't Spartan pick up your cards for use within the game? They are far better than anything they've released.
  12. Very curious to see how they work. I wonder what those two dice are for as well...?
  13. My friend found this cool ship, and said it reminded him of Dystopian Wars: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24681250@N07/8035595398/sizes/h/in/photostream/ A bit big to try to get a game on, but cool nonetheless!
  14. In the old forum, there was a thread to this small site where someone had made metal range rulers in one-inch segments that screwed into each other. There were also other products for Spartan Miniatures games too, I think. I think it might have started with com... con... something. Google hasn't helped, and I don't think it's been reposted here, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about and could link me up, I'd be most appreciative!
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