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  1. Bombers certainly are pretty good. Removing their PD, as in my post, makes them less good because they then could not be used to help in ship defence. Giving them some other utility that sometimes forces the owning player to make a choice between clearing mines or carrying out bombing runs can be seen as making them even less good again, as the opponent can make use of mines to lure the bombers into clear mines rather than carry out bombing runs, in some instances anyway...over all, I wouldn't say removing their PD and giving them a utility that will sometimes be used, as making them better than what they are now. I guess some factions and some circles of players would use Assaults. They seem to more easily get a result than boarding actions. However, I don't think that they are used all that often, but I guess my main reason is that this is already represented in the game by ship to ship boarding actions. Similarly, Support Shuttles are kind of already represented in the game when crews attempt repairs in the end phase...obviously this does not extend to returning lost crews points, like a medical shuttle can achieve. If increasing game speed whilst still maintaining "granularity" is the aim, then removing some of these elements, or combing them into one is at least one place to look to achieve this aim, I reckon.
  2. So something along these lines; Fighters are good at Intercepting (they get the 6" Intercept Move) and Dogfighting (hit other SRS on 3+), are good at helping defend ships with their PD and can still carry out weak Bombing Runs...enough to threaten a Frigate or heavily damaged lone Capital. Bombers are good at carry out powerful Bombing Runs and can clear mines (lets say by dropping/launching bombs/missiles that are designed to clear mines) - for clearing mines it might be something like the Bomber SRS carries out an attack run against a Mine Marker. It rolls its AD and reduces the Mine Strength by 1 for each 4+ it rolls, then returns to base as usual. The Mine Marker is removed if it is reduced to 0 Strength...and Bombers are less capable Dogfighters needing a 4+ to hit other SRS.
  3. Cool, thanks for the heads-up on what we are looking at getting in 3.0, Spartan Alex...they all seem like reasonable aims. My thoughts; 1 - I'd like to see the Primary Movement Segment sped up. For me, the killer here is having to place a template down on the table and hold it up against the base during some or all of the models movement, painstakingly inching it around several placements of the template for each model...particularly when you're in turn 4+ or 5+ and many of the ships can be clustered quite close together. I reckon getting rid of the turning template and simply pivoting the ships on the spot would be a solid improvement...and perhaps with Smalls, just let players place them in any position and orientation they like as long as they don't exceed their movement limitations and adhere to other movement limitations (like can't move through a planet etc). 2 - I'd like to get rid of SRS Boarding Assaults and Support Shuttles. I'd like to roll Fighters and Interceptors into one, and remove the PD from the Bombers. So you would be left with a choice between an SRS that hits hard in a Bombing Run, or an SRS that is a jack of all trades (PD Defence, Dogfighter, Less Powerful Bombing Run). 3 - If there is any way to reduce the amount of tokens on the ship's bases, I'd also be up for that, too 4 - As for the other often mentioned things like AD calculation and Mines etc...I'm pretty happy with all those as they are and don't see them as being overly complicated or overly powerful.
  4. Ok, thanks Ryjak, I see now that they do have the older style stat layout. It shouldn't be too difficult to simply reformat and perhaps tweak them for 2.0.
  5. Just jumping back into Firestorm Armada after a fairly long break and I am trying to track down the current rules for these two models. I have the old downloadable PDF titled "Military Installations", which has both of these Space Stations in it...is this the most current rules for these models?
  6. Fearless is now applicable to both Dindrenzi and RSN, not just Dindrenzi.
  7. Veydreth Tanks all look very cool. The RSN Seraph Drones look very much like drone tanks, which is excellent. The Temple of Dramos looks dumb with the statue in the middle, but it looks easy to remove so the rest of it will look cool when that is done. The Archangel will have the dumb looking wings replaced with a suitable jump pack of some sort and I will be sourcing a pair of feet for it too...once those two conversions have been done, it will be a great looking model.
  8. Excellent work, it looks fantastic!!!
  9. Yes they can. This is the only instance (currently, who knows what might be capable in the future of the game) where a Infantry Squadron can Disembark and end up in a Building within the same turn (provided they win the Storming CQB Action).
  10. A longer table would be good for some scenarios/factions and poor for others. A longer table where say the Dindrenzi were attacking the Terrans (who were defending several Objectives that were all within the Terran half of the table) would make for a great game. Reverse the roles and it would likely not be much of a game at all (unless the Terrans had a point handicap or some such).
  11. I think the last bit there is a bit melodramatic, the game is easily playable. To be honest, I don't really see a problem with the Recon Phase as it works now and I wouldn't really want to see it changed in the core rules. House ruling it is fine and I'm always interested in seeing what people come up with for these things, but I don't think it needs to change in the core rules at all. The rules also disallow Overwatch being placed.
  12. True...perhaps you could also consider including CQB to go along with the Overwatch as a further deterrent for getting too close.
  13. @c0rruptd - for your modification, you'd have to include some mention about CQB (specifically do you want to allow it as well as the Overwatch in this early pre-1st turn phase), because if both Recon elements deployed at the forward edge of their 8" deployment zone and then both had a good Flat Out move distance (Say Leto's Vs Imzani's), they could end up completing a Movement Action within 4" of each other.
  14. Yes, the Crystal Nodes are Sky Dropped singularly, and the Stingray Turrets are Sky Dropped in pairs...and as you've said, after determining deviation, you place your first Stingray Turret down in that location and then the second Stingray Turret anywhere within coherency of the first. For the Stingrays, it's a good idea to make sure the Turret is facing directly towards one of the base edges. It doesn't matter for the firing of the Turret as it has an AR fire arc, but you can use that edge as the front of the Stingray Turret so your opponent knows which is the aft and rear of the Stingray Turret so that he can determine any aft and flank bonuses he main gain when firing at it. Also, if you are using the hard copy rulebook from the Proteus Prime box, you should instead download the free PDF rules, it has some very major updates and clarifications that make the game much clearer and easier to understand. Same with the ORBAT's, the free downloadable ORBAT's are the most updated model stats available and supersede the ones you get in the Proteus Prime box set.
  15. Well, at the top of page 71 it says that the embarked Squadron may make an immediate out-of-sequence Disembark Move Action from the Destroyed Model before it is removed from play. On page 73, it says that Overwatch may be made against an opposing Squadron that completes ANY Movement Action... Overwatch can really stuff Nyx up if your opponent can set it up well. I've been stung by it a lot.
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