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  1. I'm currently putting together a fleet of Kedorians with proxy models. I hope they will get some more ship variety soon, especially a dreadnought.
  2. Hello, I got my hands on the old Rift campaign guide and was faszinated by the Syndicate headquarters stardabe Seredipidy Heights. Has anybody tried to build it or ist here a How-To to kitbash it? Thank you in advance
  3. I will try to thois my RSN frigates, thank you . I will see to the PD issue
  4. Thank you for the input. Argh, I hoped that this won't work. I will defintily think about taking less small ships then in the future, since they are so easy to lill by nuke salvoes
  5. Hello, I have a question concerning the nuclear weapons. When for example a cruiser fires it's nuclears missiles at a Frigate or Escort type ship and reches or gets over the critical rating, the ship is immideatly destroyed. Now since the weapon crossed the crit rating does the coherence effect trigger for the nukes or not? Based on how I understand the rules, since the Frigate/Escort can't suffer a crit and is immediately destroyed no coherence effect is happening. Am I right on this?
  6. This means that I have to buy another core helix just to use this upgrades?
  7. My question is concerning this new product: http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PFSC05 It tells that it is not standalone, but requires other standard infantry bases. So my questions is where to get these miniatures? Do I have to buy a full new Core Helix or what do I have to buy get to use this upgrades
  8. Hello I have one question. For the new light Infantry upgrades, which miniatures should I use?
  9. I hope they will clarify on the finds they wrote soon. Some of the things sound vey unbalanced or half-baked and remind me of the old days of ACTA 2nd Edition when game balance was thrown out of the window in favour of "cool" things. Especially different weapons systems and the targeted strikes.
  10. Look good. I hope they will balance out the fleet. I don't want a Vree desaster.
  11. My top 5s: 1. Babylon 5 EA Omega Destroyer 2. Babylon 5 Narn Cruiser 3. Star Trek Mogai Warbird 4. Star Trek Akira Class 5. Star Trek D'Deridex Warbird
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