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  1. So? The same could be said for neighboring cities, suburbs, or houses.
  2. Remember, this is an alternate timeline. For all we know, in this game's background, Oda Nobunaga didn't get betrayed, or Hideyoshi didn't become a f***ing c*** when he took power, or... (etc)... All it would have taken was a diplomatic delegation (with the right people, at the right time) instead of a military raid, and centuries of animosity would have been reduced. It wouldn't be completely eliminated (xenophobia is ingrained into human nature) but it would mean that the citizens of China don't have to worry about Samurai razing their villages.
  3. As the title says. (Also, please add any I've missed.) Townsville: -Realms of Magic and Miniatures (FLGS) Tavern St, Kirwan -Critical Damage Games Den (club) also meets in Kirwan. -Twin Cities Games Association (club) Madden St, Aitkenvale. Meets Thursday evenings and Sundays Cassowary Coast -Cassowary Coast Tabletop Games Club (club) Seafarer St, South Mission Beach. Meets most Sunday afternoons (earlier, if I'm not on shift) Cairns -The Wicked Goblin (FLGS) Shields St, Cairns Central. (The Cairns Wargamers Club also meets here every Wednesday evening) Atherton Tablelands -Tablelands Gamers Collective (club) Atherton High School. Meets every 3rd Saturday (plus additional sessions for boardgames/RPGs, enquire at the local bookshop)
  4. Well, I've ordered the Red Oak box. Eventually, I'll get Union, so that I can at least integrate (most) of my Americans into them. The "wilderness section" would probably be better off as Warrior Nation, but the rest (apart from Samuel Orlington) should be "close enough" to use as reinforcements.
  5. I caved in, and bought the Red Oak box via the online store. As much as I want to support my nearby stores, their suppliers haven't restocked in several months.
  6. They're basically just like any university, but with Victorian-era morals, international "campuses" and no oversight committees.
  7. Most of the Prussian ships are pretty similar the Emperor and 2 Eiders are effectively the same ship. They are just different combinations of regular/tesla broadsides, and regular/speer turrets. The Karl is just an Emperor with a bridge-mounted speer turret (or it's an upsized k'burg, with an aft turret).
  8. I'm hoping that what we'll get with be something along the lines of what a few of us already used to explain to new players when asked "why so many different classes of battleship?" I always explain it as different shipyards. Each tweak their designs for various reasons (resource limitations, independent shipyards, etc). For example, the Emperor is made in the "primary" shipyard, near Berlin, while the Kaiser Karl is made from one of the smaller Hapsburg-run facilities. The Eider is built in the Iceland facilities, so has been influenced both by being in a "remote" region, and having STO engineers' collaboration with the construction.
  9. It's unfortunate, but also understandable. They want to make a fresh start with the game, and I'm sure the older models that still have viable molds will eventually return to production.
  10. So did I. I had preordered both Canadian and Scandinavian fleets.
  11. I've yet to pick up a copy of the game (the distributor that supplies my FLGS hasn't started stocking/restocking). I might have to cave in and go online for the Red Oak boxed set. I'm probably going to end up going Union/Lawmen, as I have Americans from Dystopian Legions that I could easily integrate into them.
  12. ....as for the others, most vessels can be separated into "generic" categories, with either upgrades or commodore bonuses affecting AD, munitions, etc
  13. The Crown ones will probably be along the lines of -???? Hv Battleship (the new Warcradle one) -Magnate "mkI" Battleship: 4 turrets, broadside +shield. Options: Monarch (replace end turrets with heavy turrets) Magnate "mkII" (replace central turrets with bombards) Ruler (replace shield with guardian) ...etc... -Athea "mkI" Pocket Battleship (2 heavy turrets, broadside +shield). Options Athea "mkII" (replace heavy turrets with torpedo turrets) Cerberus (replace shield with "convertible shield") Bounty (replace heavy turrets with energy turrets, and shield with "convertible shield") ...etc..
  14. Probably a couple of hardpoints will look different, and certain nations' commodores will enable special options and/or abilities (eg Danish AP might be Aggressive, while Austrians could be Stoic. The Prussians might get a bonus for their Tesla weapons. The STO use powered exo-armour, so could get some sort of "save") We won't know for sure until the open beta.
  15. It will be interesting to see how they are integrated. I have Americans (1st edn starter, forward observers, tread bikes) Japanese (1st edn starter, medics, sky bikes, and an extra shinobi) French and Antarctican (both from 2nd edn box)
  16. My Elbe is usually my flagship, and it's even more fun with a Donnerfaust or Havel attached.
  17. Same here. My Prussian fleet is medium-heavy, with my large choices generally on "support" roles (usually an Elbe carrier, and the Sturmbringer).
  18. That's why I suggested making them support weapons (machineguns, mortars, etc). Most players will own no more than a dozen or so (although I own 60 Pioneers, that's only because I have over 10k points of American armour) and infantry platoons in 10mm scale would probably include one or two support sections.
  19. I think what little physical stock that was still in the old buildings was already sold off ages ago. There was a bunch of assorted stuff on eBay, way back in early September (one of those was a ****load of Tenkei rotors). The only way to get products at the moment is to trawl through the various online retailers, and hope they still have stock.
  20. I'm 97% certain we'll see some version of them, as the models were originally scheduled for release in the week Spartan closed. This implies that they had molds of some sort ready. Even if there were only data files, I'm sure Warcradle will have their own versions ready eventually.
  21. Hi, I'm Anthony. I've been playing Dystopian Wars (Armoured Clash, also due to the game being split into 2) for about 8 years, and have several fleets (18, in the old rules). These vary from a few hundred points, up to several thousand, mostly around the 10k-mark (with my Americans being over 20k). I also have a couple of starters each for Firestorm Armada, Uncharted Seas, and Dystopian Legions.
  22. The reason I think they'd most likely be League of Crimson are the similarities in weapon-positions, models being near useless at boarding, etc.
  23. Maybe they'll have "Dystopian scale" versions (or the other way around). For example, the Washington model in one game might be the Los Angeles in the other.
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