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  1. 2.5 template size question

    There were typos in the rulebook. The "area bombardment" template is 1.5" (40mm) in diameter. The (purple) "energy blast" template is 2" (50mm) in diameter. The "mine explosion" template is 4" (100mm) in diameter.
  2. Special Issue and K9 Gun Dog weapons

    I just assumed the difference in cards was to do with the "personal preferences" of the character/leader in the posse, much like how Wyatt Earp's "Tombstone" posse is different to a regular lawman posse.
  3. Not Mad Max?

    It would be interesting. Other companies have done similar games- gw had dark future GURPs had both car wars, and (discworld) cart wars
  4. General Questions

    Does that help?
  5. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    I still intend to get the new models as they come out. For the majority of my collection, I'll be reorganising the squadrons to make the warcradle versions into "squad leaders" (or the other way around, depending on what I currently own). I just think it would be a good idea (even if it's a few months after the warcradle models are released) to have components for those people who aren't so good at sculpting/conversion work available, so they can get their current collection to look like they're the correct scale. I'm prepared for some of my collection (such as my 6 DW-scale trains) to be redundant, and I can deal with it. I'm an Ork player for 40k (since 1996) and repurposing things has become second nature to me. Something I would suggest for the "new" model is having additional options in its kit, that could easily be attached to the older model (eg make it so the "new" mobile airfields have empty flight decks, and have the jump troops, gyrocopters, etc as separate elements). This means that the new model will still get bought, and veteran players can get something to unify their collections.
  6. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    From what I understand, the DW-scale medium tanks will become small models, and the larger models will become medium. The warcradle sculpts will have 10mm-scale hatches and ladders. The DW-scale small tanks are roughly the same size as 10mm-scale fieldguns/etc
  7. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    I'm hoping they make some "conversion kits" (hatches, drop-overs, etc) for the models affected by the changes in scale. The current mobile airfields will only really need either an upsized plane, or something like a gyrocopter or squad of jetpack troops, to put over the top of the planes. All of the 2-per-base tanks really only need some add-on troops to turn them into things like machine guns, mortars, bikes, etc. (The robots would work as power-armoured/enhanced troops)
  8. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    ...so they'll be like the CoA's drones were before the "feedback" rule was introduced. Looks like a good idea. The only amendment I would give for it would be to have the option for certain models to have "CAP" assigned (out of the available planes) during initial deployment, giving a defensive AA "upgrade" to their parent vessel, and having it so they don't get removed when used (but are permanently removed with the parent model being lost).
  9. Support Aircraft in the Dystopian Age

    @CDR G it looks like the most likely occurrence will be the "Geier" as we know it will become an Armoured Clash aircraft, with a new "Dystopian-scale" version as the bomber we're seeing on the ice maiden.
  10. Trailblazer And New Player Support

    Thanks for that. Looks like I'll have to purchase some more stuff next month, after I've paid the car registration.
  11. Trailblazer And New Player Support

    I've just finished painting the miniatures from the Red Oak box, and will be trying out the game soon. However, I don't know if I need to acquire a second set of cards, or if just sharing the set from the box is ok.
  12. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Not as fiddly as it was when it was per plane. The tray already has a dice slot, so it could easily be used to track fuel/ammo for a squadron.
  13. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Could always go back to a similar ruleset to 1st edition, where you have to "land" on a carrier to refuel/rearm/retask, and only the larger carriers can "respawn" (I do still miss the d6 with the planes being fuel points where you had to burn fuel to certain actions, and AA of sufficient quantity could abort an attack-run.)
  14. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    All it would take is an error during coordinate mapping. In the older edition, we used to treat the AP loss from the chart as a "Philadelphia Experiment" type mishap. It could just as easily be some entity taking a few souls as "payment" for traversing through its territory.
  15. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Or they all activate at the start of the "end phase" before rolling for damage control, drifting, etc.

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