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    northerndragons reacted to shinzuer in SG asks which Alliance Ships we wait for most on FB   
    Oh I see....... Hawker pulls ahead and all of a sudden it's "just for fun ".  There's a Zenian plot if I've ever seen one.
    Well played Rufus Rense, well played.
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    northerndragons reacted to Arcubalis in SG asks which Alliance Ships we wait for most on FB   
    Hehehehe, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Shantu Spar'thg wgah'nagl fhtagn" ("In his house at Spartan, dead Shantu waits dreaming.")
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    northerndragons got a reaction from zaknafn in SG asks which Alliance Ships we wait for most on FB   
    Now Zak, tell us how you really feel. 
    I know it was a pain putting my Ba'kash together and it took a little doing.  But I do think you nailed the problem square in the face, we as gamers don't want to pay $70 for mini that's a pain to assemble.  (though I'm sure those masochistic types who play Battle Mattle 37k just love it)   I'm sure what's going on is that SG is trying to find a more cost-effective way to make the Shantu, one that doesn't involve six pairs of hands working together to hold everything in place while the glue dries.
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    northerndragons reacted to cymruvoodoo in Thinking of running a Demo   
    No, you weren't way off. Those two Bun-Buns are one and the same. Bonus points then for painting it up in the Holiday Wars colors.
    EDIT: Technically speaking, when I said "same" I should have said "are linked concepts, since the massive engine of destruction with crew is named for the tiny engine of destruction with the ready supply of one-liners. And switchblade."
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    northerndragons reacted to Chancer in Thinking of running a Demo   
    In my mind there are a number of teypes of DW introduction approaches:
    Thsi list is not exhaustive or defiantive but it does present options suitable for various circumstances and settings.
    1) The Big Demo Game
    Lots of ships / flyers/ land / fortifacations on a table the shows off the game, this is pure eye candy the players should have leaflets and other info as they chat to passers by  / observers. Game balance is less important then spectical.
    2) The Balanced Game Being Demo'd
    2 Well planned fleets about 1000 or so points played properly. Still plenty of info for observers, the demors off people the chance to comand a couple of units for a couple of turns. More of the chat is about the battle and game mechanics.
    3) The Training Game - Best suited for Club nights.
    2 Smallish balanced fleets, 500 to 700 points. Played a full agme but with some siplified rules. One of the players is new to the game the organiser is teaching them the core mechanics. No TFTs or boarding.
    3.1) Same as above but the organiser is training two new or curious players. The organiser sits by the table explaining mechanics and giving game advice to both players.
    4) The Quick Intro
    2 Forces of a Cruiser plus up to 4 Frigates per side and small island rocky outcrop as a bit of scenery. This is a quick 1 to 1 game intro at absic level. Suitable for non wargamers, quick simple and very accessable with back ground info at hand. The Introducer should ensure they explain the DW background/ fluff. Leaflets and other info help a lot. Should take less than 1/2 an hour about 15mins is the goal. This little set can be the ships you carry in your sports bag / briefcase / rucksack. when out and about or even going to work. ( I do carry such a set along with my lunch, reading material and some work paperwork). You can explain the basics over tea and sandwiches at lunch time.
    Key Factors for all of the above:
    You must have painted ships. Keep it light and friendly, in these games winning is less important. Dont worry about the small print of rules, this not the relm of rules lawyers. The fluff and background helps set the scene, think about the DW narrative, the story that a game is telling.
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    northerndragons reacted to Kapitan Montag in Magnets   
    This works well - just don't use brass screws
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    northerndragons got a reaction from c0rruptd in Minsk Tank Hunter Love 'em or Hate 'em   
    I just got a blister of these little hot rods yesterday, I sure do love the shape of them and the stats aren't too bad either.  Plus with it being a medium and no limited resource MAR I could see this being fielded as a replacement for the Kamchatka (or at least an adition).  The 'Hunter Cannon' reaches out to RB4 with 4AD of love, letting you reach out and touch someone.
    So what does everyone else think?  Anyone play with them or proxy them?
    Plus I think of my favorite character from Baldur's Gate...
    "Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm!"
    or better
    "Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads! Swords for everyone!"
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    northerndragons reacted to MrBPaintjobs in Bumper boats of death!   
    OMG cogs for the cog throne. Love it.
    Spartan! Put this on a shirt for me, please.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from ElectricPaladin in Hostility Drone   
    ART attacks do not cause Hull Damage.  Instead, a boarding assault is resolved IMMEDIATELY after the number of hits have been calculated (after Point Defense and Shield Systems) with a Boarding Assault Strength equal to the Number of Hits scored in excess of the DR of the target model.  This is NOT subject to anti-boarding point defense.
    Assault Robots CANNOT Capture or Sabotage a model.  Any model reduced to zero CP and AP by an ART attack become derelict or is destroyed if the scenario being played does not call for the use of derelict models.
    Hope that helps.
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    northerndragons reacted to Archeantus in Paint Pen for Windows   
    I have been using a Sharpie paint pen for some of my work but I do wish the point were smaller. Also, I used a detail brush on these little blue deck windows:

     Ya, those could definitely be better but it is possible.
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    northerndragons reacted to ElectricPaladin in Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Veydreth   
    I still have all my BFG stuff, and I'll play it, too. Unlike other dead games that I insist on being into (Confrontation), there's no community for it here, and once the minis are no longer available, the game can no longer grow.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from ElectricPaladin in Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Veydreth   
    I know it was asked (in the general section I think) if SG was going to kill FA next and they said no, that they're going to continue to support the game and that they're going to be releasing more minis for us in the next couple of months.  (yay!)  I hope with GW killing their entire specialist games line that SG will attract the attention of all the Gothic Battlefleet players looking for their space combat fix.  And this will encourage SG to pump out minis a bit faster.  Though I'll admit I'm kind of torn since I play DW as well as FA, so I do like seeing all the DW releases.
    I did look at the V1 Veydreth corvette and I wish they had kept that.  It totally fits the theme of the Veydreth as a raider faction.  You need a small ship to scout out targets and keep convoys from scattering.  So I hope that they reconsider bring back this ship, just for balance's sake.  Though in the mean time, my Veydreth will run cover for my Tarakians.
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