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    northerndragons got a reaction from Spellduckwrong in Spray painting miniatures   
    How humid is it when you're spraying?  I've found if I spray when it's really humid, summer nights for example, the coat will come out very grainy. 
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    northerndragons reacted to Sailion in Official Thread: Kingdom Of Denmark   
    Muhaha! Yes, Yes! News please and thank you.
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    northerndragons reacted to Kurgan in Official Zenian League Thread: Works Raptor   
    For me I don't care how bad or good they are...their models are awesome...check online shop pre-order

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    northerndragons reacted to Darthp00p00 in Robotech-inspired Ryushi battlecarrier!   
    That thought did pass through my mind, but instead ill be painting two cruisers to look like the carriers that are attached to the SDF-1 (red n blue).
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    northerndragons reacted to Darthp00p00 in Robotech-inspired Ryushi battlecarrier!   
    So for the last few weeks i've started painting my new Ryushi fleet. I started with the battlecarrier, with a color scheme based off the SDF-1 from Robotech (as will the whole fleet eventually)... have a gander! The acrylic piece was colored with permanent marker after several ink tests just didn't really give me good results. Also fun fact, GaleForce 9 glue reacts with marker ink... creating a bloody goop... just so you know lol...

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    northerndragons reacted to tank0625 in My turn for Syndicate ****Update 4/8/2015****   
    First of all I need to give Khaleth a shout out for inspiring me to paint my Syndicate with an airbrush. Thanks Khaleth!
    Second, this project was way outside my normal comfort zone. Up until now I only used my airbrush for priming. This is my first attempt with painting with it. Hopefully you will like it.
    I started off with painting the ships red. Again thank you Khaleth.

    Next I added some metallics to the ship.

    Added some more highlights and put on a Matt varnish. I think I will need a second coat.

    I don't think I'm 100% done but close. Now I'm starting the Battleship.
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    northerndragons reacted to draco84oz in Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics   
    And the Wraith has arrived!

      The components
    The Haunter - didn't know what to expect of this thing, but it wasn't this...still...not unhappy

    One thing I like about it is that all the parts that need to be glued for construction are not exposed in any way - I can paint each individual part and then assemble later without a problem.
    I also like how the hull throws back a bit to the Directorate starship hulls with the panelling.

    Size comparison - given its size compared to the Terquai shuttle, I would hazard a guess that this thing is capable of sub-orbital flight. No need for a drop pod, maybe just a drop shield.

      Not a sight I would want to see in my skies....
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    northerndragons reacted to Fabiusm in Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics   
    Pictures of the finished Leviathan are at the end of the film.

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    northerndragons reacted to quiet01 in Dimensional Gate [i]AND[/i] Miscellany   
    I magnetized the Dimensional Gate today. I used 4.75mm magnets for the large pieces and 3mm magnets for the central hub.


    It is so much more stable with the magnets. Even if I bump the table the whole unit stays together and does not come apart. Even the acrylic screen stays in place.
    I highly recommend this to everyone.
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    northerndragons reacted to nobody1988 in Nobody is painting here ;)   
    So here is my finished fleet.
    Sometime soon I will buy 3 heavy cruisers but so far it´s all done.
    At some point I had to realise that I can´t paint this ******* glowing ****^^ so I didn´t




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    northerndragons reacted to Balor in Balor's Oroshan   
    Yep I tricked you I have not started painting yet, I'm sorry but it will start soon.
    I had a to do a good amount of green stuff to fill some bubble in both the new and old models.


    The frigates have been eating well and are all grown up now.

    I wanted to show the new on the left and the old on the right version of this ship.  They are very close but with minor changes on the new ship. 
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    northerndragons reacted to Darthp00p00 in Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Ryushi   
    Im painting mine after the RDF from Robotech.
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    northerndragons reacted to Balor in Balor's Yin and Yang Evil Corporations   
    Ok I need to get a few better images and some solo shots as I'm having a issue on my focal points.  




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    northerndragons reacted to BluFlcn in Bluflcn's Directorate Security Fleet - WIP   
    Good day, fellow fleet directors and members of the board of supervisors... and you lesser warlike "military" leaders, whatever you call yourselves.  I have been tinkering away with some hexagon Anarchy HD stencils and my Directorate fleet.  After first seeing the new studio paint job for Return of the Overseers I fell in love and had to have a fleet of my own.
    My job keeps me away from home for long stretches or I'd have posted this weeks ago.  Lame justifications for my laziness aside, after buckling down to do the deed I am pleased to say that I am done with the stencil portion of the fleet.  Next I'll work on the engine & weapon glow effects as well as the minutiae detailing.  I don't think this portion will take nearly as long since I won't be juggling stencils between shades of gray per model.
    You probably didn't come to read a speech, so I'll just get on with it and drop the picture spam.  They're incomplete WIPs for now but your opinions and criticisms are always welcome.









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    northerndragons reacted to Khaleth in Syndicate step by step   
    Hello guys!

    Its been a while since i've made another walkthrough.
    This time Its the syndicates turn, phantom and spur models.
    they were unfairly named by my GF “ the power point vessels!”

    so the issue here was to make an aggresive line using simply colours. Blue/Red/Yellow/White/Black
    Step 1
    wash and prime black your models!
    here are the tools I’m gonna use for these models.

    Step 2
    use vallejo “french blue” with an airbrush in the parts you want to make your shadows, the reason behind I’m doing this is so when I apply a thin red coating it will turn purple.

    Step 3
    its turn to use White this time as in my previous sorylian tutorial its to obtain a bright red. So apply a White coating in the áreas we want to achieve the brightest red.

    Step 4&5
    Sorry guys but i missed a photo here  so you will have to understand with an explenation.
    Step 4 is when I use yellow justo n the tips of the nose, central cilinder and side flins.
    Step 5 is when i apply a thin red coating.
    After this you will realice your efforts in the previous steps and achieve a transition from orage to purple passing through a bright red.
    I must say i after applied a dot of thin yellow with the airbrush to remark the orange.

    Step 7
    no more airbrush guys… now its time for classic brush.
    Here we use black to cover the window areas and gun areas.

    Step 8
    on of my favorite parts, start doing transitions from grey to White in all panel san areas where we applied black. it should end something like this.

    Step 9
    ok maybe it was to ambitious not to use any other colour except the primary ones… i went back to my beloved turquoise. I usually start the guns and Windows with a mix 1:1 (white:turquoise)  then I start doing a set of Windows randomly and adding to the mix 2:1 and ascending 3:1 , 4:1  and a final highlight with a 5:1 White : turquoise.

    Step 10
    black ink your model very carefully not to ruin the red finishing and White stripes.


    hope you guys likethe walkthrough.

    PD1 no syndicate models on the webstore… could a sydicate box be near?
    PD2 if not ….. this baby will be in my personal mass production list

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    northerndragons got a reaction from Spellduckwrong in Official Zenian League Thread: Rense System Navy   
    I like the changes to the carrier's flight base, the three peg base was a bit of a pain.
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    northerndragons reacted to interviglium in Floating guns on ice planet zero (Dindrenzi)   
    Here's my ice planet Dindrenzi so far. I'm super indecisive with paint jobs and was torn between a couple. My robots will be one of the other schemes, and RSN will be another.
    This is a pretty time consuming scheme with the paints I have on hand, so its slow going getting through them.
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    northerndragons reacted to Darthp00p00 in Aquan Leviathan: An Anthology of Speculation   
    Wait till the Ryushi make Planetfall...if they do... I bet it'll be Gundamns everywhere.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from azrael in The new RotO ships   
    I thought of this the other day and wanted to share it:
    It's where the name Oannes came from and it's relation to the sea/ocean.
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    northerndragons reacted to Ryjak in The new RotO ships   
    "stories like the Oannes legend, and representations especially of the earliest civilizations on Earth, deserve much more critical studies than have been performed heretofore, with the possibility of direct contact with an extraterrestrial civilization as one of many possible alternative explanations". Shklovski and Sagan, p. 46
    From the Wikipedia page on Oannes
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    northerndragons got a reaction from quiet01 in The new RotO ships   
    I thought of this the other day and wanted to share it:
    It's where the name Oannes came from and it's relation to the sea/ocean.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Balor in Vishanti's Aquans   
    Wow... and that's from the both of us here (me and my partner). 
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    northerndragons reacted to Balor in Vishanti's Aquans   
    My friend Vishanti and I are working on his fleet so I wanted to start to post what we have done so far.  It will be completed over several hobby weekends.  



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