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    northerndragons reacted to Estalies in Relthoza test scheme   
    Here is a frigate I worked on last night.

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    northerndragons reacted to nobody1988 in Nobody is painting here ;)   
    It´s a shame, the grey looks flat and the turquoise looks like blue...
    3x Gunships
    2x Battlecruiser
    4 SRS token
    All Dindrenzi ships are painted... not sure if I want to buy the dread and die new box.... but I guess I will^^



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    northerndragons reacted to Kurgan in Kurgan's Directorate Fleet   
    Thanks a lot guys! I very much understand you about "hating me" as I feel the same towards Erebi and his painting skills...as he is my good friend I am flooded with pictures of his work. On the other side he is the one that pushes me further, without him I would probably never have bought airbrush and learned to operate it.
    Glad to hear that as your Anarchist is really lovely and I am looking forward to see the rest!
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Madmac in Today In Firestorm...   
    Pssttt..... hey, yeah you... you know you want to buy these dead sexy Nullifiers... 
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    northerndragons reacted to Madmac in Today In Firestorm...   
    TIF.....I finally finished magnetizing my Aquan models. All ready just need to figure out a scheme. Whatever scheme I go with will be called "ill tempered sea bass".
    Oh god I don't want to hear about how cool the new works raptor ships are! I told myself I have to finish the alliance models I have before I start on the Zenian scum. It's getting harder and harder to resist.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Madmac in Today In Firestorm...   
    TIF:  I got my Works Raptor Oppressor battle cruisers and Nullifier destroyers.  I'm so in love with the Nullifier sculpt.     I may have to get another box!
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Kapitan Montag in Official Thread: Kingdom Of Denmark   
    Hunterer has probably one of the best painted KoD fleets I've seen.  Bigmac over to the Full Spectrum Dominance blog also has a KoD fleet painted up, it looks rather sharp.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Madmac in Today In Firestorm...   
    Same here, though the wind made things interesting.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Pok in Couple of Aquan Guardian Shoal Renders   
    Is it just me or does the Nectridea have more laser crystals than the battleship?  I count at least 36.
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    northerndragons reacted to Hragged in Directorate Pacification Fleet   
    Stumbled upon these via Google:

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    northerndragons reacted to Estalies in The Anarchist   
    Painted the flagship for my friends fleet.  Pretty pleased with it despite the poor photo

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    northerndragons reacted to Frans in FSA bookclub   
    I never got very far past the first (excellent) Dune book either.
    And, like Alex already mentioned, there’s a whole lot of very good “old” SF available.
    My personal “old guard” favourite is Vance; nobody could create worlds as vivid and palpable with mere words as Vance could.
    But the majority of it is more about universe building than about space combat.
    For space warfare described in Tom Clancy style you better look at more recent work.
    Land Warfare is a bit different, for that there is some excellent old work available, like Keith Laumer’s Bolo series for instance.
    When the subject is space combat in SF books Weber is always one of the first mentioned.
    I happen to have “War of Honor”, and it came with a CD containing all of his other Honor Harrington books.
    It’s one of the few books I started reading and never finished, in this case simply because I got bored by it…
    Regarding recent SF books I have noticed that the way in which books can be printed nowadays seems to have considerably lowered the standards of what can be published in printed form.
    I have encountered books on Amazon & Co that, despite getting raving reviews, are really very very badly written.
    So a bit of advice; don’t buy anything from a writer you aren’t familiar with without taking a good look between the covers first…
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Frans in FSA bookclub   
    I can only stand so much Weber, the one problem I have with the Honor Harrington series is that he can drone on for page after page just about the ships maneuvering mixed in with the history of the gravity drives they use.  It just got old after a while. 
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Madmac in STL Trader Proxy Fleet (work in progress)   
    First, good choice in superglue, I've got a bottle of the pro Loctite on my desk.  Second, some sort of ribbing around the 'engines' would help break up the shape.  Or maybe some plasticard 'plates' wrapped around them.
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    northerndragons reacted to Karen Lynn in Resin temperature limits and ultrasonic cleaners   
    Yeah, I did check the MSDS for Simple Green.
    As for safe temps, I'm going to outright destroy a piece just to find the limits.
    For Science!
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    northerndragons reacted to BluFlcn in BlueFlcn's Hawker Industries   
    Here's some finished models.  I finally cleared some space on my desk to fit my light box.  I'm still learning to do this whole DSLR thing, so the lighting isn't all that consistent, sorry.  Honestly if anyone has advice for making camera magic happen with a fancy camera I'd appreciate it.
    Here is the complete Hawker group altogether:




    And here is the Jackson's Revenge, the looted Excelsior class battleship, transformed into a corsair battlecarrier:





    Thanks for viewing!
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    northerndragons got a reaction from zaknafn in Directorate Pacification Fleet   
    I keep looking at the renders and thinking 'why is the Deterrent in the middle of it?'  I don't mind the RotO hulls being reused, Directorate ships are suppose to be mass produced, so hull sections can be and should be reused.
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    northerndragons reacted to ElectricPaladin in New ships!   
    Please don't be a drama queen. There's a bold line a mile wide between "let's have a thread about this game's problems and what could make it better" and derailing an existing thread with baseless and off-topic whining about what you don't like about an entirely different wing of the game. Why don't you complain about Dystopian Wars? Hell, why don't you complain about Dropzone Commander, for all the good it'll do you. I have personally started threads in which we discussed problems in Firestorm Armada - some of the Spartans even commented in them. We kept it civil, we kept it on-topic, and we argued from evidence. You are being chastised for derailing this thread with negative and pessimistic speculation, not for being critical of Spartan Games and their products.
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    northerndragons reacted to tank0625 in New ships!   
    Boy I like the look of the Terran fleet. I'm curious on what a Terran Enforcement fleet duty is. My guess is they are a planet surpression fleet. Not only dropship troops and bombardment ships, but system gun boats maybe. Someone needs to keep an eye on the outer planets.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from gabbi in Problem with inks   
    I don't think many people had till GW changed their products around.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from gabbi in Problem with inks   
    Washes are just more prone to this, especially the newer GW ones.  It's just how the water and the medium interact.  The medium, base if you will, that suspense the pigment particles will also pull the minerals out of the water and concentrate them in the last little spots where the wash dries.  One way to avoid this is by using distilled water or something like an artist flow-aid.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Hubcap in Official Thread: Kingdom Of Denmark   
    Well we're suppose to be getting a battle carrier at some point in time.  In addition to SAS's it also launches assault craft.  Along side that we're suppose to be getting another airship, we don't know if it's classed as a small or a medium.  (I'm thinking small)  That was all hinted at last year on SG's Facebook page.
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    northerndragons reacted to tank0625 in Spray painting miniatures   
    Additionally from the problems already stated, it's possible that your not shaking the can enough. Lastly make sure your following the recommended distance for spraying.
    I was having some problems with my spray on primers. So I bought an inexpensive airbrush and compressor. I now use Vallejo spray on primer and don't have any more problems. So I suggest if you can buy an airbrush and compressor. In the long run it will be cheaper.
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