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    northerndragons reacted to Warcradle Richard in Model availability   
    Following the Q and A at the end of this week, we will share some information next week on all the construction and expansion of manufacturing that has been taking place.
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    northerndragons reacted to Xireon in Model availability   
    Haha let's just say there is a reason they are sold out :)
    Now I just need a second patrol fleet and an additional box of smalls.
    Ordering went fine. The fee was quite reasonable, but the order took some more time because of the external stock thingy.
    The order got delivered last Saturday, and it is in great condition.
    God I missed receiving Armada boxes in the mail <3
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Skyhawk in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Can't wait to see them!  I've got some second hand RotOS Directorate I've been touching up and like I said the Aquans are sitting in the green.
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    northerndragons reacted to Hive in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Ooh, I've got some DIrectorate on the table right now. I should remember this thread when I'm done.
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Got some Sorylians and miracle of a miracles, an unopened Ryushi Battlecarrier coming my way soon. @Skyhawk I can just picture the grin on your face when the 'some other stuff' arrives
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Toxic_Rat in For sale section?   
    two just went up on flea-bay not more than 20 minutes ago.
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    northerndragons reacted to Hive in Future FA rules   
    One of the biggest problems with making Crits meaningful to things outside of T1s is that aside from Cyber the things that apply crit effects also apply damage. It's just as easy to lose a T2 as it is to have it actually impacted by an ongoing status effect, subject to variances in what the T2 actually is of course.
    I'm going to advocate something crazy here. Do what you want to make repair rolls more or less impactful for the game, but if you really want to keep the crit table from feeling like a wash, get rid of it, make its replacement tighter. Here's my solution:
    Keep a 6-point table for Targeted Strikes- Main Drive Failure, Cloak/Shield/PD Offline (attacker choosing which one it impacts), Fire Control Offline, Reactor Leak, Fire, Security in Disarray If you Crit, you can choose to either add a point of damage (above the 2 for critting), do a d3 of crew damage, or roll on the Targeted Strike table. Should probably rename the table to Critical Effects or whatever, but yeah.. Reactor Overload triggers when a ship loses its last hull to a double crit or higher, and the explosion has an AD equal to the Hull rather than double it. Any Targeted Strike that causes damage gets to roll on the table as well, but may choose a result before rolling- if that number is rolled, the player instead picks one. This allows a player to discard a result they don't care about and actually target one they do, while removing the five separate mini-tables. I'd throw down on the same system for boarding assaults. There should be a MAR for picking an additional result to discard.  
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    northerndragons reacted to Skyhawk in Firestorm Painting Group   
    I HAVE SHIELD CRUISERS!!!!!! Oh and some other stuff. They should  be coming in sometime next week so you can expect pictures soon after.
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    northerndragons reacted to Overread in Future FA rules   
    The main problem repair has is the number of turns that it takes for a ship to be damaged; then experience the damage; then be repaired; then operate whilst repaired.
    If you've got a dedicated repair ship then you've got to look at games which are going to last as many turns as possible, otheriwse the investment in buying the ship is offset by the fact that the ship primary function will only work once or twice; which as that is a chance at repair mid to late game it holds less viability than bringing another warship that instead might have a damage dealing ability. 
    Personally I think that this means repair and support abilities have to be fast acting so that by taking the repair option you can let a ship shrug off a critical hit or high damage almost in the turn it takes that damage. Whilst this might not be "realistic" it does mean that the repair ship holds its own and has a good chance of repairing more times and makes itself more valuable for the player to have. 
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Future FA rules   
    Alright I've been discussing it a bit around the hometable and I'm ready to see what you think of my revised repair mechanic. The purpose is to let crew represent the actual repair crews onboard, and allow players some opportunity to deal with critical-effect heavy fleets without making a vain repair on one of several effect markers. Its also meant to give crew losses more effect in-game.
    There are two methods I've been considering and I'd like your feedback. They both start by using a pool of repair dice equal to the ship's Crew Points and succeeding repairs on a 5 and 6. 
    Method 1: Roll as a pool, remove markers on total successes 
    Method 2: Draw dice from the pool for specific repairs. Example: I use three dice to get my PD back online and two dice on either hazard marker, depleting my pool of seven dice 
    Experienced Engineers would allow repairs to succeed on a 4+ instead of the regular 3+
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Toxic_Rat in Aegis Modifications, Now with More Ships!   
    I had an idea involving our beloved Aegis cruiser.  What if there were different Marks that gave different benefits to your battle group but you could only take one version in the entire squadron.
    Mark 1:  Shield Cruiser, basically how it works now.
    Mark 2:  ECM Cruiser, ships within 8" of an Aegis Mark 2 would get to roll X defense dice against Cyber Warfare attacks and an additional die against torpedoes.
    Mark 3:  -place holder-  (I need to think of something suitable for this)
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    northerndragons reacted to Bessemer in Future FA rules   
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    northerndragons reacted to Warcradle Stuart in Future FA rules   
    Don't worry, any plastics will be of all new ships, not plastic versions of old ones! 
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Future FA rules   
    It strips the paint off the models or it gets the hose again...
    I'm in the same boat, just snagged two huge lots of Aquan and Directorate minis that may end up in the green.
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    northerndragons reacted to Charistoph in Future FA rules   
    Directorate would fit that bill pretty well.  The Annihilation Gunship and Turmoil R&D Cruiser already use two hull portions with a centralized piece to differentiate them.  Making 3 Cruiser pieces and some Destroyer Pieces wouldn't be too difficult to fit in to that process, I would think.  In addition, they would start matching each other in size!
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    northerndragons reacted to Warcradle Richard in Future FA rules   
    I have signed off the budget for some plastics for both Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada. 
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Future FA rules   
    @northerndragons Age of Sigmar does something like this and on top of adding new abilities for everyone (always a plus) it seemed like it gave new players a clear template of 'Here are probablythe next boxes you should pick up'
    You can certainly run into problems of fleetbuilding becoming completely standardized, and I think few fleets currently suffer for options in a 800-1200 point game. On the flip side maybe a relthozan force can have a very heavy shunt cruiser setups and an ability to burn that can help with the shunt entry table, or allow for a squad's precision use of a shunt matrix. A fleet built like this has a lot less overall choice for ships and would benefit greatly from a couple TAC like rules
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Future FA rules   
    Has anyone thought about formations?  A squadron of ships that synergize together, move and activate as a unit as well as gain a special ability.  Think of it as the logical growth of the accompaniment rules.
    Dindrezni Hunter-Killer Flotilla:
    1 Cataphract Battlecruiser
    2-3 Velites Light Cruiser
    2-3 Pugio Light Frigates (might be overkill)
    Special Ability:  Alpha-strike: the lead unit targets one enemy model, every other unit that can draw line of sight can combine fire on the same model.  Once per game.
    Secondary Ability:  Time-on-target: almost the same as above but units can only link fire.  Once per turn.
    Thoughts?  Constructive criticism?  
  19. Haha
    northerndragons reacted to Kaptyn Krys in Future FA rules   
    @Warcradle Richard knows. eyes always watching.
    we could make them do it precious
    no no its to risky
    we leads them to it
    plastics my precious. and new rules.
    yesyes! and then when they are dead from the fumes we takes it!
    Gollum. Gollum!
    *Krys hops back onto his rock*
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    northerndragons reacted to Warcradle Richard in Future FA rules   
    There have been alot of well thought and constructive suggestions on the forums over the last few months. We do read them. Scale won't be changing and whatever we do with the universe we will make a place for your current minis to fit in.
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    northerndragons reacted to Skyhawk in What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"   
    I got to looking through various Montages like the one @northerndragons posted. Found this one
    I think its another good example of what I see Firestorm battles as. Never seen Battlestar Galactica but this video does have an epic ramming scene a the end.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Skyhawk in What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"   
    Epic space battles...  I think of Babylon 5.  Every.  Single.  Time.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from RuleBritannia in Model availability   
    "We have a tentative internal re release schedule, it does include some FSA.  But we are not ready to publish it yet until we know we can hit the dates."
    ~~~slow clap~~~
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    northerndragons got a reaction from RuleBritannia in Model availability   
    Having a Manta I'll confess to liking the Dagon better as a battlecarrier, the Manta IMHO made a better fleet carrier.  Now if they were to do a mashup of the two, adding the armor plates to the Manta I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Toxic_Rat in What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"   
    Epic space battles...  I think of Babylon 5.  Every.  Single.  Time.
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