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    northerndragons reacted to Stoobert in Critical hit table   
    Physically the challenge for any game with token overload is “where is that token?”.  Yet it makes for a boring game to have only a few effects.  The solution is to use a dry erase pen to write either on a plastic token or a glossy/sleeved unit card.  You simply jot down “SH” for Shields Offline or whatever. 
    Rules-wise here’s some concept change ideas:
    1. Track damage as always 
    2. At 1/2 HP the ship is loses 1/2 direct weapon AD and 1/2 CP (many are dead or busy fighting fires) 
    3. Hazard no longer exists
    4. Disorder has same effects it always has but:
      a. is applied on a ship by ship basis rather than as a whole squadron  
      b. now also reduces CP temporarily by 1 to a minimum of 1
    5. Biohazard becomes an effect, temporarily reduces your CP by 2 while applied, to a minimum of 1.
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    northerndragons reacted to Ryjak in Spartan old rules!   
    “Really competative players” want to win as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, in most game systems it’s much easier to win by consentrating on list-building and combos before th game than it is to win via positioning and outplaying your opponent during the game.
    I felt X-wing, when it first came out, was all about outplaying your opponent during the game, but since the game machanics didn’t actually reward you for out-maneuvering your opponent (you still needed to roll dice for damage, and RNG is fickle), FFG started adding things the made maneuvering less important, like turrets, and they also figured out a subtle way to make the game pay-to-win, which is great for the bottom line, but generally not great for gameplay.
    FSA 2.0 is more about positioning and maneuver than most games, and you are almost always rewarded for out-positioning your opponent.  For example, pretty much everyone that plays FSA 2.0 loses their first half-dozen games, because they’re learning the value of tactical positioning and strategic timing for the very first time.  Once you get the hang of your fleet and how it fires and maneuvers, you start drawing (per Battlelog) and that first actual win is very sweet.
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    northerndragons reacted to Hive in Critical hit table   
    Honestly, in this format I almost feel like It'd be better to have players choose the effect. You got 5 more than CR? Choose from Fire Control and down. Any crit effect is going to be situational, and I could see a lot of opportunities for a higher number to effectively be a worse effect in a given situation.
    Here's what I would do. Bear in mind this assumes DR/CR stays about the same. You build a chart like this, right? And you make a Crit worth 2 damage automatically, don't tie that damage to any effect. Beat CR, do 2 hull. If you beat CR, you also can choose an option based on how much you beat it by. The chart would need to be relatively dense in terms of the status effects- assuming double crits as a possibility, a lot of mediums literally couldn't hit some of the higher numbers without getting destroyed anyways. To take your chart, for example, we should assume values +6 and over will kill mediums anyways. As such, I would move Repair Teams to +6, Explosive Decompression to +7 making the crew loss D3 instead of 2, swap the d3 crew on Reactor Overload to D3 damage and remove the corrosive from it, leaving Corroded to be a weapon effect. Why? Because with Fire you already have a crew loss mechanic under the +6 margin, three crew loss mechanics seems redundant, repair teams might not even matter for a ship with 4 hull, and at the +8 point extra damage starts to seem appropriate. My version of the chart would look like this, and assumes any non-crew non-damage effect to be repairable, just so that there aren't extraneous bits of info in the table. I also trimmed the reference to repairing AP, since that seemed like it had something to do with a repair mechanic not mentioned here.

    = CR :  Fire; This model losses 1 crew point and gains a hazard marker.
    +1 CR: Security in Disarray; This models AP is reduced to zero and may only repair 2 AP per turn. 
    +2CR: Defenses Offline; This model losses one active defense(Shield, cloak, PD) of the attacking players choice.
    +3CR: Main Drive Failure
    +4 CR: Fire Control offline
    +5 CR:   Fold Drive Failure
    +6 CR:  Repair teams in Disarray; This model may not make any repair rolls for one turn.
    +7 CR:  Explosive decompression; This model losses 1d3 crew points and gains a hazard marker. 
    +8 CR: Reactor Damage; This model losses 1D3 additional hull points. If attack destroys this model then it suffers a reactor overload.  
    Okay. SO what about Targeted Strikes, Cyberwarfare, and Boarding? Easy peasy. A Targeted Strike or Cyber attack looks at how much you beat DR by instead. A boarding attack uses Crew instead. Same rules, damage is determined separately so the TS will only do a point of damage if it doesn't crit and the Cyber attack will only do the effect.
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Spartan old rules!   
    The biggest thing I dont understand and maybe really don't like about this concept is that you dont usually have a ton of weapon systems on a FSA capital ship. Perhaps at most four different types with 2-3 available arcs per weapon. You're going to take an overall hit to ship effectiveness by ruining one weapon system to delegate it to tertiary status. What benefit does this bring gameplay when I can already fire any weapon at any ship and small vessels have the Difficult Target and Elusive Target MARs to effect their chance to be hit by capital ships? I don't think FSA necessarily has a bad system for negotiating damage, so I just need actual reasons why this system would be an improvement.
    Hate the idea of homogenizing DR/CR and movement speeds. Ships from different factions should have different characteristics, you haven't sold me on getting rid of those
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    northerndragons reacted to Hive in Firestorm Painting Group   
    I'm gonna do a pair of Battlecruisers and like eight Frigates next so I can have the least subtle Directorate fleet in existence.

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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    We need to see more pictures in here. Come on people, what are you working on?
    Just finished the Ryushi Alliance Fleet box, after this I have a Hawker Industries alliance fleet and a squadron of Terran Shield Cruisers to paint up and then I move on to terrain. 
    I like to call this photoset 'Adventures in Amateur Jeweling and Glows'

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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    @Skyhawk Thanks mate! Its the best I could come up with short of jeweling. Here is the completed fleet

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    northerndragons got a reaction from TableTopTerror in May 4th Q&A discussion   
    Hit the link for FSA or scroll down.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm fluff   
    Hahahaha... now I got Heavy Metal going through my head
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Model availability   
    I would love to see stuff like a whole new front plate for sorylian battleships that choose to keep primaries or upgrade to scatter. Dont want to get too greedy with it but Id never say no to sprue-city
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Model availability   
    Looking back at the 3.0 that SG was working on before The End, some of the taskforce ships were going to take that modularity to the next level.  The Relthoza Light Cruiser/Gunship/Light Destroyer share the same hull, just change out the 'wings' and presto, new ship.
    I can't wait to see what WC brings to the table, just the thought of plastic kits were we can build several different variants brings so much joy to my little black heart, that it might just burst.
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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Finally settled on the scheme and logic for the rest of the Hawker fleet. Having fun working on colour gradients and little details like the navigation lights but man I hate putting on the base layers

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    northerndragons reacted to Warcradle Richard in Firestorm fluff   
    That's how we see things. I would even go so far as to say. I can see lots of the passion for the various factions here. But experience tells us that many of the changes we are almost certain to make are going to upset some players.  
    Almost certainly the narrative core of the Firestorm universe will be both similar and very different.
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    northerndragons reacted to Xireon in May 4th Q&A discussion   
    So I took the liberty of hijacking some notes about yesterday’s Q&A session from manbattlestations.com - Thanks for the write-up mate!
    also, I added some of my own thoughts below:
    On consolidation of factions:
    I hope they leave the main structure intact. So Kurak Alliance vs Zenian League, and Marauders as an oddball. As I understood from a past answer somewhere, they were looking into rolling natural allies into their main factions. I sincerely hope that EACH individual race will remain playable as a “pure” fleet at least. And the Zenian side will need to get buffed with the Saurians and the Illosians (Alex Mann posted an excellent write-up for the latter on his blog some time ago).
    On the plastics:
    Not sure what to think here. One thing is that I like my models a bit on the heavy side, and plastics feel flimsy to me. On the other hand this would eliminate the need for multiple pegs (a pet peeve of mine) and it would open up more options for different ship types. Though I hope they keep the ruleswise customizability (hardpoints and options) intact, but wont have us go all WYSIWYG with multiple different drop-on components.
    On the unique design opportunities:
    Curious here. Please include advanced, detachable, flight stands and, if possible, bases with dials for HP and CP at least. Also, please standardize base sizes with their corresponding ship classes.
    On the Classic models:
    Great move! If possible, please make sure at least patrol fleets for the core 6 are available, even if this would require a new mould, as they are great for drawing in new players. And maybe offer the special ships from the 2-player sets separately or per race as well. And, as a special request, please consider selling the half rings for my beloved OmniDyne separately, as Spartan did never fulfill my order for these. My wallet is cringing in terror already :D
    Thanks Warcradle for the huge effort so far!
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    northerndragons reacted to Charistoph in Firestorm fluff   
    I was setting up my Directorate fleet to be a security interest with contracts all over the place that would often stand in place of locally trained militias and "coast guard", as well as being open to contracts for patrols and "privateering".  This would give me a good reason for fighting anyone I may have met up with.
    The scheme and concepts I was going for was partially based on Battletech's Cloud Cobra Clan with my Works Raptor Ships being colored on the Star Adders and going Hell's Horses for the Planetfall forces.  I figured they're all a bunch of genetically engineered troops, so having them fit the Clan model wouldn't be too far off, with a couple slight edits (merchant class in strategic command, for example).  Obviously, I'd be changing the name of the operating groups to avoid copyright infringement.  Us corporate raiders always have to be wary of the tricks we use can't be turned against us.
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    northerndragons reacted to Skyhawk in Firestorm fluff   
    My Terran fleet is the 501ST Storm fleet. I do have some backstory in my UFO thread, and I started a thread just for my backstory. I just haven't done anything in it for awhile.
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    northerndragons reacted to Hive in Firestorm fluff   
    A little bit. When I collected my Relth I imagined they would belong to the forces of a hive, and really just sort of accumulated everything I could for them because of that. My Ba'Kash, I thought a lot more about what they raided, who, what the interplay between the ship chiefs might be like. Nothing came of it, but the thoughts were there.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from TableTopTerror in Firestorm fluff   
    The last bit of info they dropped in the live stream was that some classic models will be release in June as they start testing the molds and getting their production ready.  That's like all I managed to catch of the live stream thanks to 'Failbook' 
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    northerndragons reacted to Skyhawk in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Thanks @northerndragons! I'll be sure to give it a try. 
    Thanks! I really couldn't see the Directorate having as wild a paint scheme as my Terrans. I guess you could say I am going for a Corporate Villainy look.
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Skyhawk in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Looks good!  Here's a tip about doing the 'glow' 
    OSL (Object Source Light) can be tricky, but looks awesome when done.  You've got a good start, take your green and dry brush it around the crystals, dry brush it out more towards the rear of the mini, and a little ahead and around the crystal.  Work progressively brighter but not as far each time for the layered look. (Light fades over distance)
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    northerndragons got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Looks good!  Here's a tip about doing the 'glow' 
    OSL (Object Source Light) can be tricky, but looks awesome when done.  You've got a good start, take your green and dry brush it around the crystals, dry brush it out more towards the rear of the mini, and a little ahead and around the crystal.  Work progressively brighter but not as far each time for the layered look. (Light fades over distance)
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    northerndragons reacted to G-Two in G-Two's Dindrenzi Fleet   
    I'm not really much of a painter, but I finally got my Dindrenzi's painted.

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    northerndragons reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    Adventures in test schemes: A sneak preview

    @Hive Its not a matter of if you're going to eventually redo them now, its a matter of what WC dangles in front of us after the QnA that might delay the repainting
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    northerndragons reacted to Skyhawk in Firestorm Painting Group   
    I got my stuff yesterday , and well lets just say it was a late night of painting.

  25. Haha
    northerndragons reacted to Xireon in Model availability   
    Yeah. That means shipping is cheaper for me.
    But it is still cheaper as opposed to me buying it for you and shipping it to you.
    Bottom line: Come on Warcradle. We need more resin crack <3
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