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  1. So remove the CR and just have DR and what if instead you exceed the DR by so far you score a critical hit instead of having to beat the CR. Then say you exceed the DR by a third or half (I was even thinking of doubling the DR) and then you deal a critical hit. This way it represents catastrophic damage being done to a ship and said damage cascade through systems ship wide.
  2. ^ sorry this sounds too much like the Other Armada game with three dice that work at different ranges. Or if you will Fleet Action and Taskforce with their colored dice mechanic.
  3. I may know where to find one, but you won't like the price on it. Plus I'm not 100% sure about the site.
  4. I thought Hawker as well when I saw it.
  5. https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/may-4th-live-qa-video-blog Hit the link for FSA or scroll down.
  6. Hahahaha... now I got Heavy Metal going through my head
  7. Looking back at the 3.0 that SG was working on before The End, some of the taskforce ships were going to take that modularity to the next level. The Relthoza Light Cruiser/Gunship/Light Destroyer share the same hull, just change out the 'wings' and presto, new ship. I can't wait to see what WC brings to the table, just the thought of plastic kits were we can build several different variants brings so much joy to my little black heart, that it might just burst.
  8. You think a 'Third Space' explanation? The Tarakians created something they shouldn't have and it basically destroyed them.
  9. Actually this is totally driving me nuts in that Armada game, that every game is Empire vs Rebels... I see the same ships, with the same upgrades, oh look there's the same fighter ace... Every. Single. Time. Maybe it's time to break the factions or have something major occur in the timeline, like Works Raptor rolls out some new ships and takes out Csera (that's name of the Aquan homeworld?) with some virus that starts killing all life on the planet. Though I think everyone may agree that the 'Overseers' just need to be quietly forgotten and we all act like they were never a thing. I've got some more ideas bouncing around in my head but after working all day (and a good part of it by myself) I'm spent and can't get them out the way I want them to be. So more later.
  10. It boils down to WC is combining the factions from WWE and DWars. So like the Covenant of Antarctica will be under the Covenant of the Enlightened which will included the CoA, and other secret societies. The Immortal Celestial Empire will be both China and Japan as one faction. A good example for us, Terran Satellite Charter will included both Terrans and Hawker factions under the Terran faction name. (I don't work for WC so I'm just inferring from what data I've been able to glean on here.)
  11. It would interesting if we could mix it with the Horizon assault cruiser or the Harpoon or Perseus with the turret upgrade they'd synergize far better than Hauberk/Teuton. The Hauberk could use a speed bump at least to 7" or even if we want to be crazy 8"
  12. To quote Voltaire "Now they look like heavy metal rockers from the dead, with leather pants and frizzy hair and lobsters on their heads"
  13. I like the consolidation of factions/races. Seriously towards the end it was getting a little ridiculous as new factions got released with more ships than some of the earlier factions (Ryushi vs Xelocians vs Veydreth). Some of secondary races I think should be bumped over to Marauders (like the Veydreth and Kedorians). Plastics offer us flexibility in a release that resin cannot (at least without making crazy expensive), a cruiser box could offer us the ability to build: cruiser/heavy cruiser/assault cruiser or even light cruisers. Same with a carrier or even a battleship in plastic. I'd write more but I need to get ready for work.
  14. My Directorate/Omnidyne mix I'm calling them Merc-Tech a private military contractor consisting of a rogue Directorate CEO (they were suppose to be liquidated after a failed project but went rogue instead) and an teamed up with a group of Omnidyne operatives. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of these little things with their respected fleets. Random fluff thoughts: -The Directorate helped start the original war and keep the current conflict going b/c war is good for business. If WC decides to do a soft reboot I'd call the Directorate more neutral than on the side of the Zenian League. -The Relthoza are going to turn on everyone. It's only a matter of time before they go through their next swarm cycle and oh look at all of these beautiful fecund planets and teaming with all sorts of edibles... ~starts clicking his fangs and pedipalps in anticipation~
  15. I'd love to write some fluff for FSA, I look at my the fleets I'm building and try to envision what they would do in the Storm Zone. My Terrans are a raider group, back up with an Terran Marine Detachment (I call my Solar-class TSCS Wasp) Does anybody else do this? And also try to figure out where they'd fit into the fluff.
  16. The last bit of info they dropped in the live stream was that some classic models will be release in June as they start testing the molds and getting their production ready. That's like all I managed to catch of the live stream thanks to 'Failbook'
  17. Looks good! Here's a tip about doing the 'glow' OSL (Object Source Light) can be tricky, but looks awesome when done. You've got a good start, take your green and dry brush it around the crystals, dry brush it out more towards the rear of the mini, and a little ahead and around the crystal. Work progressively brighter but not as far each time for the layered look. (Light fades over distance)
  18. I totally need to look at my rulebook and rethink that stat change... Unless we want to be total nut jobs and talk about being able to squadron battleships.
  19. Excellent, I may place and order myself, though you are much closer to them than I am.
  20. No, two sets of turrets at 12/9/3, battlecruiser are suppose to pack the punch of battleships into a cruiser hull.
  21. Can't wait to see them! I've got some second hand RotOS Directorate I've been touching up and like I said the Aquans are sitting in the green.
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