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  1. Future FA rules

    Has anyone thought about formations? A squadron of ships that synergize together, move and activate as a unit as well as gain a special ability. Think of it as the logical growth of the accompaniment rules. Example: Dindrezni Hunter-Killer Flotilla: 1 Cataphract Battlecruiser 2-3 Velites Light Cruiser 2-3 Pugio Light Frigates (might be overkill) Special Ability: Alpha-strike: the lead unit targets one enemy model, every other unit that can draw line of sight can combine fire on the same model. Once per game. Secondary Ability: Time-on-target: almost the same as above but units can only link fire. Once per turn. Thoughts? Constructive criticism?
  2. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    I read a lot of sci-fi and some series that are good for starship battles: Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell Star Carrier series by William H Keith Jr Starfire series, by David Weber/Steve White Honor Harrington series by David Weber Castle Federation series by Glynn Stewart Blood on the Stars series by Jay Allan
  3. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    B/c both feature space battles and we have a love for spaceships going 'pew pew!' at each other.
  4. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    @Skyhawk you should watch it sometime, like Charistoph said it's more of a mind screw and the darker side of humanity. Though in second season when the Pegasus shows up they have some pretty epic space battles.
  5. Model availability

    Just ask a certain RPG company who tried to make a tabletop miniatures game via kickstarter. About half the money pledged went into designing and manufacturing just the molds.
  6. What makes Firestorm Armada, "Firestorm Armada"

    Epic space battles... I think of Babylon 5. Every. Single. Time.
  7. Model availability

    "We have a tentative internal re release schedule, it does include some FSA. But we are not ready to publish it yet until we know we can hit the dates." ~~~slow clap~~~
  8. Model availability

    Having a Manta I'll confess to liking the Dagon better as a battlecarrier, the Manta IMHO made a better fleet carrier. Now if they were to do a mashup of the two, adding the armor plates to the Manta I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  9. I do have the Charter Enforcement fleet, what I was thinking was the Reinforcement group and either some Armsmen or Missionary frigates. That Terran lot gets here I'll have to see what is in it, and what I have to work with.
  10. Model availability

    I sold out about a year before that but now I've got the itch again and the other armada game I play isn't cutting it. (even though it's a very well know IP) Try Alphaspel, the site says they have them on 'external stock' I do not know if that means they have to order them in or if they have them in a warehouse. I e-mailed them a week ago about placing an order and they never got back to me.
  11. My (wonderful) mind is rolling the idea of fleet building around the invasion box sets and what units you would add to them. I've got the stats and I know what I'd add to them but I want to hear some other thoughts.
  12. Model availability

    Damn... I didn't realize it was that bad... I thought I read they're having to basically remake some of the models from scratch. (might have been a failbook post or something) @Xireon Is there a specific sculpt you were looking for?
  13. It was in my watch list, the guy also had a Terran Reinforcement squad that went for $66 bucks.
  14. It's part of the Tri-cities area AKA Greater Binghamton, about 210 miles away from you or three to four hours away. This may get put on the backburner as it's getting into the busy season for my other (really) big hobby: wildlife photography. But it will give me time to plan this out and see what Warcradle does with the game.

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