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  1. I would so love to come to this - sadly, living in Western Australia, there may be some slight logistical (and financial) issues. Good luck with the event though.
  2. @ richomack88 - that sounds like a good way to stabilize those legs. I bought four packs of Invaders when they first came out and I really haven't got very far with assembling them due to the fragility of those legs!
  3. @ Benchpresser - love all those ideas - I want a real Thunderball vibe to it all.
  4. @ richomack88 - I love those tentacles - really adds to the feeling of menace from them.
  5. @HMS Triumph - great paint scheme, looks just as menacing as it should. I love the clouds on the tiny flyers - what is the blue colour (if you don't mind me asking)?
  6. I love that idea - no clue just how it would work but it would certainly add a new dimension (no pun intended) to the game.
  7. Robot elephants (Megha War Elephants)! WOOHOO! That is all I have to say!
  8. The addition of blue ink dye to the final resin coat has made a lot of difference there - very nice colours.
  9. I really like the lighthouse - great use of low-cost recycled materials.
  10. catalyst2

    A few islands

    Good use of the craters from The Game That Shall not Be Named - I've got lots (and lots) of those things sitting round not being used (along with around 60K points of redundant armies) . Thanks for the Inspiration, doublenot7!
  11. I will confess that I took one look at the first couple of photos and thought "I'm not sure about that bright pink colour scheme!" Of course, then I started scrolling down and saw some of the best DW scenery I have seen for a while, Great attention to detail - I especially like the small terrain piece next to the harbour, makes it really look natural.
  12. @Ater - I like that colour scheme - very soft edges to the main camo colurs (done with an airbrush, I guess?). If you don't mind me asking, what is the blue because I really like that shade?
  13. @Sky Captain - I love the look of that load of "depleted sturginium" (in my mind anway), great idea!
  14. WOOHOO - I remember seeing a little single line mention in the Olympic class liner page and wondering if that would get followed through!
  15. Genius - this will get a vote from me every single time!
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