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  1. Got a friend who has two Planetfall armies (terran and relthoza) and wants to be able to play it with people. Putting out feelers for anyone in and around the Huntingdon area who might also be in a similar boat. Or landing pod. Or at least know of places where he can throw his armies at others and get games. I very vaguely recall some word of Dystopian Wars around the area so was wondering if my recollection is correct or if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Thanks!
  2. Luckily, back in that game he wasn't using a mimic generator... Haven't played much since then but it's definitely something that I'm sure will be rectified next time I go against him. And then the disruption node projector will be working round the clock...
  3. Now I know where my entertainment fund from my student loan is going when I get it... I NEED DIS.
  4. Depends how large the warriors are 150 point dragon? That means I can take 4 in 1000pt game, I'm happy.
  5. Spartan posted a picture of a model on facebook. I NEED DIS. I NEED DIS.
  6. Just looked through the new stats for us. The dreadnought. Oh my god the dreadnought. 7" movement. :D Carrier 12 for a 65 point upgrade. New robot for us coming in the imperial bond book. Choice of Rockets or Redoubtable on the Battleship. SO EXCITED.
  7. In the pdf on the spartan downloads page, and also in the shadow hunter box leaflet. In the pdf it's in the same section as the battlegroups section.
  8. Aerial Support? How about an air kraken? Long range robot could be interesting... some sort of octopus with an ink attack for up close and long range tentacle guns?
  9. Glorious! That's what I had played with and assumed, but just wanted it confirmed. It is truly beautiful. I love love love LOVE the terror ship.
  10. I want a sushi army of small robots, medium robots, and the Ika and Ryuo. I think it would be nice, and entertaining. It could have flamethrowers and tentacle guns and board more things.
  11. Had an outing against the Russians today. Ended horrifically, but love the new rules and have fallen in love with this beautiful beast. We didn't use the flanking rules while relearning the main rules, which the terror ship would be PERFECT for. 1250 point list for next time I go against the russians: Heavy Battleship + Support Cruiser 1 Command Gyro 3 Support Cruisers 5 Corvettes 4 Frigates Terror Ship Terror Ship With terror ships and corvettes in the forward flank that would be beautiful for boarding. Question though, regarding the phase generator - I don't see anything saying we can't board with the phase generator still on - when do we have to temporarily disable the phase generator to do stuff?
  12. Because it's heavy, so big and ultra-blazing sun. Ultra blazing sun means more burning, more rockets and more CR. I love it to pieces, and when I have money I'm getting lots of things.
  13. Speaking as a Japanese player who regularly plays CoA (and loses), I blinking hate your shields, and having gone against your new and improved mine layer Daedalus, that screwed up a load of my boarding force also. Your cruisers with energy turrets cut through both our flying and naval units like paper, and your shields block most of our attacks (always gets just enough shields to negate damage, when it's not me missing completely...). And don't talk to me about sky fortresses or flying dreadnoughts of death and lasers... I've seen the prussians boarded successfully with that darned sky fortress, and one game where I thought I had the upper hand resulted in loss thanks to your dreadnoughts ability to particle accelerator everything. Certainly against the Japanese, I wouldn't complain. You have plenty of ways to kick our faces in. Bitter? Nah. Just annoying that the main person I get a chance to play against knows my fleet and his fleet better than me, and has all the cool toys that ruin mine.
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