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  1. It probably doesn't have anyone at war with them yet, though I'm sure the Chinese Federation and the Russian Coalition are unfriendly with one another. One thing I'm very interested in is how the Chinese Federation will possibly synergize with the Blazing Sun as one of the new major alliance nations. Woe be to anyone who has to face down the Uwatsu, Tanuki, Inari, Ika, and (so far) the Nu and Yue in the same fleet. That combination will lead to a speedy and fiery death to my opponents.
  2. Keep in mind, a competent player would screen the dread with Frigates, The dragons breaths main weakness is that it can only ever do 1 damage. Which means the screen is free to unleash hell on the destroyers as well as the unit they're screening. Up until the Yue, most flamethrower units were lackluster, and I believe there was only one unit with corrosive, the RoF Mausalle. Keep in mind that 8 destroyer setup your proposing is 280 points, which is the same cost as a Dread. Lets say there are 8 Yue vs. 1 Majesty. The Yue link firing 2 at a time of each on the majesty. That's 13 dice and it has yet to contend with the 2 shield gens a Majesty will likely have. Realistically, one would link together all 4 Yue on the Majesty. So per activation that's 1 Damage, 2-4 fire tokens and 2 corrosive tokens. This is taking into account a best case scenario in which a very dangerous, semi-fragile unit made it through to contact the enemy. They will be a priority for anyone who knows what they can do. As well, since its target is a British vessel, it has a strong chance of removing the corrosive and raging fires. On the topic of the Nu, it definitely seems like a screening unit for the more ponderous capitals that the Chinese have.
  3. A friend and I have been trying to resolve what happens when a submerged model "collides" with an echo. Does it resolve itself like a normal collision, allowing for the removal of the echo? Or does the other model pass through the echo?
  4. The Prussian Bunker's Bunker Guns arc is 90 degrees, not 270. I was looking at it and thought how evil this bunker was compared to all the others . I do have some experience editing ArmyBuilder data files, so if you want any assistance I'll be glad to help.
  5. We may have a lot of allies on paper, true. But now we have allies with models~ that we can field alongside us hopefully.
  6. Yeah, on second look, the Crocodiles look like mini-subs, so it makes a bit more sense now.
  7. Although, Royal Australia and Free Australia are considered Major Allies of KoB and EotBS respectively who do have submarines, so it might make more sense with that information.
  8. Before we had no allies... soon we will have two.
  9. I use it pretty much only as a fire magnet, since it looks imposing to my local group. Let's my Sokotsu and Tanuki's get through relatively unharrased. Though my wargaming group has only faced it twice, and it got a REALLY lucky shot in their first game against it knocking out a Charlemagne with a Magazine Explosion. I only use it because it looks big and scares my group, not because its great. Though we're planning on testing it with 2 rocket batteries as opposed to 1 in the future.
  10. Ah! There it is. Yurgi always seemed off to me. Yugiri seems much better. Perhaps Spartan will eventually rename it, but I won't hold my breath.
  11. I did try that, though it just means "here" in Korean I believe, plus it does seem slightly out of place even then.
  12. I've been doing some background research into all of the EotBS names, and I think I have found which Kanji are associated with each unit, with some background information. There is one exception, and a theory on what name they were trying to give it. I've grouped them by it's name category, for the most part. Uwatsu Frigate 上津 "Top Port" Nakatsu Cruiser 中津 "Inside/Middle Port" Sokotsu Battleship 底津 "Bottom Port" Fuujin Corvette 風神 "Wind God" Hachiman Dreadnought 八幡神 "God of Eight Banners" Divine Protector of Japan Amaterasu Bomber 天照 "Goddess of the Sun" / "Shining in Heaven" Inari Scout Gyro 稲荷 "God of Harvests" Tsukuyomi War Gyro 月読 "Moon God" Tenkei Sky Fortress 天刑 "Divine Punishment" Onryou Scout Gyro 怨霊 "Vengeful [Female] Ghost" Kiyohime Assault Carrier 清姫 "lit. Pure Princess" According to mythology, a fire-breathing serpent lady. Komainu Garrison Tank 狛犬 "Guardian Lion-Dogs" Myobu Gyro Tank 命婦 "lit. Destined Lady" A title often to define Kitsune who are Loyal to Inari Ryuuou Large Robot 龍王 "Dragon King" Regarded as the divine ruler of the ocean. Ika Mechanical Squid 鰞 "Squid" Kitsune Escort 狐 "Fox" Tanuki Gunship 狸 "Racoon Dog" Tetsubo Small Flyer 鉄棒 "Iron Club" Ronin Heavy Walker 浪人 - Lit. Wandering Man, often used to define a master-less Samurai Bansan Small Walker 晩餐 "Supper/Dinner" Ke-Ho Small Tank ケホ - WWII Type 5 Japanese Light Tank Chi-Ri Medium Tank チリ - WWII Type 5 Japanese Medium Tank Ho-I Bombard ホイ - WWII Type 2 Gun Tank , originally designed as a SPG O-I Heavy Walker オイ - WWII Proposed Japanese Superheavy Tank > Taka-Ashi '高-足' lit. Tall Leg > Miage-Nyudo '見上入道' A yokai that looks taller the more you fear it. If you look at it long enough, you die. Kagoshima Mobile Airfield 鹿児島 - Birthplace of Tōgō Heihachirō (1848 - 1934), a legendary Japanese Admiral who defeated the Russian fleet at the battle of Tsushima. Known as "Nelson of the Orient" Some of these names make sense and fit the ship, others... not so much. The one that stands out is the Yurgi, since it's not even Japanese. I'm guessing it might have been Yurei and somone reversed the e somehow, otherwise, no idea to the Yurgi's name origin.
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