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  1. I'm quite curious on how the Pulse and Fury Generators changed. I can largely extrapolate on the rest though.
  2. I'll be getting the Shadow Hunter box and the new Fleet box, Ive got a love of Battlecruisers.
  3. I'm not sure exactly if these has been answered, but how does firing at Flying or Diving models work from Surface Models in RB 1, is a Flying unit still considered an invalid target Unless you have the High Angle MAR ? Is there something similar for Submerged? Is the Sharp Turn MAR still in the game? As a Japanese and Danish player this interests me greatly. How do Raging Fire/Fire Tokens work now? I'm quite interested to hear what these Flyer Aces can do as well. This might be getting specific, but what is this Ghost Ship Generator on the Wani.... and can the Russians steal it Thanks again for answering all these questions, it's very much appreciated.
  4. Ah, like Torpedo spook in Firestorm Armada correct?
  5. Main reason they're cheaper is because they lack a generator. Drop ten points and a generator on most of the Armoured Cruisers or Gunships and they even out. Though it helps they have only one easily degradable weapon system. That said, I would like if they kept EoTBS as a faction with a strong medium and small focus. Maybe a new Heavy Frigate, Medium Robot and Battlecruiser or Pocket Battleship would be nice.
  6. In French(Canadian) , tank and car are the same word (char). Could be the Poles be attempting to confuse their enemies through misleading nomenclature . Like how the word tank for armoured fighting vehicle came about.
  7. Plus, all the other terms you can use are unwieldy, doesn't roll off the tongue like flame blimp. Can't use Zeppelin . For all we know it could be a blimp, but with a shield functioning as armor and utilizing an inert gas.
  8. I believe it was changed from Japan gassing Korea to Japan being subjected to gas weapons when invading Korea. I've been noticing the Dutch and Portuguese seem to get name-dropped in fluff about the Blazing Sun as well.
  9. Ha, I was about to point out Matt Ward and his horribly inconsistent and juvenile fluff writing. I prefer Spartans fluff overall, there's at best a handful of inconsistencies, inconsequential at best unless you're nitpicking. It helps that it looks like there's only one person helming the fluff writing, which makes fluff more consistent overall, and the fluff here is fluid, campaigns matter in the Dystopian universe. There's also amusing ones like Time-Travelling Tesla. (Hey, with technology like the Time Dilation Orb, who knows?!) That said, I do have some issues with the fluff. Like Her Divine Empress and her silly flame spewing dragon hat with the mini glowing bits, that hat is far too silly, please change it to something more dignified. Also the Yurgi Destroyer, I will point this out over and over again that Yurgi is not a Japanese word, he's a sneaky Russian. But yes, back to the thread. The Poles, I am excite for tomorrow. Trying to convince the local Russian player to grab that box.
  10. I believe it is the BEIC, primarily because the blazing sun does have a good relationship with Dutch traders, which is likely to exclude the DEIC/VOC from wanting the Japanese out of Singapore . The Dutch would make an interesting counter fleet to the BEIC if they became an alliance nation.
  11. Force Name: 17th Fleet Branch: All Area of Operations: South Pacific Air and Navy Massive: 1 Kiyohime Assault Carrier Large: 1 Hachiman Class Dreadnought 1 Sokotsu Class Battleship 1 Tsukiyomi Class War Gyro 1 Raijin Class HQ Gyro 4 Ika Mechanical Squids Medium: 9 Tanuki Class Gunships 6 Inari Class Scout Gyros 3 Arashi Class Support Cruisers 3 Nakatsu Class Cruisers 2 Onyro Class Scout Gyros 2 DFA-170 Class Bombers Small: 21 Uwatsu Class Frigates 7 Kitsune Class Escorts 6 Tetsubo Class Small Flyers 6 Yurgi Class Destroyers 6 Fujin Class Corvettes 5 Zarigani Class Robots Land Massive: 1 Kagoshima Class Mobile Airfield Large: 1 O-I Class Heavy Walker 1 Ryuo Mechanical Squid Medium: 6 Chi-Ri Medium Tanks 6 Komainu Garrison Tanks 6 Ronin Heavy Walkers 3 Ho-I Bombards Small: 6 Myubo Light Tanks 12 Bansan Class Small Walkers 30 Ke-ho Small Tanks Infantry: 11 Regiments Fortifications 1 Bunker Complex 1 Bunker 3 Airfields 2 Shield Towers
  12. I would think something like the DD Shimakaze would be interesting for DW, though made into a battlecruiser for DW rather than a Heavy DD (It was a singular prototype, after all). Offensively: Either One or Two of the gunship turrets (so 6/5/2/0), and one or two torpedo turrets that function like a gun rack. (at 0/8/6/4) Potentially with the Directed Fire MAR (to represent the speed these tubes could be reloaded) and Faster Torpedoes MAR with an Extended Range (up to 40" for RB4). As well, all weapons would have the Incendiary MAR It would move faster than any other Blazing Sun Medium (So 11-12") and be limited to one as well as having Hit and Run, as well as keeping EoBS with sharp turn. Defensively it would lack the typical DR boost of most Battlecruisers, so it would be DR 4 CR 8, have vulnerable and combustible cargo. The other stats would be HP 4(or 5), AA 4, CC 4, and AP 4 with elite crew. Total cost about 130-140 pts.
  13. That's why I was speculating two boxes, A "Polish-Lithuanian Fleet" vs. "Polish and Lithuanian Fleets" peaked my curiousity .
  14. I wonder if by the phrasing of "Polish and Lithuanian fleets" means they'll get two boxes. Would be interesting.
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