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    Presidente reacted to Merlin in Rise of the Teutonic Order   
    I've decided I'd start painting, Finish painting or repaint my Teutonic Order models.
    First up is my attempt to make Metzger look cooler in the water than the current waterlined model Spartan has made.

    Next is a Titan Troop Transport painted up to be a dedicated Teutonic Order Troop Transport Ship.

    Next up will be a "Command" Metzger model im working on, then the Hochmeister Dreadbot (yes I still despise its place in the game and never likely to use it, but I like the model in any case) then I will be moving onto the Schildtrager Robots and Fausts at some point.
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    Presidente reacted to CoreHunter in 3rd Edition Scoring   
    The team is probably ignored on half the balance issues anyway so don't feel too bad. The problem lies with the devs.
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    Presidente reacted to S.Neil in 3rd Edition Fleet Construction   
    Hi Guys,
    Some good debate taking place here. Just to follow up on alextroy's post above this. You are correct, the balance side of % needs to be well thought about, as it does with a Tier system. There is certainly enough passion surrounding this subject that it needs more scrutiny. And if it means we go back to the v2.0 Tier system because enough of the player base feel this is best for the game moving forward, we will certainly look at that as well. I have areas I want to move forwards with in 3.0, and Fleet Building % was one of my changes, but as alextroy points out... it has to work. Numbers may need changing, and we will certainly keep going with the debate and I am confident with your input we will get it right.
    Thank you all for the input.
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    Presidente reacted to Nazduruk_Bugzappa in Victory Points   
    What Merlin said, plus also add any "bonus" vps from a scenario (eg holding an objective for x-turns)
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    Presidente reacted to Merlin in Victory Points   
    Count up the points of the models you kill plus the strategic value of that model, if it has it. 
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    Presidente reacted to Bessemer in 3rd Edition Cyberwarfare and Gravitational Weapons   
    Right! This is info I was missing, now I understand! Thank you.
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    Presidente reacted to S.Neil in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    Hi Paladin21,
    Part of the whole 3.0 update is to take a top to bottom look at the FA and PF games and to hopefully make it easier for you all to buy the models you wall want. So yes, getting you a 2nd Anarchist is very much something we can make happen. That model will most certainly be going into its own packaging.
    All the best,
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    Presidente reacted to Bessemer in 3rd Edition Fleet Construction   
    This is the big plus as I see it. Far to much of T1 heavy fleets (Inc.dreads of crouse) with 2x2 frigate+regroup shenanigans.
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    Presidente reacted to S..Mike in 3rd Edition Fleet Construction   
    One of the interesting (and to me, somewhat odd) things about 2nd edition was the rules for building fleets.  It made some sense...navies don't consist on only battleships and carriers.  There are a multitude of ships fulfilling different roles, and from a financial standpoint, you can't just build the biggest ships.  Also, they weren't all the same.  Mostly, but there were some subtle differences.  A Dindrenzi Battle fleet could get 1 Assault Carrier, but the Relthoza could bring in 2.  The Ryushi could bring in a Gunship squadron in a patrol fleet, but the Terrans (and others) could not.  Well enough, except there hasn't been a GS released for the Ryushi yet.  And so on with other quirks that made fleet building aids (Battlescribe, Firestorm Fleet Manager, or spreadsheets) a necessity.
    Fleet Construction in 3E is quite a bit more simplified.   Here are the rules:
    Set the Maximum Fleet Value (MFV) for the game.  Patrol Level is 1000 points or less, Battle Level is 1001-1500, and Warzone Level is >1500 points. Select the main faction being played.   The rules call this the Core Fleet. A fleet must contain at least one Small, Medium, and Large squadron. The flagship for the fleet (where the Fleet Admiral is) must be a Large or Massive ship. Each fleet must contain at least 60% of the MFV made up of squadrons from the Core Fleet.  Allies and Command Points (discussed later) come from the remaining 40%. The entire fleet is also governed by the following minimum and maximum percentages based on model size: Between 10% to 60% of the overall MFV in Large/Massive squadrons Between 10% to 60% of the overall MFV in Medium squadrons Between 10% to 40% of the overall MFV in Small squadrons If desired, a player may designate up to 40% of the MFV as Reserve squadrons, which can shunt in after the game starts.  These can be from either the Core or Non-Core parts of the fleet. And that's it.  Same rules for all factions.  Of course, scenarios may modify these rules, but this is the baseline.
    The 3rd Edition of Firestorm Armada will use this percentage based system.  Once we have more play experience from the community at-large, we will evaluate if the min/max levels should be adjusted.
    Specialist Squadrons
    Three types of specialist squadrons may be included in a fleet:
    Reinforced Cruiser Squadron. Up to one Standard Cruiser in a Standard Cruiser Squadron may be replaced by another Medium Cruiser of any type – The model replacing a Standard Cruiser is referred to as the Reinforcing Vessel. All members of the Reinforced Cruiser Squadron are considered to have the Elite Bridge Crew* MAR for as long as the Reinforcing Vessel remains on the battlefield.  Rapid Response Squadron.  This squadron is formed by joining an attrition squadron of Light Cruisers (CL) to an attrition squadron of Frigates (FF) within the same faction.   Should this Squadron be placed in Reserve, the player may decide to re-roll any attempts to bring them in each turn. The second result must be accepted. Escort Carrier Squadron.  Escort class models are generally limited to providing a support role for larger captial ships. A medium size escort carrier (CVE) may form an attrition squadron of 2 or battle-ready squadron of 3 ships. When fielded as an Escort Carrier Squadron, Escort Carriers may elect to combine their SRS in any combinations they wish when performing Carrier Actions in their Indirect Weapons Step of Ranged Attacks. This combination may not cause a Wing to exist above or below its minimum size. In addition, the models may only combine their SRS if they are in coherency.  Note:  Attrition refers to the minimum squadron size, battle-ready to the maximum squadron size as defined in the ship statistics.
    *Elite Bridge Crew MAR: A model with Elite Bridge Crew may remove a single Disorder Marker from themselves during the Command Segment of their Activation. 
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    Presidente reacted to S..Mike in Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread   
    At this point in time, ramming is not part of 3rd Edition, sorry.  I don't say whether it can or cannot be in a future update, but for now it would be a house rule.
    Second thoughts, see below.
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    Presidente reacted to S..Mike in 3rd Edition Movement   
    When the beta group started up, it seemed to me that there was a lot of discussion on the boards about movement.  Some complained that it slowed down the game, others didn't have an issue with it.  As you know, 2nd Edition firestorm is very free-form in its movement.  It's one of the things that attracted me to the game when I first got into it.  Each ship has its own movement (MV) and turn limit (TL) stats to get it where it needed to go, which allowed for a lot of tactical choices, and good differentiation between ships.  There was some substantial discussion among the beta team as to what (if anything) needed to be done with turning.   After several tests, here is what made the cut into the rules:
    Ships continue to have a maximum and minimum movement (unless you're at Full Stop, but that's another story) that they can execute.  The MV stat is the maximum, and the minimum is 1/2 MV, rounded up.  Simple.  In turning the ship, we are moving away from the 'turn around the edge' method.   The former "Turn Limit" (TL) value has been renamed/replaced with "Drift" (DF).  When making a turn, the model rotates up to 45 degrees in place.  A ship must move at least its DF value between successive turns of the model orientation.  We've come to call it "Pivot Movement".  The pivot doesn't cost movement to execute.
    In our casual games, we have been able to pretty much get rid of the old template.  The ship bases already have 45 degree lines etched in them, so you can temporarily mark the position of one corner, make the turn, and continue on. 
    If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to get a graphic to illustrate the method.
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    Presidente reacted to Kapitan Montag in Kick Starter Update   
    I was so excited by the idea of a campaign map for the eastern med. my excitement lasted about 10 seconds. Spartan, why have you used a map with current ( 20th/21st century) borders marked all over it?  It makes no sense and is really jarring. I want to be immersed in the dystopian world, not given a map that has 20th century history drawn in black lines all over it.
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    Presidente reacted to Paladin21 in What is it you want to see?   
    I know you guys have taken a bunch of heat on the forums for missed dates/schedule slips and such, but honesty the vast majority of that frustration is that when things slip, nobody tells us anything.  Customers pre-order models...and they don't ship.  Well, stuff happens, but when people have put money down they expect to be told about a delay.  You bring forward stuff like the FA narrative campaign, release ship renders, put up a few blog posts...and then nothing.  If you decide to *not* do the campaign due to scheduling then at least throw us a bone about it being pushed off due to whatever or the timeline has changed because of stuff.  The real issue isn't that things change, it's that they change for you guys and not for us.  We don't work at corporate, all we have to go on is what's posted in the forums.  When you change plans and don't communicate that, it doesn't come across as there were delays or technical difficulties or whatever, it comes across that you either don't care or are to ADD to stick to a plan.  It also doesn't help that we're told, repeatedly, that everything in the forums is read and considered, but then we have things like the PF June rules release confusion that people have been posting on the forums about for months.  It gets answered in a different section of the forum with an explanation that is perfectly reasonable...multiple weeks ago.  This is the sort of thing that should be immediately addressed by someone at Spartan, or at least let the people in the beta groups have enough freedom in their NDA to say "Oh yeah, we're working on that.  I don't know why the stuff isn't generally available; we'll talk to the beta coordinator."  The forums are the lifeline for the game.  Though admittedly only a small percentage of players are active here, they probably have an outsize relationship to their numbers.  For example, I'm the only one in my local playgroup that participates.  I end up relaying what I hear back to the other 7 people that are invested in Spartan.  I'm sure many others are in a similar situation.
    The communication of the last couple of days is a major step forwards, and I hope it continues.  Despite the harshness of some of the critiques, I think everyone wants the games to succeed.  People don't spend the amount of time and passion exhibited here on projects they don't care about.
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    Presidente reacted to S.Neil in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    Thanks for the feedback child9. And your English is fine - no worse than mine!
    Now you've invited me in I may have to keep annoying you all with my ridiculously long threads...
    All the best,
    PS: don't sell your models. You will need them to kill the Pathogen and Saurians....
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    Presidente reacted to child9 in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    Excuse me but no, you don't. You're aware of this problem for years and did nothing. On the contrary, you keep spreading more and more : Taskforce, Fleet Action, Halo Fleet Battles, Halo Ground Combat, Dystopian Empires (thank God, we escaped this one...) and now this boardgame. All this, in the very last few years.
    Please, stop taking us for fools by saying one thing and doing the opposite, and try to focus on your already too numerous existing games. You might get new customers but you'll lost tons of others. And believe me, it has already started.
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    Presidente reacted to murphy'slawofcombat in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    I think you are taking on too much with this new game ....just my thoughts on this please don't take offence 
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    Presidente got a reaction from Flamebeast in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    I am lost for words, crazy, another game, clearly they will never listen or learn
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    Presidente got a reaction from Pathogen in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    I am lost for words, crazy, another game, clearly they will never listen or learn
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    Presidente reacted to child9 in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    It's a joke, right? Another game? Again?
    Deal with the existing ones that are currently dying. Have you heard about a game called "Planetfall"? You know, the one with no news at all for a year and half...
    You could also deliver your kickstarter. I'm just dropping random ideas...
    Ridiculous, SG will never learn. Won't buy. 
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    Presidente reacted to Pathogen in So, uh... Fighter combat.   
    I don't even know what to say...
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    Presidente got a reaction from Marden in What is it you want to see?   
    Its like winter, its coming
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    Presidente reacted to CoreHunter in What is it you want to see?   
    Would like to see them actually hit a deadline...
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    Presidente reacted to WestAustralian in Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread   
    An absolutely, wonderfully, acceptable idea. I have stuck with old rules on previous games. House ruling the gap. 
    Problem is that if most players accepted that solution, they would still be playing 2.0. Not holding out for 3.0
    maybe your group is still playing, but around here everyone else is on hold
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    Presidente reacted to CoreHunter in Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread   
    Problem being new ships and mars will not be balanced to the v2 rules. Making it harder for new players to get started also as they will have to be supplied the old rules to play in those groups.
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    Presidente reacted to murphy'slawofcombat in What is it you want to see?   
    I would like to see unrestricted likes I have just got a notice that I am only allowed 10 likes per day.  
    I would like to see Spartan bring back some of the old models as stated in this thread 
    I would like to see Spartan keep the current number of games they have and just create new models for the major 6. in a timely fashion 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 months 
    I would like to see Spartan post a vid on this site or on utube on how the game is to be played
    I would like to see Spartan do biweekly or monthly up dates on rules and or projects that are on the table ( new models)
    I would like to see Spartan use more poles to generate more and better ideas in how to make the game better
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