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  1. 3rd Edition Weapons Systems

    Its the way planet fall works out damage reduction on shooting, I'm not a fan of that
  2. 3rd Edition Weapons Systems

    That looks like a far more complicated way of working out linking......and taking successes away from only hits is crazy, it should be from shots before you roll to hit, unless I'm misreading it
  3. Grav weapons were always the game breaking weapon ignoring shields and such
  4. 3rd Edition Critical Hit Table

    Not sure I like 7 being three damage, but the rest is fine
  5. 3rd Edition Fleet Construction

    Changing the meta always has my approval, I did spam missionary frigate's quite alot
  6. Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread

    Its just not realistic unless your star wars then ramming in space is deffo a normality
  7. So, uh... Fighter combat.

    I am lost for words, crazy, another game, clearly they will never listen or learn
  8. What is it you want to see?

    Its like winter, its coming
  9. Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread

    Prob few months away
  10. How is PF doing in July SG?

    So on a more relevant note, do we know if planetfall is going up with the armada Kickstarter?
  11. Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread

    Exactly and I'm not impressed so far, I wanna see rules or no pre-order aka kickstarter backing from me and armada is a decent system, needing only tweaks, so it best not have been changed to the point were it is dystopian wars in space
  12. What is it you want to see?

    Actual staff and better business decisions
  13. Gregs Repulique of France

    Very impressive work!
  14. Firestorm Armada 3.0 Designer Feedback Thread

    Indeed there are and its preorder
  15. DESIRE to know more INTENSIFIES!

    Very disappointing that Spartan Beth was not replaced when she left, all the good will she built up with the online community is gone. Its not something you can bank for a rainy day

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