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  1. Has anyone tried out a Representative squadron with a Leverage replacement? It seems like a nice tough core.
  2. So with the new Corsair models coming I've been looking at expanding my OmniDyne with Corsairs for a tourney in June. How does this look to people? Lots of Cyber seems like a good reason to go boarding heavy. Executive- Cyber, Torpedoes- 200 (200) Racketeer- +4 Wing Cap, remove Disengage Freight; +1 Shield, gain Vulnerable, Add Any Arc Torpedoes remove second Fore Primary- 160 (360) --6x Assault Shuttles- 30 (390) --2x Interceptors- 10 (400) 3x Auditors- Cyber- 255 (655) 3x Brigands- Include Second Fore Primary remove Retractable Plating; Gain Launch Tubes & Second Assault, remove Torpedoes- 165 (820) 6x Synergy- Cyber- 90 (910) 6x Synergy- Torpedoes- 90 (1000) OmniDyne stuff sits back and Cybers stuff with the Racketeer lurking, providing cover with Interceptors and lobbing torps over. Then when the time is right bring in the Brigands to blast, board, and probably die in fiery glory, with the Racketeer closing in and boarding with Assault Shuttles too.
  3. In the Alliance of Kurak pdf, it's been in there since May.
  4. I was playing around with some fleet builds and realised that the Xelocian Larshan Escort is a nasty addition to some Kurak T1s. The Resulka for example seems as though it would benefit from the additional gunnery & PD whilst it closes in to board people. Are there any pairings which people think are effective, or had success with?
  5. I like 'em! The Japanese one is goofy as hell but looks great at the same time.
  6. I think something which would help with counteracting Hawker's brawling focus if they do get more ships is beam weapons. More advanced than primaries, but still solidly Terran, with longer range bands. You could tie in some fluff about an R&D cruiser which the Aquans or Terquai are helping out with, or indeed a gunship.. Although if you go R&D cruiser you can justify nonsense like variable loadout beam weapons. Nuke beams? The boys down the lab say it's possible! I also think going more cyberwarfare & T3s is a good idea, so why not combine the two? In fact, if you make the T2 option a gunship then you can introduce R&D frigates as a thing to justify the cyber focus.
  7. You're missing out on a beast. CR12 with the 9HP upgrade isn't going down quickly to anything, and it's got 2 shields base anyways. Seems like a weird thing to get tunnel vision for.
  8. Resa F

    Xelocian Fleet

    Oh man, these are great! The orange on the battleship is especially striking!
  9. Yeah, T3 movement and fore fixed I'm generally quite lenient on. I like to be precise with mine, but I understand that that slows down the game significantly so I'm happy for other people to say "Do you reckon I can get here?" and give the OK.
  10. Thinking of activations, if it's a trade between a full frigate squadron or frigate accompaniments on T1s, which way do people generally go?
  11. I liked the fluff in the campaign books, as did all the people at my club who read them when they came out. We didn't pay that much attention to the new rules in them though to be fair. What didn't you like about them?
  12. I've been thinking of ways to make my OmniDyne more boarding capable, and having been very impressed by Corsairs after playing a game with them yesterday, what do people think of this list at 1000 points? Executive (Admiral)- +1 Shield; Assault Robot Torps; Torps- 215 -SE01- Synergy- Torps- 15 3x Auditor- Assault Robot Torps- 255 3x Brigand- Second Fore Primaries; Launch Tubes & Second Assault; Assault Blitz- 180 6x Synergy- Torps- 90 6x Synergy- Assault Robot Torps- 90 6x Outlaw- +1 AP; Assault Blitz- 150 General course of action would be to leave the Brigands and maybe Outlaws in reserve to let the Omnidyne core soften up the opponent for boarding. Big guns on the Brigands help to remove ships which don't succumb to boarding.
  13. Won a game 12/-2 with my newly painted Omnidyne on Monday (none of the new models, just old ones I hadn't gotten around to painting for a few months ) Played with this list and won 12/-2 against a pure Ba'Kash force of a Battle Carrier, 3 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Destroyers and 9 Frigates (one 4x squadron, 1 5x squadron). Phorcys- Executive (Admiral)- +1 Shield; Assault Robot Torps; Torps- 215 -SE01- Synergy- Torps- 15 Ceto- Executive- Assault Robot Torps; 2x +3 wings -6x Bomber Stheno, Euryale & Medusa- 3x Auditor- Torps; Biohazard- 270 SC01 to 06- 6x Synergy- Torps- 90 SC07 to 12- 6x Synergy- Assault Robot Torps- 90 Really pleased with the play I had with Ceto, the carrier Executive: -Knock out Battle Carrier's PD with Virus Strike -Take the initiative -Shunt in Ceto in a Gas Cloud, conveniently roll 'Main Drive Ignition Delay' so she starts at a full stop -Activate Ceto first, pass disorder test, launch bombers against the Battle Carrier, which can't do ****, and double crit it -Follow up with damage from the BBs fore beams, and plink a Destroyer with starboard beams for good measure Shunting in a carrier Executive is definitely something I want to try again, as lots of flukey dice led up to that moment- for instance, I won initiative despite my opponent having played Intel Gathered, the shunt result went alright, and I wasn't disordered by the gas cloud. But it throws a brick right into your opponents battle lines.
  14. Resa F

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: Staylic vs Resa F Points: 900 Scenario:Border Clash Factions: Ba'Kash vs. Omnidyne Battlelog: -2/12
  15. So what would you advise? Up it to Battlecruiser stats, maybe add Stealth Systems too? Aside from the ship stats, does it seem alright otherwise?
  16. I had the idea of a mission where some important non-combatant ship- research vessel, spy ship, something like that- has been caught short and needs to be destroyed or captured by the attacker and rescued by the defenders. Not sure if something like this has already been in Marauders of the Rift? The civilian ship would be deployed in the centre of the board, in base to base contact with a ghost station. The civilian ship would not be able to move or charge its FSD until the start of turn 2. The civilian ship would be activated as a normal squadron by the defending player. The ghost station would be as normal with the exception that it could not target the civilian ship. The civilian ship would have generic cruiser stats, something like: DR CR Mv HP CP AP PD MN 4 6 8" 4 4 2 3 0 Shield Wings Turn limit Cloaking Field 0 1" The civilian ship is unable to initiate offensive boarding actions. If the civilian ship is destroyed (by either player, or by terrain) or captured, the defender would suffer -2 BL. If the civilian ship was in the attackers hands at the end of the game the attacker would score +2 BL. "In the attackers hands" counts as captured and on the board or captured then Fold Space Escaped. If the civilian ship was scuttled or destroyed after capture the attacker would not gain the +2 BL If the civilian ship is on the board and still under the control of the defender by the time the game ends, the defender would gain +2 BL. If the civilian ship was instead Fold Space Escaped by the defender, or exited the board from the defenders board edge, the defender would gain +3 BL. Comments and criticism are welcome, that's why I'm posting the idea here after all! I'm not sure if the Cloaking Field will make the civilian ship too hard to kill? I'm also unsure as to the BL adjustments.
  17. What Spartan said and how they're actually gonna be used are not necessarily the same thing. I've already used the Terran vs Dindrenzi box as an intro box for Armada- one or two T3 squadrons and a T2 squadron is fine for a quick demo game, even if it isn't a legal force. And I would be very surprised if no one at Spartan saw that coming, even if it wasn't the intent of the boxes. On the aside, that's exactly the point I was trying to make!
  18. I reckon that's a corking idea, but unfortunately not likely given Spartan's move away from blisters :/
  19. Firstly, I think it's interesting the choices which have been made with a lot of these new models and their Armada stats. Being part of a release of starter boxes, I foresee a lot of people using these boxes not just for Taskforce demo games, but also Armada demo games. Depite this, lots of the T2 stuff seems to take some careful consideration to make the most of, or are not a great way to introduce people to the linking mechanics. Into the former category falls, from what I can see, the Decurion & Ascendancy, the Relthoza T2s and the Champion (due to having a confusing wealth of options). Into the latter, the Velites and the Terran T2s (with turret upgrades). Only the Sorylians & Aquans have straight-forward T2s I get what was trying to be done with the Armada rules for the Taskforce models- Armada is already a reasonably diverse system with regards to fleet building choices. These new models add some very interesting options which more "Starter box" like stat lines would not have added. But I wonder how much the starter box angle was taken into consideration when the Armada rules were being created. On the Decurion- if there were an 135 point carrier with 6/8/3/- Scatter Broadsides, 10/10/10/10 Torps and 6 AD Mines, 6 AP, 6 PD, 6 wing cap and Quick Launch (instead of Split Berth as is on the Decurion) I reckon that'd actually not be a bad carrier, if a little over-priced. Compare that potential stat line to the Ares or the Onnisha and I'd come to the verdict of dropping 15 points (conveniently 5 points a model for a Decurion squadron) and the job would be done. Of course comparing a single model to a squadron isn't a straight 1 for 1, but it's a helpful guideline, and I feel the Decurion's been a little maligned. Pointless as a an actual Escort Carrier attachment for Velites, but respectable in a squadron. The Ascendancy seems entirely pointless however.
  20. I don't get why this is such an issue; the need to remove a model from a flight peg during a furball has never even occurred to me, even when my own ships have been getting in my own way. You just play with the Proximity Vectoring rule and be done with it, it's not that hard. Actually back on topic, I very much see Taskforce as being a testing ground for 3.0 concepts, and, admittedly after only one game, it's good that they decided to test them first because Taskforce is a bit naff. The potential for many many Disorder markers to carry on stacking but never actually doing any damage is frustrating (this was with the normal rulebook damage table). The movement rules are very restrictive, although a simple fix for that would to be allowing a swivel at any point during movement, not just before and/or after movement. I need a few more games of Taskforce, but my initial impressions, and indeed the impressions of a friend who I gave a demo game of Taskforce and then Armada to, is that Armada is a better system. Playing Taskforce with people with not much wargaming experience may lead to a different verdict.
  21. So I ran an introduction game of Taskforce and then Armada for a friend last night using the Terran vs Dindrenzi box, with my friend playing Dindrenzi both times. In the Armada game we played, I took un-upgraded Harpoons so it was all balanced points wise. And man, given that Harpoons are Torpedo Cruisers and the Velites have low PD, the Velites were excessively brutal. Now I know a squadron of 2 cruisers and 2 squadrons of 3 frigates isn't standard fleet composition, but when the Velites closed in on my Harpoons (something they did very easily with 11" move), even when one Velite was on 2 HP, within 8" they were still throwing out 11 dice! Double degradation was not much of an issue. Someone using the turning template for the first time also did not have any issues lining up the Fixed guns, even with TL2. Not the best playtesting scenario to report back on, but every little helps I hope.
  22. Cyclic Shielding also sounds like it could be used against boarding, but I'm not sure
  23. With the advent of the Escort Carrier, Ryushi need an Escort Carrier, not a Destroyer. But it should be something nasty and worthy of the Heavy Cruiser slot it will take up!
  24. Do we know what prefix Ryushi ships go by? Is it in the Alliance of Kurak book?
  25. Hey guys, thought some people might be interested in seeing some of the new stuff on tape, so I did this video- Here The new models are very nice!
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