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  1. They look great! What colors did you use and did you dry brush or lined painted the highlights?
  2. This is my plan for when to do my Ryushi ships. Paint the carrier in sections and dull coat them. The next step would brush on Future Floor Wax on top side. Let in dry and then brush the other side. When both side are dry. I plan on using Future Floor Wax as glue for the top drop in piece. Now for the two clear side pieces. I was planning on trying the same technique as I used on top piece. If Future wasn't strong enough to hold the ship togather, I was planning on using some Tacky (fabric) glue. It's white glue that very strong and dries clear.
  3. This what I was thinking of. A hybrid between offense and defense. My plan is to sit in a gas cloud and use long range AD. Then at some point go on the offense. Fighters give them a extra range attack. Hybrid: Phantom Class: +1 Shield +2 Wings, Fighters +2 Shadow class Frigates 275 points I would also have a Spur Squadron with +1 shield, support wings and frigates. The Spurs job would be support only.
  4. The rules are the same. The hardcover book just has some great pictures in it. So to get started you down need the hardcover. Have fun with your demos!
  5. Very nice! I like it.
  6. Use Future Floor wax. It will clear up the plastic and is strong enough to hold the top piece in place as glue.
  7. It's a great game as it is right now. But could it get the update love as the others YES! My point is if people are waiting to start UCS because of a possible future update. It's a great game now. (That wasn't directed at Presidente). My guess this isn't coming out right away. Spartan needs all their resources directed at the other games first. Which makes since to me. I'm sure they don’t have 100 employees siting around bored.
  8. For tier 2s. My first choice would be something with long range firepower. Either a destroyer, missile cruiser or gunship. Second choice assualt crusiers based on the new Terran assualt crusiers.
  9. Very beautiful! Specially love the glow effects and your color blending.
  10. It's amazing what you can learn from a mind meld.
  11. Great looking fleet, specially the camo on the bombers!
  12. Thanks guys! I'm currently working on the Hawker Carrier. Next will be the curisers and then followed by the frigates/escorts. Hopefully I will have the whole fleet done within the month.
  13. Great idea. Please post your link to shapeways when your done.
  14. They look amazing and awesome. Question So when you airbrush, do free hand it or do you mask off the areas?
  15. I agree this is a very interesting step. I could the being attached to other squadrons. This would make them very useful IMO.
  16. When you get time. Could you go over some of the airbrush techniques you use? There several of us the forum that are trying to get better with our airbrushs. Love the look of your ships.
  17. Wow they look a lot like the ones I did. So of course I love them!
  18. I love the look. It reminds me of Reaver's ships from Firefly/Sernity. When I imagine Veydreth race, that's what I see Reavers. So How did you make the rust looming metal?
  19. One more thing about Furure Floot Wax. The modelers use it to make plane canopies clear and to glue them on without frosting the cleat plastic. I thought about using this technique for the Ryushi battlecarriers clear plastic.
  20. Back in 2014 I believe. As ElectricPaladin said, most people didn't put them togather. Hopefully there should be some around.
  21. Amazon I believe sells it. I found a modeler website that talks about alternatives. http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html
  22. Great paint scheme. You diffently gave me some ideas.
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