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  1. Looks good. Thank you for the list.
  2. I been with Spartan from the beginning. I would disagree with them not caring about balancing forces. No one in the gaming industry cares more. I think your points are valid. It's not easy to balance so many different units in DW world. I guaranty that they will forward these points on to the play testers.
  3. I agree the KS looks amazing. Trying to finish some of my other FSA ships so I jump into the new stuff.
  4. I'm welcoming all ideas. If you have any ideas for FSA units let me know.
  5. Now I'm just throwing out ideas. How about a skimmer sub or a medium, small class robot dolphins or diving small class flyer?
  6. What do you think about a heavy battleship skimmer? Basing it on the WWII USS Wisconsin.
  7. I'm getting the feeling that most think FSA doesn't need more units?
  8. I also don't care for the bunting. I'm sure it would look better painted then the 3D digital image. It doesn't fit in well with the rest of the fleet.
  9. How about a medium class sub squadron with torpedos and dolphin tender. The dolphins can be sent out to attack subs or mine fields.
  10. At least with clearing mines and blocking torpedos, you can just give them CC.
  11. All great ideas. Because of all the underwater threats coming out. I do like the anti-sub concept. One of my original ideas was a medium attack sub squadron, with a lot of torpedos and CC. Would a medium or small class ship be better? The small class could be similar to WWII PT boats. Please keep your ideas coming. Great idea about stealing a skimmer.
  12. I took a long look at the other support cruisers. Some are more like heavy cruisers. I do like the RoF Ecuyer and KoB Dominion support cruisers. Here's my second try on the support cruiser. MARs Attachment (FSA, Naval, 1), Heavy Ack Ack, Combat Coordinator (SAS,8",Acrobatic Pilots) 2 Heavy Volley gun batteries (I'm guessing on the stats) Above average AA and CC 1 Rocket Battery Can be replaced by Kinetic or Shield (Guardian - if Spartan's team OKs it) generators For the small Airship, I like the Black Wolf Fleet Wraith Airship. Match the Wraith in stats 2 volley guns 1 topside and 1 bottom side. Again thoughts and opinions are helpful. Thank you
  13. Again thank you for all the great input. It's very helpful to me designing the ship. Not sure how much say I will have with its stats. This is my thinking from your suggestions on the support cruiser. Combat Coordinator MAR (SAS,8",Acrobatic Pilots) Attachment MAR 2 Heavy Volley gun batteries Can be replaced by rocket batteries 1 Rocket battery Can be replaced by Kinetic or Shield (Guardian - if Spartan's team OKs it) generators Above average AA and CC (no secondary weapons) I was thinking was dropping the rocket battery and add volley guns. Maybe fore and aft. And/or allow target painter generator. Thoughts and opinions?
  14. I'm been looking over other nationalities support crusiers and I think it should work. I wish I knew the heavy volley guns stats. But was thinking of 2 turrets with no secondaries. Instead add more AA & CC batteries to higher numbers. Not sure what generator and additional MARs.
  15. I'm thinking of putting the new "heavy volley guns" on the support crusier. I'm assuming (guessing) they have AD out RB3. Any thoughts about the heavy volley guns?
  16. All good points. FSA has been my main faction since the game started and I'm not sure when they will get more units. So that's why I wanted to add needed units. So far I'm leaning towards a small class assault airship and a support cruiser.
  17. All good information for me. Thank you. Would the support ship have engineers?
  18. How about a medium class airship that is a mine layer with the minefields MAR? Also give it high CC so it can be a mine sweeper and effective against subs.
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