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  1. Looks good. Thank you for the list.
  2. I been with Spartan from the beginning. I would disagree with them not caring about balancing forces. No one in the gaming industry cares more. I think your points are valid. It's not easy to balance so many different units in DW world. I guaranty that they will forward these points on to the play testers.
  3. I agree the KS looks amazing. Trying to finish some of my other FSA ships so I jump into the new stuff.
  4. I'm welcoming all ideas. If you have any ideas for FSA units let me know.
  5. Now I'm just throwing out ideas. How about a skimmer sub or a medium, small class robot dolphins or diving small class flyer?
  6. What do you think about a heavy battleship skimmer? Basing it on the WWII USS Wisconsin.
  7. I'm getting the feeling that most think FSA doesn't need more units?
  8. I also don't care for the bunting. I'm sure it would look better painted then the 3D digital image. It doesn't fit in well with the rest of the fleet.
  9. How about a medium class sub squadron with torpedos and dolphin tender. The dolphins can be sent out to attack subs or mine fields.
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