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  1. Hi Guys, Here is a pic of my Saratoga, more pics can be seen on my blog (see address below).
  2. Post moved to painting section.
  3. Its a starter set and the flying carrier I did the painting blog on in another post. All very well painted.
  4. I've decided I'm going to work on my KoB fleet exclusively. This means that my FSA, PE and EotBS fleets are now on eBay.
  5. You can use the Spartan shop on the main site to see most the parts/names, here are the FSA http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1878Affects are on the ship carrying the generator only, at least with the ones you will be using. Some generators affect others ships as well.
  6. Can I also suggest you watch/read a few of the members games reports. BlindBadger has some great YouTube battle reports to watch.
  7. Nice work, I also love using cork for scenics.
  8. Nice looking fleet Andy T.
  9. I like the sound of this challenge, but I'm not familiar with coa minis, do you have any pics?
  10. If your playing on land, the land rules are a free download from the Spartan website. I don't play land, so I can't off further advice. Anyways, welcome on board, happy gaming and don't forget to share your eye candy (pics )
  11. MikeSims

    CF colour test

    I would also change the port hole colour, it clashes with the hull colour. Maybe red or green.
  12. Nice work, ta for sharing.
  13. Their is a new iTunes update added today for ipad.
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