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  1. Maybe we should look at drone spam problen under different angle? What if drones can only activate during activation phase of the model with drone relay. Say, to activate one drone base you need to spend 2 carrier points (or other number of points or something else that limits number of activated drones) of the activated model. This will look very organic as drones are operated from vessels with drone relay and will remove drone spam problem (you need to choose how much drones you want to relaunch and move because all those actions consume carrier points) while still be very distinct from other nations SAS. Any thougths on this?
  2. Hi, I was on the receiving end on the RoF side. As I was expecting, it was a very hard shell to crack. Those submarines throwing 20 dice under re-roll order from admiral and with harpoon are just insane. This was the first time my Charlemagne went down by gunfire. Overall it was very challenging and interesting game, thanks to my opponent.
  3. I'm regularly using Ecuyer attached to Charlemagne, because it can boost it's corrosion turrets and can do a re-crew action if Charly crew has been severely damaged during boarding action not to say it boost it's AA on the new level. But it's not a cheap solution, that's true. Except for the above I rarely use Ecuyer as standalone squadron, but it's just because I prefer more universal lists, and Ecuyer doesn't really feet in this pattern. Still I see a great potential in this ship against CoA dreaded drones or incoming heavy bombers. As for Marseilles I also can't see any use of this ship, but this is mostly because there are othe RoF ships that can do the same job but better. For example one Cherbourg can destroy full squadron of smalls in one go just because of sheer firepower. And it cost only 110 points. I must use at least two Marseilles to have comparable results and they will cost me 120 points wich is a bit more. But I think that Marseille could have bigger impact in land battles where it's maneurobility might be in handy.
  4. Take antarctitians, they have the best tiny fliers in the game because they are endless and could be relaunched en masse with just one carrier. Having three carriers is a good way to start loosing friends. I don't want to say that antarctitian carrier fleet is unbeatable, but it requires a very good skill to defeat it. I'd also take a look at France. They have lot's of tiny fliers and powerful carriers. Ottomans and Danes are also worth mentioning.
  5. Well, it's not surprising. There are not so many ships capable to obliterate a squadron of smalls or a medium ship in one go as Cherbourg can do. As for larges it depends on preferred playstyle and points limit. If I really hate somebody or go after victory I can take Voban. It's a killing machine that is throwing destruction in 360 degree arc around. And it's also a large carrier, so you'll have somebody to watch for your tiny planes. I used Charlemagne many times and I like it, especially when you float it between enemy ships. To see the face of your opponent after minute of you rolling attack dice just to say that it was the first side of your ship and here comes the second worth it's weight in gold. But I wouldn't recommend to use it in games below 1250, because there is a great chance to loose just because opponent had taken your dreadnought as a prize. Prior to appearance of Saint Malo I regularly used La Rochelle as prime battleship, but since I put my hands on Malo, I prefer to use it. Possibly it's because I like it design and concept. And beautiful tiny submarines. I like updated Magenta. It's a cheap, fast and very customizable battleship. Usually I use gunned Mk1 Magenta for long range covering fire over other ships, or a pair of Mk2 with heat lances, fury gens and aggressive crew leading my boarding flotilla of Requins, Dieppes and Toulons. I don't like Couronne because it's too fragile and quickly became useless as carrier because of the damage. I prefer to use Tourbillon instead. It's much more durable and can shoot over obstacles which sometimes comes in handy. Hope this helps.
  6. This is not actually true because only models on surface can block torpedoes. I also can't agree that St. Malo can do sucker punch shot because each arc of fire (broadside, l.turret offset and r.turret offset) has 45 degree angle against hull and there are spaces between weapons. If you imagine parallel lines from each weapon you'll see that one of them always cross only one point of the ship (remember that you need two points to be able to shoot or a central one). Then about Toulon and Cherbourg. For me it depends on available points and what I wanted from my ships. If I wanted (or forced because of low points) to have a squadron that can both hit hard and is a boarding threat I take squadron of Toulons. Otherwise I prefer to use 2 x Cherbourgs + Dieppes, because this mix has good ranged firepower, boarding potential and is able to deal with submarines. The one last thing about Cherbourg is that it's best work when in pairs, because Cherbourg is a fire magnet and will not last long let alone.
  7. Vauban - one of the most imposing and dangerous vessels in the game and the king of masters of all.
  8. For me playing for RoF is to be agile. Even with units you have you can handle Karl in different ways. The First is that you can focus fire it with Toulons, Cherbourg, Couronne and Magenta. They have enough firepower to kill it in two turns, though they will need a lot of effort to do it. The second way is to orchestrate a boarding action. Use your Toulons and Cherbourg to soften Karl a bit with shooting than move to the throat. Use Requins to kill as much AP as possible then proceed with killing blow using 15 AP from Toulons or Dieppes. Lot's of fun garantied. And the third way is to simply ignore it, because Prussian medium and small ships should concern you more then Kaiser Karl. It's just a single ship and it would't do much harm alone.
  9. Maybe you should give a go to the Metzger. I remember how effectively you use them against me in times of 1.1 rules.
  10. With difficult target MAR it'll become a nightmare to kill when obscured or in stratosphere (the latter is not a RoF thing IMHO). And it's still not clear why it's better then Frelon, nor to say that I can't never get the obsession of the escort idea for RoF. But I do agree that we need new small flyer, and I hope SG decided that to give RoF tiny lancettes is not a bad idea, so that the new fighter will have one of them as primary weapon system.
  11. Hi, I have a couple of questions: 1) Can commodore use abilities and doctrines on itself? 2) Can model with Combat Coordinator MAR benefit from it's own Combat Coordinator MAR? 3) Can a player play TAC card and cancel opponent's TAC card it the same phase or activation? 4) Is it by design that RC Glacier Generator can't be canceled by Field generator when used in Grip of Winter mode? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I have question about close allies. Could ships from close allies battle group count as minimum requirement for a Force. For example, can I say that I'm fulfilling minimum squadron requirements when taking Magenta BB(large), Sinops(medium), Lyon(small) for RoF?
  13. Ok, Prussians installed Speerschleuder. Just wandering, what we will see on the RoF one. Heat Lancette?
  14. Hi, Question about raging fire markers. If I have 0 AP on the vessel and several raging fire persistent markers that I'm failed to fix, how much HP will I loose. 1 HP for each marker or just 1 HP. What happened if have 1AP and 3 raging fire markers that I did't fix? Will I only loose 1 AP, or I loose 1 AP and HP? Thanks in advance.
  15. I really love that RoF use catamaran hulls for it's ships, and I was thinking how cool looking might be a model based on linked Alma hulls and armed with mortar. Something like that: ------------------------------------ Sena class heavy destroyer -------------------------------------- Small Naval Surface Skimming Model --------------------------------------------- Squadron size: 2-3 ------------------------------ Points: 45 ------------------------------- Crew Type: Regular -------------------------------- DR: 4 CR: 5 MV: 12 HP: 3 --------------------------------- AP: 2 AA: 2 CC:2 IR: 1 ------------------------------ Weapons: Close Mortar 6/6/0/0 with Corrosive Munitions type (360 firing arc) Mines (x1) 5 --------------------------------- MAR(s): Small Target, Spotter(Expert), Hit n Run The main purpose of this ship is to provide RoF with fast unit capable of close indirect fire support. And that is also able to spot for another artillery to join the fun. Additional HP is there to fit in heavy destroyer role and to provide additional survivability under enemy fire while approaching. Any thoughts?
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